Chapter 377

The beasties perceived Lu Shiqian’s feelings and thought that if it wasn’t her, they would certainly obey them, but wouldn’t love them. She was different, they all loved her…

That was because they could feel her true inner heart. How could they not love someone with such a lovely heart?

Because of her words, Yan Fei, Meng Long, and Zi Ji’s heart pounded. They all wanted to be number one in her small special people group… because she wouldn’t even bother resenting other people.

“Aiyah, actually, I forgot to tell you earlier, but there was actually already less than 1,000 people. Ai, now that you fought again, there’s only 500 left. What a pity.” The portent irresponsibly said.

When it finished, quite a few lurched, some even began crying. One of the men had just personally killed his own wife…

“However, my words count. You may thank me for my good morals. Now, you can choose to continue or leave. If you leave, you can receive a reward. For example, a god artifact, magical medicine, or secrets and the like. If you’re willing to continue to the end, you can get me. Choose then.”

No doubt, the large majority of people opted to leave. Ling Fang asked for a magical medicine and bade farewell to Lu Shiqian. The teenager that stabbed her gave her a guilty look before disappearing.

180,000 magic beasts also asked for a reward and left.

This could also be considered a loophole. The portent probably never expected anyone to contract so many magic beasts, but though it was evil, it was true to its word.

Less than fifty people remained. Lu Shiqian, Mo Yi and the others, as well as Huo Yan. The beautiful youth was also there, and four familiar faces stayed too.

“You’re all lovely heroes. Next, you will discover a heaven-shaking secret! Consider it a reward for your bravery!” the portent happily announced.

The scene changed and an extremely magnificent palace appeared in front of the fifty people. How big was it? It was almost comparable to West City! The size of this planet was unimaginable!

Yes, it was that big!

A single pillar of the palace was thousands of meters tall with carved dragons and phoenixes. It was extremely well-designed!

As soon as they entered, there was tremendous pressure oppressing everyone. That pressure seemed to come from ancient times, akin to the power of the heavens and earth, unable to be seen, unable to be described.

“You came!” A sigh transmitted into Lu Shiqian’s heart, softly and heavily.

Bai’s magic beast space suddenly trembled, as if it was suppressing something!

“I think I should introduce myself. My… name is Tiancan, a realm that existed before the other universe. However, my development was different from that of the other universe. The other became a vast earth while I… Mm, you can say that I became a spirit. I am an adjacent plane to yours, a conscious and thoughtful plane. Everyone, I’m very cool, right?” The portent’s shocking words continued, “Of course, the shocking secret I wanted to talk about isn’t this, it’s…”

Their hearts suddenly sped up. Was it because of Bai, or herself? Something seemed ready to spill out.

Light and darkness flashed and the ground began to turn transparent. It became more and more transparent, and a creature underground was finally revealed. Lu Shiqian’s heart grew faster and faster. When she could see clearly, she exclaimed in disbelief, “You…” Her voice choked up. She couldn’t say anything other than ‘you’.

That creature underground was…

Though it was underground, it was extremely vast, larger than the palace aboveground. Black liquid floated and sank, sealing a huge behemoth!

Threads of light flew out from the palace, firmly bounding the sacred creature. In the sky above, a majestic cyan power was sealed, slightly smaller than Bai’s sealed power. However, when a trace of power drifted out, it was enough for everyone to feel the terrible coercion contained within… It was simply a great creation of the universe, simply gathering all the power of nature, simply the powerlessness when faced against the heavens and earth! Different from Bai’s domineering coercion that made people kneel in reverence, this one was more peaceful.

The people were dumbfounded as their eyes widened and breaths shortened. They couldn’t even tell where their bodies were!

“100,000 years ago, he was sent here and I was used to seal him. That person… Surprised? Such a sacred beast was actually sealed! Also, what you see isn’t his original body. His original body should be as big as all of Dayu! I am already several billion years old, but he’s actually even older than me! How incredible! Look at him, he’s so perfect! He talked with me every day and I was eventually moved by him, opening up the secret realm and allowing you in. Now, you have the chance to defeat me and obtain me!” The portent’s voice sounded over, “I also want to know, after so many years, what kind of person he’s waiting for. Of course, other than me, you can also receive this.”

A fiery red bead flew in front of everyone. This was an extremely eye-catching and magnificent bead. The bead overflowed with light and a strong vitality exuded out.

As soon as the bead came out, Lu Shiqian’s heart thumped. That familiar feeling etched deep within her bones came again.

At the same time, the green stone in her interspatial bracelet also lit up. Bursts of light dazzled out, communicating with the red bead as it sent out powerful waves. After breaking out of the portent’s control, it unhesitantly flew towards Lu Shiqian.

“This bead is getting more and more uncontrollable after all these years. If you can defeat me, you can receive it.”

“That’s my spirit bead.” Bai said, “Of all these tens of thousands of planes, only us four brothers have spirit beads. This bead is useless to others; it can only show its power in our hands.” Bai’s voice darkened, “Unexpectedly, it was locked here, a living plane. That person…”

“Bai, just continue your search with confidence. I know what to do.” Lu Shiqian solemnly stated.

“Dumbo, don’t force yourself. I know where he is, wait for me…” Wait for me to come! Bai naturally knew this thing wasn’t trivial. He wasn’t willing for his little dumbo to come to the slightest harm. It would be better for him to come back and solve it himself.

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