Chapter 378

“Bai, you know that I like you–I love you–very, very much.”

“…” He could no longer say what he was going to. This was the first time his dumbo told him she loved him. He waited so long for this, and unexpectedly, it happened at this kind of time. However, it was exactly because it was this kind of moment that it was even more thrilling. His heart seemed to be stuffed full, bursting with sweetness and happiness and… worry, but he could no longer tell her to stop.

In this world, he was the one that understood her the most: “Dumbo, if you dare get hurt… how could you possibly get hurt? You better do your best!”

This overbearing and doting voice made Lu Shiqian overjoyed, “I will!” She clenched her fist to show her determination!

“He… I’ll leave him to you.” Bai said. If it weren’t because there were restrictions on the magic beast space, he would return to her immediately. Now, he was so far away that even if he hurried back, it would take a week at minimum. Dumbo, good luck. If it’s really dangerous, I hope that you will run… Snap. He cracked a god artifact.

Lu Shiqian took a deep breath and looked down again. That… was a giant dragon!

Look! Even if he was sealed, it could not hide his sacred power and countenance. Look, even if he was sealed, he was still so magnificent!

What kind of beautiful and sacred dragon was this? Anyone standing in front of him could only marvel and sigh in awe.

He was very big. As the portent said, his true body was larger than all of Dayu! However, this kind of big wasn’t an empty big. It was an exquisite preciseness, an extremely magical, extremely oppressive kind. Its body was like that of a snake, but how could a snake be comparable to its greatness? Its long and elegant body was full of scales. Fish scales? They’re simply blinding those dog eyes! Those smooth and shining scales were like moons! A carp tail? Does a carp have such a magnificent tail?! Those lines, that color, each part was perfect to an extreme! The dragon’s head made everyone want to kneel in worship, its two long whiskers making it appear even more sacred. A deer’s antlers? Could a deer’s weak antlers be compared to his? So sharp and beautiful. Each finger of the dragon’s claws was brimming with power. As for the two wings on its back, even the most beautiful and invincible bird’s wings was only worth one-millionth of it… As long as you glanced once, you would never forget for life. As long as you looked once, you would know it was a powerful and sacred beast! It was nobler than any man or beast in this plane—a god amongst gods, singular under the heavens!

Everyone couldn’t return to their senses for a long time. They dared not blaspheme it!

Even if he was sealed, it couldn’t conceal his glory!

One of the four sacred beasts and Bai’s brother: Azure Dragon!

They reunited quite unexpectedly, but it also seemed reasonable.

“How do we beat you?” Lu Shiqian didn’t want to waste any time.

“This…” The portent drawled, “Find me first and talk later.”

Pei, that was the same as saying nothing! This was its territory, so how were they supposed to find which corner it liked to hide in?

“Then, can you undo Azure Dragon’s seal?” Lu Shiqian asked with slight hope.

The portent answered simply, “Nope!”

“Can’t or unable to?” Lu Shiqian pressed.

“Unable. If I could release the seal, would I still let him bother me every day?” The portent seemed to be venting, “Jabbering on every day and night, even I want to find a master now!”

Lu Shiqian didn’t speak any more. She sent out a horizontal strike straight towards the voice!

“You’re playing dirty!” The portent suddenly understood. Was this woman trying to draw out his location by making him talk?

Lu Shiqian sent another Heavenly Swinging Sword move over.

“Haha.” The portent laughed cheerfully, “It’s not fun to fight here. Heroes, why don’t we add some excitement?”

The scene changed and soon, the fifty arrived at the top of a volcano. Magma gushed out from underneath, and the long bridge was the only place they could stand on.

“This is a nice place. If you’re careless, you’ll just ‘poof’ into ash! This is the fourth stage and your opponent is me! Try your best to beat me!” The portent’s voice was full of excitement, “You have to make me happy!”

“Brother Yingjian, I’m so scared.” Leng Qiu’er cried weakly and wanted to fall into Sunrong Yingjian’s arms.

Sunrong Yingjian took a step back, his eyes only focused on Lu Shiqian.

Yi Jun and Yi Qing immediately expressed themselves, “Sister Qiu, don’t worry, we’ll protect you.”

That’s right. Sunrong Yingjian also made it to the final stage with his resourcefulness and intellect. Killing and scheming was his forte, and he even brought along Leng Qiu’er and the two idiots.

The whole way, Leng Qiu’er personally saw this man pass through the levels. His strategies showed his wisdom, and even if he was killing heartlessly, it gave her a sense of security. On the other hand, those two Yi brothers not only feared death but also brought chaos to them, dragging them down. With this adventure, her heart was falling for Sunrong Yingjian harder and harder.

Yi Jun and Yi Qing secretly cursed many times. Every time they saw Leng Qiu’er stare at Sunrong Yingjian infatuatedly, the two would want to skin the man alive, especially after he finished resolving a crisis and looked at them like stupid pigs!

Sunrong Yingjian, what are you? If they got an opportunity, they would definitely kill him!

However, this place was really scary. The bridge was only three meters wide and once you fell, there would be no hope for you left. Why did the perverted portent choose this place?

“Good fellow, this place is sure exciting! Madam, I feel my blood boiling!” Mo Yi waved his battle axe and gallantly said.

Lan Can knew her husband’s temper and merely smiled and rubbed his head, “Be careful.”

“It’s really a good place, even my heart is pounding!” Zi Ji shook his silver tail and narrowed his eyes.

“Young Master, you’re still so impulsive.” Xiu amicably chastised but also squinted his eyes.

“This Region Master also wants to win the portent to please the beauty.” Huo Yan’s eyes burned passionately.

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