Chapter 379

The truly strong were those that pursued battle and improvement no matter the time or place. They were not afraid of death and only wanted to fight, unafraid of pressure. The more dangerous it was, the more their blood boiled… This, was the difference between the strong and the weak. Even though Yi Jun and Yi Qing were middle gods, compared to real powerhouses, they were rubbish. Their achievements stopped at middle god, and there would be no more improvements in their lifetime!

“Woah, what kind of place is this? So scary!” The beautiful youth tripped on the bridge, almost falling off.

Lu Shiqian dragged the young man up. This guy was a ticking time bomb and might blow her up too if something went wrong. It was better to pull him to her side.

“The portent arrived and the heavens heralded its arrival. The wheels of fate began to spin. Who will be the master of fate?” A man in gray clothes and glazed eyes took off his cloak and murmured, “Will I also find my master here? Will my master be the final winner of the portent? We’ll see.” The man seemed to be talking to himself, his eyes gradually turning red. Anyone who looked into those eyes would feel panic at having all their secrets laid out in the open. He pointed forward, “Over there!”

This man was the one who studied Lu Shiqian’s medicine that day. Unexpectedly, he came to join in on the fun.

Hearing his tone, he seemed to understand the portent really well.

Who was he?

The portent’s gathering was truly a storm, hitting peak after peak! Mysterious experts appeared one after another!

What was the identity of this glazed-eyed man?

Region Master Mo Yi knew many people. When he saw the other’s glazed eyes, he gaped, “Destiny Ambassador?”

There were many strange people in Dayu and countless peculiar races, but throughout them all, there was one clan named Destiny. Their eyes were all glazed and had gray hair, handsome in appearance. They had the power to tell prophecies and stood with a detached attitude in Dayu. The best prophet amongst them was termed ‘Destiny Master’!

Those from Destiny who could foretell the future received great welcomes from the powerhouses of Dayu. They needed to know when they would encounter a bottleneck, when they would advance, and where they would meet a turning point in their fates or if there was some kind of unavoidable disaster… The Destiny Clan accumulated vast amounts of wealth through their thousands of years of prophecies, and there was no shortage of those that had ideas on them. However, all of their supporters were top-class powerhouses, and there were even some unshakeable existences that would assist them because they owed them favors!

It was said that the Destiny Clan’s Destiny Master was even more amazing: they could even predict the future of Dayu!

Prophesizing was a mystical matter in and of itself!

The portent that was exposed didn’t hide itself and slowly came out, “Honestly speaking, I made many preparations for my appearance this time. It was alright this time, right?”

As it spoke, crystal-like structures flew up.

These crystals were all made out of the essence of flesh and blood. Though this living plane was the only one in the universe, there was no life in the world it created. This life required the sacrifice of 30 million people!

Was it cruel or a big hand?

No one could define it clearly. When something went far beyond the norm, it could not be classified through normal means!

Especially when the portent was such a special existence!

Crystals flew everywhere. This mysterious entity that only spoke to everyone was finally about to appear!

What exactly did they look like?

The flying crystals slowly gathered—feet, legs, torso, arms, shoulders, and then… a face!

The crystals flew up and slowly became clearer.

Rosy red lips, snow-like skin, aquiline nose, moon-like eyes, a mole underneath the left eye while a silver mask surrounded the right eye. Their hair best represented his uniqueness and was composed entirely of flowers and plants, blurring the line between male and female. It was even harder to tell whether they were a young adult or a teenager. They wore a short green shirt and green pants, highlighting his slender body, looking demonically beautiful.

Seeing the portent appear in this form truly astounded everyone!

“Look at your surprised expressions. Are you shocked by my appearance?” The portent laughed, their moon-like eyes flickering, “Now that you’ve seen my physical form, you can die now, yes?”

Powerful magic power fluctuations emanated from the portent’s body. The entire volcano began boiling at its arrival and bubbled. One after another fire spouts burst out, making the atmosphere here even more solemn and tense. The magic power fluctuations were so powerful and rich it clouded everyone’s judgement. It was impossible to tell what rank the portent was at.

When a person was too strong, they would blur other’s memories and only leave a vague silhouette.

It was precisely because of this that people would choose the wrong course of action.

“The person that defeats me will be my master. Who wants to come first?” The portent smiled like a flower. His movements as he smiled made other’s hearts move, and both men and women were fascinated.

A plane… A plane as big as Dayu! What a treasure it was!

It really made people go crazy for it!

There was also only one requirement: defeat him!

A higher god flew out of the crowd of fifty. He used a fiery whip that shot out like electricity, striking at the portent!

That whip was very sophisticated. It was a spirit weapon with five attributes. Additionally, there was also a fire skill attached to it. Wherever the whip struck, flames would jump up and attack the target. This man reaped countless lives using this whip in the last stage!

The flames inundated the portent, but the higher god was worried. He wanted to take down the portent in one fell swoop, definitely not letting go of this chance!

The fifty who stayed were all not afraid of death. They were all eager to seize the portent!

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