Chapter 380

The portent could only be his!

He shot towards the portent like a missile and opened his domain, converging into a sword strike using all his strength!

The others all cursed him for being sly and acting first. Now that he opened his domain, he was obviously making a point to the others. Even God Kings wouldn’t carelessly make a move in this situation.

The flame hit the portent’s body unexpectedly easily!

Everyone was stunned. Was the portent all talk and no show? Those who didn’t seize the opportunity were annoyed. If they knew earlier, they would’ve at least tried. What was the point of thinking so much?

Fire and lightning, the sword that gathered the whole of his cultivation slammed into the portent’s body!

The portent really didn’t move or dodge at all, taking it head-on!

The higher god who managed to land a strike was overjoyed. He actually hit! He was still debating about whether to use that attack if this strike didn’t land, but he was unexpectedly lucky!

“Hey, this is your attack?” The portent’s moon-like eyes were expressionless, the mole under his left eye giving him a devilish beauty.

The higher god’s mind stopped and he looked at the portent. Where did he suffer the slightest damage?!

His desperate blow was simply stopped by the other’s fingertips five centimeters away!

He suddenly understood that the portent didn’t move because he couldn’t bother to, because he wanted to have a taste of his attack.

“Too weak! No good!” The portent flicked his hand and an enormous pressure shot over!

The higher god instantly fell into the magma like a broken doll. Before he fell, his godhead was shattered!

There was a splash and his body was swallowed by the lava!

So strong!

Even so, the next second, two God Kings jumped out, flanking the portent on the left and right!

The one on the left used a chain sword while the one on the right used a giant pair of scissors. The two both used different attacks and angles. The chain sword swung with a buzzing sound and transformed into two, three, a hundred, slashing towards the portent. The scissors were also extraordinary and seemed to have its own soul, flying towards the portent’s neck and snipping!

God King powerhouses usually enjoyed preferential treatment in any city, and if an acquaintance recognized them now, they would surely exclaim, ‘Isn’t that the Chain Sword Master and Scissor Master?!’ These two’s attacks were ruthless and sly, and they usually enjoyed high status in cities—two difficult characters.

The two attacked, but the two were still worried and used their strongest skills as well as their domains!

Saints and above would have a domain, and every time they advanced, their domain would advance with them. As their domains grew stronger, the number of effects it had would increase, the time it could be used was longer, and its power would also grow. By God King, the domain would increase exponentially and reach a terrifying level!

By God King, the domain would materialize! For example, Li Jing’s Falling Flowers Season was a materialized domain!

Of the two, one of their domains was a materialized majestic lion. It opened its mouth and roared, shaking the stones around. The other domain materialized as a pomegranate-like fruit, opening its hard shell and spitting out bombs!

“Woah, it’s a domain!” The portent’s voice was still light-hearted, “But why is it so weak?”

Speaking of domains, the portent also had one. All of the tens of millions of people that died here offered at least a skill and a domain. Thus, he also knew how to use a domain!

His fingers flicked, “This domain was contributed by a young one. Eh, actually, I already forgot what he looked like!”

They saw a faint light emit. It was very small, condensed between his fingers, and if you didn’t look closely, you wouldn’t be able to see it. Which bastard’s domain was this puny?! Suddenly, they saw a giant ice bear gush out between his fingers. It turned and froze the chain sword and scissors as well as the sound waves and seed bombs! Ice cubes spread beneath the bridge, condensing into chunks and reflecting the magma beneath it! The ice continued to spread until it froze the two God Kings before shattering them into powder. Even their souls were returned to dust.

When the young man used this move, its power was only average, but when it was used by the portent, who knew how many times more powerful it was?

Everyone was startled. What kind of power was this?!

Two God Kings were killed in seconds! They hesitated, being hot-blooded was one thing but being unable to tell the other’s strength was a whole other thing! After witnessing two God Kings getting insta-killed, of course they would reassess themselves before challenging, right? Some were already prepared to run. Being unafraid of death was one thing, but who wanted to be crushed to death like an ant? Looking at the portent’s attitude, perhaps killing them was easier than stepping on an ant! A horde of ants could kill an elephant, but no matter how many God Kings there were, they may still not be able to defeat the portent!

He said that he was a spiritual plane that could cultivate and advance. He had the magic power of an entire plane, how to beat him? …Beat him my a**!

Only now did they realize that they made a great mistake! This portent cannot be controlled through mortal means!

“Pei, this eccentric neither man nor woman monster, let this great one show you, but don’t expect to worship me as your master!” Mo Yi shook his battle axe. He originally intended to get this portent thing to coax his wife, but when he saw the portent’s appearance, let alone snatching it, even if someone shoved it to him, he wouldn’t want it! This was clearly a monster that could seduce men and women alike! But! There can only be one male by his wife’s side!

However, his fighting spirit was roused!

With a flick of his axe, thousands of wolf shadows rushed out, creating an earth-shattering image.

“Husband, be careful, but don’t hurt him!” Lan Can said with a smile. The portent’s appearance was lethal to women!

Mo Yi was so jealous he let go of all hesitation!

It wasn’t without reason that Mo Yi was able to win the battle for region master 100,000 years ago. This man looked rough, but he was careful in his roughness. The strength of a peak God Overlord wasn’t just for decoration! Even with Dayu’s vastness, just how many peak God Overlords were there? Perhaps, Dayu had given birth to countless powerhouses over the past millennia and there were as many peak God Overlords as fish in the sea, but after so many years, these people were either silent or secluded. There were less than 100 peak God Overlords still swaggering in Dayu, and to meet one was as improbable as finding a speck of black sand in a white beach!

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