Chapter 381

The power of peak God Overlords wasn’t something ordinary people could imagine!

In terms of strength, a peak God Overlord could beat tens of thousands of God Kings in the blink of an eye—this was the difference!

Mo Yi’s battle axe also had a deep origin. It was obtained in the top ten ferocious areas the Dark Labyrinth and was a dark artifact with twenty attributes. It was a top-quality weapon! This weapon had swept through countless battlefields alongside him and long gained spirituality!

Against the portent, Mo Yi didn’t hold back.

A thousand wolves howled, making the bridge shake with them. The magma bubbled happily underneath.

The portent met the attack with a backhanded palm!

There was a moment of silence. Right after, a shockwave of light burst out, knocking against the volcano walls, quickly melting them.

Lan Can finally began worrying for her husband. Anxiety appeared on her beautiful face, “Big guy, hold on!”

Mo Yi grinned, his heart bursting with sweetness, but his hands didn’t stop. Since the previous attack didn’t land, he sent another one: “Tyrannical Dragon Fist!”

This Tyrannical Dragon Fist was known for being invincible in close combat, meaning that anyone that was struck from up close died for sure!

Six black dragon shadows shot towards the portent’s head.

Unexpectedly, the portent twisted his body strangely and grabbed the dragons with his right hand, pinching it. This attack was instantly resolved!

Mo Yi was shocked but his body still kept moving. His axe swept across horizontally, flashing electricity. He jumped and shifted his body, temporarily leaving the portent’s area of control!

Even peak God Overlords were defeated! Everyone was shocked and despairing!

“Big Brother Yingjian, I’m so scared. Is it going to kill all of us? Are we going to die?” Leng Qiu’er was frightened and scared, her tears rolling down. After being grinded down, she was no longer the lofty young miss and just a little girl.

Sunrong Yingjian spoke in a cold voice, “It’s not your turn yet, what are you so anxious for?” His words were ruthless while he stared at the woman that was not far away, standing calmly and silently. Why was she so calm even in this situation? Yes, she wouldn’t cry. Even if she did cry, she was just pretending. He knew that she had long cured the poison in her body and the hooligan incident that happened the other day was simply an act… Yet he… this hateful liar! As for the portent, it wasn’t something that he could control, but if he had a chance, he would still aim for it!

Leng Qiu’er saw that the one in her heart didn’t even glance at her, firmly staring in Lu Shiqian’s direction. Her face paled and she stepped back two steps in heartbreak.

Yi Jun hugged Leng Qiu’er and asked concernedly, “Are you okay?”

Leng Qiu’er mercilessly broke free, “What are you to hug me?!”

Yi Jun’s face was gloomy as he lowered his head in hate.

The glaze-eyed Destiny Master walked towards Lu Shiqian, saying with a lowered head, “We can’t beat the portent with our ability, but I still came. Do you know why?” His gray hair poured down and fell lightly on Lu Shiqian’s shoulder.

Lu Shiqian didn’t expect him to ask this and answered, “I naturally don’t know why.”

The Destiny Master’s eyes fell on her, and also seemed to be looking at some distant place, “I don’t know why either.”

The corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. Huh? Why are you asking me if you don’t know yourself?!

The Destiny Master also didn’t explain and stood by her side silently.

On the portent’s side, the battle was entering a heated stage.

Mo Yi could no longer hold on, so Xiu went to assist him. On one side was a battle axe like lightning, on the other side a jade ruler. Every time they attacked, the volcano would shake. Fortunately, the bridge was very stable, or else… Who knew how many times over they would’ve died!

Xiu’s identity was a mystery and his strength was impressive. How could it be easy to match a Region Master in power? With him joining in the battle, the fight became even more exciting!

The portent fought one against two and his palms didn’t fall behind. Every attack was shocking, and occasionally he would use a domain that would force Mo Yi and Xiu back!

“I’ll give it a try too!” Huo Yan smiled and stroked the waist of a beauty around him while casting a profound gaze at Lu Shiqian. He leaped up and suddenly, on the narrow four meter wide bridge, there were four people fiercely fighting!

The ten beauties clenched their fists and cheered Huo Yan on. There were as many beauties around Huo Yan as clouds in the sky, but the fascinating thing was that there was no competition or jealousy amongst them, showing his expert womanizing skills.

Huo Yan’s fan hid countless mechanisms. Every time the portent forced Mo Yi and Xiu back, his hidden weapon would be like a thorn in the side. However, even so, the other could still deal with it. Not only was he skilled in making weapons, his attacks were also unique. His whole body was harmonized by yin and yang, so there were no flaws in his attacks, but the portent was even better. The portent was formed through the energies of heaven and earth so he was naturally no inferior.

The portent seemed very excited and didn’t use sure-fire killing techniques. He seemed to be playing around, and his laughter would sound from time to time. However, his laugh was not so lovely in the ears of other people.

“The bridge is so slippery!” The beautiful youth exclaimed and was about to fall off the bridge when Lu Shiqian lifted him up.

This time bomb may explode at any time! It’s better to keep an eye on it.

“Huh, why are you so good to me?” Before the beautiful youth turned into a devil, he was truly obedient and cute.

To be honest, there wasn’t much reason, just afraid that you would go crazy. However, she couldn’t say that and could only stare at the battle, saying: “Lan, you go too.”

Lan was ordered to go and the battle underwent abrupt changes.

How fierce a battle could the bridge take? How many great moves could it take? You would know once you looked at those four. It was simply beyond human limitations! Those thousands of ever-changing attacks were also thrilling. If the location wasn’t inside a volcano, inside the portent’s world, the world would’ve already been half destroyed.

“F*ck, so enjoyable!” Mo Yi gasped for air.

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