Chapter 382

Xiu didn’t speak, his forehead faintly dotted with sweat.

Huo Yan’s white clothes were messy.

Lan Yingyan snorted coldly, ready to use his ultimate move.

Devouring Pixiu—Devourer!

Mo Yi and the others had good understanding and moved behind him. Only the portent tilted his head, carrying a hint of curiosity.

The skill was cast and a giant Pixiu shadow appeared. It opened its jaws wide and a huge suction force pulled in everything.

The volcano rumbled. Magma, molten rock, rocks, everything was sucked in as magnificently as if the Yellow River was rushing out!

People were stunned. This power may be able to defeat the portent!

One minute later, the Pixiu shadow faded while smoke covered the surroundings. Nothing could be seen. The bridge broke in half and the debris was the evidence of the fierce fight.

Everyone looked at each other. Was the portent defeated?

“Really surprising, didn’t think that would happen.” The portent’s voice came through the thick smoke.

The smoke dispersed and the portent walked out… unscathed!

“Hehe, you gave me a good fight, so I’ve decided to give you all a gift! You can all… go die!” The portent’s eyes curved into crescents, but his words were devastatingly cruel.

He patiently fought just now because he was still excited from forming a physical body and was a little playful. Now, he didn’t want to play anymore, so it was only natural for him to end the game here. Anyways, he already fulfilled his end of the promise to Azure Dragon, so he could only send these people on their way (to hell). However, he had his doubts. Did this world really have someone that could defeat him?

Whatever, game’s over!

The portent pointed his five fingers, chanting: “Great Nirvana!”

The volcano shook violently as strips of magma flew up, condensing together in the air. A giant disc then began crushing down!

Zi Ji’s silver tail swayed and his silver vertical pupils turned into a dark black. Twelve wings emerged from his back and his tail grew longer. Two sharp canines popped out and his body became imposing and heroic, blood-red armor on his body, long silver hair falling lightly. The young man’s face had become wicked and enchanting, transforming from a little boy to a man not to be looked down on!

Xiu saw his figure and was startled, “Young Master, you…”

Lu Shiqian was also shocked by this transformation and couldn’t help but sigh. The world was too big and overflowing with abnormalities. Look at this, the little silver cub’s transformation…

“Xiu, take the others to retreat!” The deep and magnetic voice carried an irresistible emperor’s might.

“Yes, Young Master!” Xiu’s expression was several times more respectful.

Zi Ji waved his spear and directed his noble suppression over. After the rumbling stopped, the volcanic wall was carved through!

Such power! It could only be lauded as the peak of perfection!

“Oh?” The portent narrowed his eyes in surprise, knowing that he had met a worthy opponent!

This man was unfathomable!

The portent’s face grew more serious. This person was different from the others—he would have to show some of his true strength!

Zi Ji waved his spear and a silver arc rushed towards the portent.

The portent stretched out his arm and thousands of arms reached out to grab Zi Ji.


Magma burst out and several holes appeared in the wall. When powerhouses fought, was there a safe harbor?

The bridge collapsed and several people screamed and fell. This was different from outside where God Rank powerhouses could fly—here, only Zi Ji and the portent could fly. Once the others fell, their ending was set in stone.

The magma below also could not be underestimated. It was redder and fiercer than outside, faintly blue, and if you fell in, not even bones would remain.

Zi Ji and the portent were an equal match, but the bridge couldn’t take such an impact and broke apart piece by piece! The shockwaves from their fight also blew another ten off into the magma!

Now, there were less than 40 people alive!

Lu Shiqian inwardly screamed and quickly chanted a spell. She then cut her hand and successively tapped a few times in the air. The place where the blood came out strangely didn’t fall and connected into a line until it became a surface. A light-blue disk around 10 meters wide floated in the air, catching 36 people one second before the bridge collapsed!

This spell was from “Million***” called Suspended Wall, a buffing skill. Originally, it could’ve held tens of millions, but because Lu Shiqian’s strength wasn’t enough, only this small floating wall was formed. At least it could save some lives.

Everyone thanked Lu Shiqian. If it weren’t for her, they would have to go bathe in the magma!

The portent saw that everyone was fine and was obviously uncomfortable. He bypassed Zi Ji and cast a big spell over. The whole sky was filled with black balls of light and Zi Ji couldn’t make it in time!

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s over!”

At this moment, the fire spirit bead that had been following Lu Shiqian this whole time let out a scorching brilliance!

The fire spirit bead was Bai’s spirit bead, and Bai and Lu Shiqian’s hearts were connected. Even if they were separated by millions of miles, he could still protect her.

No matter the distance, Bai’s guardian wings were always firmly shielding her.

The spirit bead emitted a red glow, flashing out glorious lights and forming a barrier, blocking the black ball and dispelling it.

The portent saw this and couldn’t help but lament. Unexpectedly, a broken bead he cracked his head open figuring out could block his attack. His hair swayed and tens of thousands of weapons surged forth, each of them sharper than a spirit weapon!

It turned out that compared to his other attacks, the portent’s hair was his strongest weapon!

The red bead once again flashed brightly and the light of wall blocked the fierce attack, firmly protecting Lu Shiqian and the others.

Zi Ji shook his spear and said in his magnetic voice, “You dare be distracted fighting me?”

The spear pointed straight at the portent, pulling the portent’s attention back.

The two once again fought. Zi Ji’s twelve black wings flickered; they were dragon wings, delicate to the extreme, even more so than that of the angels from the Plane of Light. The Plane of Light was only an intermediate plane while the Plane of Darkness was a higher plane. Though the Plane of Light borrowed the power of the Plane of Darkness’ wings, it was like a crow mimicking a phoenix. Even with phoenix feathers glued onto them, they were still crows. The Plane of Darkness’ inhabitants were born with two wings, all above middle god in strength. The royal family had six wings, strength at God King. As for twelve wings… they were unique and enjoyed a sacred and lofty position in the Plane of Darkness.

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