Chapter 383

Each wing represented a different ability. With twelve wings, Zi Ji’s abnormalness was almost on the same level as the portent!

This was proved sufficiently in their battle, where neither was gaining the upper hand.

Lu Shiqian became more and more surprised as she watched, thinking to herself it was good that she wasn’t enemies with Zi Ji.

“Ai, it’s no fun to fight like this. Why not add something exciting?” After the portent spoke, he took off the silver mask covering the right half of his face, revealing his blood-red eye.

Zi Ji coldly raised his spear, “Up to you!”

The blood-red eye was shown and a cold wind blew. The originally hot volcano suddenly turned chillingly cold.

The entire volcano was suppressed by an enormous coercion. If it weren’t for the fire spirit bead blocking most of it, they would’ve died of this pressure!

Thousands of black shadows also crawled out, each one holding a spirit artifact, their ranks unknown.

“These are those that have died, but they are now without mind or spirit, my best weapons of war.” The portent floated in the air, melding into the crowd of shadows, “You have to enjoy yourself~”

Zi Ji leveled his spear, “Come!”

Ten of his twelve wings spread out, making an inviting gesture.

His coercion also gushed out, comparable to that of the portent!

Just the contest between their coercion cracked the volcano, fire dragons and fire snakes leaping out!

The volcano also seemed to be split into two contrasting sections, fighting against each other.

The portent smiled lightly like a demon, the mole under his left eye more and more eye-catching amidst the dancing shadows. His pale white hand waved and the shadows cast various kinds of domains and skills at Zi Ji!

Zi Ji snorted coldly, “Good!” His silver hair flew, blood-red armor radiating a faint light, wrapping his sturdy and perfect body. He neither moved nor dodged, his firm face containing no expression. His wings unfurled and caught the heaven-destroying attack!

This kind of battle long transcended everyone’s concept of power, their concept of powerhouses. At this moment, there were no extra thoughts or words, only leaving a sigh and respect.

It was simply too strong!

Young Master grew stronger again!

“F*ck, what kind of battle is this?!” Mo Yi was stunned. He was a battle maniac, but even he didn’t have the confidence to say he could last for a second.

“Really an eye-opener. Looks like this region master really isn’t anything much. May as well just enjoy myself with some beauties by my side.” Huo Yan sighed, saying some frivolous words.

“These two are a little stronger than me. Whatever, I don’t want the portent anymore, I’ll give it to you, okay?” the beautiful youth pulled Lu Shiqian’s sleeve.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but be speechless. This wasn’t something she could get just because she said she wanted it! She was clear that her strength wasn’t much. Much less those two, she may not even be able to beat this beautiful youth! The world was so big, perhaps there were more hidden dragons out there… She had to grow stronger!

There was also Azure Dragon, sealed away in another space!

Although the probability of success wasn’t big, if she didn’t try, there would be no chance at all!

The portent?

Why not be its master?!

She slapped her palms together again and made another wall in the air, opening her Living Domain to block the black shadows. The wood element spread and a green beauty appeared above the barrier. Lu Shiqian carried her relentless courage and smashed towards the portent!

“Oh? Have the courage to sneak attack?” The portent’s hair flew, one hand caught by the green vines. The other hand that was casting domains was also caught.

Lu Shiqian leaped from the wall, grabbing onto the portent to prevent herself from falling.

The portent was stunned for a moment.

His body was hugged by a soft, warm, and fragrant body. He had never experienced this before!

Time seemed to stand still.

Everyone was stunned. No one expected Lu Shiqian to be so brave, so willing to go against the heavens!

“I win!” When she jumped over, she opened her interspatial bag and the great Transformer Bumblebee came out. Its laser cannon pointed at the portent and fired!

Lu Shiqian quickly retreated and landed on the suspended wall.

The portent was still a little stunned and a big hole appeared in its waist where it was hit. He seemed to be in disbelief but also reluctant to leave the warm embrace. He paused.

Many seconds later, he finally reacted: “Ai, I got hit! Whatever, even though I said I was looking for a master, I didn’t really want someone to own me. No choice, you can only die here!” Afterwards, his moon-like eyes stared at Lu Shiqian with a little bit of inexplicable resentment, “Especially you!” It was unknown whether it was a grudge for hurting him or letting go of him.

He flashed and the portent kicked towards Lu Shiqian!

Her body reacted faster than her brain and she lifted her arms to block, but she was sent flying from the force.

Lan Yingyan dove from the suspended wall to catch Lu Shiqian, but that kick was too powerful and she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Yan Fei’s heart pained and he immediately took out a bottle of gold pills to feed her. He hadn’t used the medicine she gave him yet!

Meng Long remained silent but this battle had long surpassed his limits. He could only grow calmer, but seeing her pale face, his heart pained slightly.

Zi Ji wanted to fly over, but those shadows were blocking him tightly. Even if he could deal with their attacks, he couldn’t extricate himself shortly.

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