Chapter 384

On the other hand, the portent quickly repaired himself. He was originally a plane, wanting to hurt him was simply a farfetched dream.

For some reason, he wasn’t a plane that lied. On the contrary, even though he could kill with a turn of his hand, he kept his word. However, he just didn’t want to admit he lost to that woman with such a petty trick, in such a way. No, perhaps… he just didn’t want to be so attached to some master like Azure Dragon. Even if he recognized a master, he could still unhesitantly kill them the next second!

So, it couldn’t be her!

If he admitted her as his master, he really didn’t know if he could bring himself to kill her. It would be better to just kill her from the start!

Thinking that, the portent flashed over, stepped on the suspended wall and attacked Lu Shiqian!

Boom! Thousands of rulers exploded out. Xiu solemnly declared, “If you want to kill her, you’ll have to pass through me first!”

“This little girl saved this one’s life. This great one can’t just turn a blind eye!” Mo Yi raised his battle axe and charged.

Huo Yan also unfolded his fan and went up, “Anyways, she’s a great beauty!”

Even though the others couldn’t do much, they would add in an attack here and there.

A battlefield erupted above the suspended wall.

“Are you alright?” Leng Qiu’er supported Lu Shiqian and asked with concern.

“Still okay.” After drinking the gold medicine, her injuries were healing. However, that kick was really powerful.

“Is that so? Then go die!” Resentment suddenly surged on Leng Qiu’er’s face and she pushed the unguarded Lu Shiqian off the suspended wall!

Everything happened so suddenly, and no one expected something like this to happen. They could only watch with wide eyes as Lu Shiqian fell…

“No…!” Yan Fei roared.

Zi Ji rushed at his fastest speed towards Lu Shiqian…

Meng Long only had time to stretch out his hands…

Time seemed to grind to a halt…

Why did she push me? Oh, I see… so it was because of that!

The scorching flames welcomed here. Was she really going to die this time? She was truly too careless!

I’m sorry…

Just at this moment of despair, everyone suddenly saw all the fires extinguish, the magma condensed, and a black night-like substance covering the entire volcano. There was an astonishing aura coming from below, overwhelmingly erupting forth, even suppressing both the portent and Zi Ji’s coercion!

The space slowly split apart and a voice that seemed to come directly from the ninth layer of hell sounded bone-chillingly.

“Lowly ants dare harm my master?!”

A black cloak hid his appearance while two strands of waist-long hair hung in front of his chest. That hair was dark like the night, soft and glossy. Each strand seemed to be heaven’s ultimate creation. A black scythe flashing black lightning quietly floated, highlighting his mysteriousness and strength. The aura he normally kept hidden spread out, causing even the portent to tremble. To the others, his coercion seemed to come from the deepest layer of hell, chilling them to their soul. However, to Lu Shiqian, he was harmless and even warm.

Lying in the arms of the Death God, Lu Shiqian lightly smiled, “You’re still the fastest, finding me so soon.”

The Death God stared closely at her, as if he was making up for the days he couldn’t see her for. And then, he slowly, tightly… hugged her.

Master didn’t know that he was truly angry. If he was a little slower… he didn’t dare think about it. Yes, he was scared. He who never knew of fear was so scared his heart kept pounding wildly, as if it was about to jump out of his chest, so fast it was almost unbearable… Actually, when Master used his power that day, he already knew where she was. Though he no longer needed to search for her through thousands of planes, every second felt like a year as he looked at her through the mirror screen. He wishfully and impulsively wanted to be by Master’s side, hugging her, touching her, or even just standing near her was good enough… However, he knew that Master wanted to meet again after leveling up. If that was the case, then he… could wait, could endure… but just now, he could no longer wait. He had to tear through space to get here. Even if he had to do it over ten million times, he would still come at the first second. He couldn’t imagine if Master was gone… No, he would never allow that to happen! If that happened, he would destroy everything and then himself…

“So close, come again…”

Before Lu Shiqian could finish speaking, a certain black-clothed child blocked her mouth.

He was slightly flustered, naïve and pure, awkward, and eager… He swept her tongue up again and again, speaking of his endless longing, endless care, endless anxiety, and endless nervousness…

He really missed her, was really scared, and truly angry. He wasn’t mad at Master but at himself. He blamed himself for not planning ahead well. If he had someone get rid of the volcano’s heat earlier and reduced the lethality to a minimum… Was he too confident? When Master fell, his heart that hadn’t moved for hundreds of millions of years fell into disarray. He really was overconfident. There wouldn’t ever be such a thing next time, never again. Never again would he experience this kind of panic and worry that he would lose Master!

A drop of black tears fell and landed on Lu Shiqian’s face. Tremblingly, it was absorbed into her body.

Lu Shiqian was suddenly stunned, finally understanding the Death God’s mood through this tear.

She raised her head and kissed the Death God back, her tongue outlining the curve of his mouth and cavity, inviting his tongue to a dance.

“Wu…” The Death God let out a low moan, feeling particularly wronged.

“Good, don’t be afraid.” Lu Shiqian hooked the Death God’s neck and gently bit his tongue. She knew his worries, his fears, she knew them all.

The Death God shuddered, and strangely, his anger and worries were gone. His heart was calm and full of joy.

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