Chapter 385

He smiled from an angle only Lu Shiqian could see. That smile was like a painting of a thousand mountains and flying birds, like apricot blossoms welcoming the coming of spring, absolutely dazzling. With this smile, the terrifying coercion slowly disappeared over the space and people could finally think and look at this black-clothed man that jumped out of nowhere, guessing his identity.

The Death God hugged Lu Shiqian and slowly flew from the bottom of the volcano onto the suspended wall.

“We seem to have fate with volcanoes. Remember, your first time was in a volcano?” Lu Shiqian bantered.

Was it an illusion? Why did she feel that the Death God’s face under the black cloak was piping red? Hmm, now was not the time. When they were together, she would have to bring it up and carefully check his expression.

The Death God’s coercion just now completely suppressed both the portent’s and Zi Ji’s. The portent didn’t dare to move, his moon-like eyes drooping down. The black-clothed man was too scary. If he acted rashly, he would definitely die with no burial place! Who was that man? He couldn’t gauge his strength, and when the black-clothed man revealed his strength earlier, he actually felt like he was just a small sailboat drifting in the vast ocean. Just a small wave would be able to crush him, and that might not even be the black-clothed man’s true strength! It was too terrifying!

He was pale and trembled all over. Even though he was a neither small nor big plane, in that person’s eyes, he was probably nothing! He had only experienced this terrifying fear of death once 100,000 years ago.

Zi Ji already returned to his silver-haired young man appearance with silver vertical pupils. On the surface, he seemed calm but his heart had already capsized. He had seen this black-clothed man before when he was going back to Dayu. At the time, even though he had no aura, he could guess that he wasn’t an ordinary person, but not so out of the ordinary! He was actually thousands or millions of times stronger than him!

How could there be such a person in this world?!

From the moment Lu Shiqian was picked up, the Destiny Master’s glazed eyes turned red, “Appeared. Master has appeared.”

Other people couldn’t see through all these intricacies. They only knew that this mysterious person broke through the portent’s restrictions and saved Lu Shiqian. Seeing their closeness, could they be lovers?

Yan Fei’s heart soured, but he was more so gratified that this courageous woman was okay. He would also be able to face his younger brother when they went back.

Meng Long was stunned but quickly returned to calm. As long as she was fine.

Xiu, Mo Yi, and Lan Can were also relieved, and their eyes when looking at Lu Shiqian were gentler.

However, she was quite bold, openly hugging the man in black in broad daylight. Ah, to be young!

Lu Shiqian naturally knew their thoughts, but she hadn’t seen the Death God in a while and naturally missed him. So what if they hugged each other? Besides, she didn’t care about others’ opinions. If she wanted to hug, she would hug; if she wanted to kiss, she would kiss. What was wrong with a little affection? Why care so much anyways?

Lu Shiqian didn’t care, and the Death God was naturally too happy to care. He didn’t care about anything except the person in his arms. After not seeing each other for a while, Master had become more fragrant—an indescribably wonderful scent. Her waist was softer and thinner than before by 0.34579 (rest omitted) cm.

The Death God’s arrival abruptly changed the atmosphere.

“Master, he kicked you once, how do you want to deal with him?” The Death God pointed at the portent. He didn’t say ‘take care of’ and instead ‘deal’ with. Was the portent a piece of meat to be sliced and diced, then sprinkled with a pinch of salt?

What a hair-rising choice of words!

The portent immediately broke out in cold sweat… if planes could sweat. Truth was, he was scared frozen.

“You come.” Lu Shiqian’s eyes narrowed, walking out of the Death God’s embrace. Though the Death God was reluctant, he followed behind.

The portent’s heart trembled as he floated over.

“You really don’t want me to be your master, right?” Lu Shiqian’s tone was a little dangerous.

The portent paused, deeply understanding one thing: better to offend a villain than to offend a woman, especially a woman with backing! Sadly, he understood this too late.

“I-I’m willing!” the portent bowed his head and surrendered. He was just a plane, not some great hero and so-called integrity.

Lu Shiqian never thought he would agree so easily, so fast she had no sense of accomplishment. However, wasn’t the point of coming here to get the portent? Without another word, she pressed her palm against the portent’s forehead.

It was a really warm palm. The portent sighed as the contracted concluded. Purple light shone and the entire space shuddered. The portent’s surprised voice came from the mental platform, “I… I advanced?!!”

Planes also had levels: low-level planes, intermediate planes, and higher planes. The portent was originally a higher plane, and after advancing, he had become a completely unique super plane!

At first, he was still frowning and worrying about his future, but in the blink of an eye, he was smiling widely, becoming an upright member of Lu Shiqian’s group.

Lu Shiqian also benefited a lot from contracting with the portent. Three magic seas were instantly filled and there were only 15 more left before advancing!

After dealing with the portent, the next step was discussing about how to deal with Leng Qiu’er. The Death God could clearly see through the mirror screen how that lowly ant pushed Master down!

“It’s better to make her into a human tree. The bottom half is a tree while the top half is human, rooted in one place, never to go anywhere.” The portent enthusiastically proposed.

“You still have face to say? If it weren’t for you trying to kill Master, would that woman have the chance?” Feng Luan was still frightened from earlier and of course took every opportunity to bash the portent.

“Exactly, exactly.” The Thousand Year King also joined in, “Why don’t we use poison? Use poison to pickle them into a living corpse with endless life. What do you think?”

“Kill!” Lan Yingyan didn’t have that many flowery schemes.

Everyone backed away from Lu Shiqian and her terrifying beasts.

Leng Qiu’er screamed, “You can’t do this to me!”

Yi Jun and Yi Qing hid behind Leng Qiu’er back. They were originally going to bravely rush out to speak up for their Sister Qiu, but they clamped their mouths shut with a glare from the Thousand Year King.

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