Chapter 386

“Can’t do this to you?” Lu Shiqian coldly stated, “Alright then, I’ll ask you, you and I have no grievances, but you can kill me and I can’t? Isn’t that ridiculous?”

“I-I-I… It’s all your fault! Your fault! You stole away Brother Yingjian, it’s your fault! Brother Yingjian, I love you! I really really love you!” Leng Qiu’er finally collapsed under the tremendous pressure.

“Poor woman, you fell in love with someone you never should have. Now, you’re even blaming it all on someone else. Jealousy has turned you into a monster, but that cannot excuse your mistakes. Loving someone unknowingly, committing a crime unwittingly, knowing yet not changing… Do you really love him, or do you only love his status and appearance? True love is magnanimous and beautiful. Don’t insult the word ‘love’.” Because of the Death God’s tears and his warm embrace, Lu Shiqian went on a rare lecture.

Sunrong Yingjian walked over, “Please let go of Leng Qiu’er.”

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow, “Are you pleading for her? With what rights and status are you doing so?”

Sunrong Yingjian closely stared at Lu Shiqian, “She will be my wife.” He needed more power and in order to take over Song City, he had to marry Leng Qiu’er. As long as men had power, they could get better and more beautiful woman including… her!

Hearing Sunrong Yingjian’s plea, Leng Qiu’er beamed, muttering: “I just knew you wouldn’t discard me. You still love me!”

Sunrong Yingjian was irritated. This stupid woman put a big hole through his plan, “Shut up!”

Leng Qiu’er paled and didn’t dare to speak.

“Okay, I can let her go, but anyone who does something must bear the consequences.” Lu Shiqian turned around and spoke some words to the Death God. The Death God wasn’t happy, he still wanted to throw Leng Qiu’er into the World of Death and batter her a thousand times over! However, Lu Shiqian hugged and kissed him a few times, and he willingly listened to everything.

When the door to the World of Death opened, thousands of death gods respectfully held various torture instruments for the two to choose at leisure.

Lu Shiqian chose a ghost mask and threw it. No matter how Leng Qiu’er dodged and screamed, the ghost mask firmly covered her face.

Ghosts were borne from the heart, and the fear and malice inside her heart was displayed on the ghost mask extremely disgustingly. It would accompany her for a lifetime.

Yi Qing and Yi Jun originally loved her face and appearance, but when they saw her now, they wished they could hide faster.

“Brother Jun, Brother Qing, what’s wrong?” Leng Qiu’er saw everyone’s disgusted face and touched her face, feeling a bunch of molten flesh. She yelled in horror and pulled Yi Jun and Yi Qing again, “Why are you ignoring me?”

“You’re so ugly I would be frightened to death in the middle of the night!” Yi Jun blurted out in a panic.

Sunrong Yingjian’s face turned green, “I already pleaded to you, why did you not let her go?”

The Death God closed the space and held Lu Shiqian by the waist. He disdained speaking to lowly ants. Lu Shiqian leaned back against the Death God, smiling like a demoness: “I just want to know, in the future you will be sharing a bed and pillow with her. When you see her face, would you be so happy that you want to die?”

Most women cherished their beauty, but from now on, Leng Qiu’er will have to live with the ghost mask, scaring people and monsters alike. This was definitely a punishment more terrifying than death! Especially because she will have to face her beloved with this ugly appearance, what kind of torture was that?!

Leng Qiu’er yelled loudly, charging at Lu Shiqian, “You devil! You devil!”

Lu Shiqian easily avoided the attack and ordered, “Throw these out, I’m sick of looking at it.” Since she dared act against her, she would have to endure her punishment.

The portent’s moon-like eyes glowed, “Yes!”

The world became cleaner!

“Little Sister’s moves are ingenious. I admire you very much.” Lan Can smiled softly. In the future, she’ll have to have some pillow talk with her old husband. Though this little girl was young, her strength and scheming were startling. Maintaining a good relationship was necessary.

“The portent was obtained by this little dolly, so there’s no reason for this oldie to stay. Hei, hei, we’ll part here for now!” Mo Yi waved his hand.

Huo Yan’s eyes burned as he said, “Little beauty, let’s meet again.”

The Destiny Master walked over gracefully, undecipherable emotions in his glazed eyes, “Next time we meet, I’ll prepare a big gift for Mas—you.” An inexplicable sentence.

The others also bade farewell.

The portent opened the space and delivered them out.

Lu Shiqian turned towards Yan Fei, “You should hurry back and take Yan Hui to hide in the mercenary guild. I bet Leng Qiu’er and Sunrong Yingjian wouldn’t give up easily.”

Yan Fei’s expression darkened, “Then, what about you?” Are you leaving? Leaving forever?

“I still have something very important to do. After finishing, I’ll meet up with you two!” Lu Shiqian said.

“You’ll be back?” Yan Fei’s heart was undeniably elated at those words.

“En. Also, Xiaoyue, Lan, and Feng Luan will follow you back to take care of any unexpected accidents.” Lu Shiqian ordered again. She turned to the expressionless Meng Long, “Can you help me protect the two brothers?” Meng Long looked cold as ice on the outside, but his heart wasn’t so frigid.

“Yes,” the three beasties replied.

Meng Long gazed into Lu Shiqian’s eyes and finally nodded his head.

“Really not courteous at all. Is my mercenary guild a refuge?” Xiu smiled amicably.

Lu Shiqian also smiled slightly, sending them away.

The remaining ones were the beautiful youth and Zi Ji.

The beautiful youth stared with his big, misty eyes at Lu Shiqian, only saying: “We will meet again.” Then, he left.

As for Zi Ji, he didn’t plan to go.

“In any case, I can be considered to have helped you. It’s okay to get a bit of interest, right?” Zi Ji stated with his silver eyes.

Lu Shiqian had no choice but to let him follow.

She could be cruel and ruthless to her enemies; to her friends, even those that only helped very slightly, she would show gratitude.

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