Chapter 387

After taking care of everything, Lu Shiqian gave her orders and the portent changed the space, returning to the huge space containing the sealed Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon’s giant body remained motionless, trapped in his deep sleep.

“100,000 years ago, I was still a low-level plane, stuck in the cracks of Dayu, extremely embarrassing. One day, a man in black came looking for me…” the portent carefully looked at the Death God, “That person caught me and turned me into a high-level plane, even giving me life. He did these things in order for me to be the carrier of Azure Dragon’s seal. I had no way to refuse—didn’t have the right to refuse. For 100,000 years, I didn’t dare slack and guarded Azure Dragon conscientiously. I listened to his stories, heard all sorts of strange tales about various planes and worlds and slowly began yearning to go out. However, I still can’t resist that person’s orders in the slightest…”

Lu Shiqian sharply inhaled. Turning a low-level plane into a high-level plane as well as give it life, this… this enemy was really strong!

“Then why did you…?”

“That person ordered me, and Azure Dragon also asked this of me too.” The portent said. He endured a bit before saying, “That person also taught me how to use the flesh and blood of 30 million people to form a body.”

“Is that so…” Lu Shiqian’s eyes sank.

She looked at the huge cyan ball of power in the sky—the Azure Dragon’s sealed power. Lu Shiqian quietly asked the Death God, “Can you undo the seal?”

Out of everyone, only the Death God’s power was unfathomable. If he could even split apart space, he should be able to do this.

The Death God docilely nodded, answering without hesitation: “I can cut it apart.”

There was no need for Lu Shiqian to speak more; he understood her meaning and waved his scythe, stabbing it upright into the ground. Two streaks of black lightning that were like black dragons shot up, cutting all the restraints in an instant. Those black filaments were chopped off, dissipating into nothingness. The cyan ball floated down and the Azure Dragon twitched his body.

“Can you help me release this seal too?” Lu Shiqian looked undeground at Azure Dragon.

With the successful unsealing, her confidence in the Death God soared.

The Death God extremely gently looked at Lu Shiqian, his eyes containing only her: “Yes, Master, I can.” He could do anything! No matter what she asked, he could!

No woman could resist such a look. Lu Shiqian was the same. She kissed the Death God’s lips and said, “Go, be careful.” She wanted to thank him, but these words were unnecessary between them.

Azure Dragon’s body and power didn’t use the same sealing method.

The portent was a parallel plane to Dayu. In other words, it was equivalent to sealing Azure Dragon beneath all of Dayu. No one could tell how big Dayu was! To unseal such a behemoth from underneath was not only a technical job but also a power job! Furthermore, after doing all this, Dayu’s foundations could not be shaken. How were they supposed to accomplish this? No one knew.

The portent stared with wide eyes; Zi Ji stared with wide eyes; the Thousand Year King’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets.

The Death God stretched out his right hand. It was a very pale, slender, and beautiful to the extreme hand. He lightly tapped the air.

And then, he returned to Lu Shiqian’s side, hugging her and resting his head on her shoulder.

The portent and Thousand Year King stared at each other. That was it? Tap a little? Just like that, it’s over???

Lu Shiqian was also a little confused, “That’s it?”

The Death God nodded his head, looking like a child begging for candy.

However, was that really it? Ahhhh, that could be considered sealed and done?! That was just a tap on the air!!!

“Look!” Zi Ji suddenly pointed at the front.

A small black ball appeared at the place where the Death God tapped, releasing energy waves periodically: horizontally, vertically, obliquely. The ripples were visible to the naked eye, overlapping and sinking into the ground, layer by layer, inch by inch chipping away the seal. The whole space rumbled violently. Those ripples seemed to carry the strength to obliterate the entire world, breaking through all the seals and pulling Azure Dragon out…

“ROARRRRR!!” A dragon roar pierced through the heavens!

The Azure Dragon was reborn!

Soaring into the sky, the palace could never again imprison him. The portent’s plane also couldn’t restrain him. He soared with the power to break through the heavens into the air, roaring with pride and freedom at Dayu!

Swallowing clouds and spitting fog, summoning the wind and rain at will. The entire world filled with the sound of the Azure Dragon’s roars. Today, all people in Dayu, no matter which corner they were in, could see a dragon carrying a heaven-shaking aura rising from the ground, soaring through the skies! The power belonging to Azure Dragon also flew into the sky, returning to its roots, furiously burrowing back into the dragon’s body. The Azure Dragon’s body burst out with cyan light, penetrating through the clouds and scattering on the ground. The two suns in the sky created two dragon shadows, looking like a dragon playing with a bead. The cyan light was so bright another sun seemed to appear in the sky, making the other two suns pale in comparison. The ground was scattered with cyan light and life flourished, plants growing vivaciously and various creatures were restored to their best condition. Immediately afterwards, mountains of beasts roared, kneeling down one after another. Hundreds of thousands of flowers bloomed, thousands of birds sang, and the whole world was harmonizing! Dayu was blessed in an instant!

Everyone stared blankly at this scene that had never happened for millions of years, so surprised they couldn’t speak. They could only sigh wholeheartedly in wonder.

This was a miracle—a miracle brought about by one of the four sacred beasts the Azure Dragon! A miracle that could make the entire Dayu boil!

Standing atop a mountain, Lu Shiqian stared at Azure Dragon flying in the sky, excitement coursing through her at breaking the seal. Seeing him bless Dayu, she deeply felt that it was no wonder he was the sacred beast in charge of prosperity and vitality. Truly out of the ordinary. Bai once said that among the four sacred beasts, he was in charge of the killing path, the master of all humans and beasts in all planes, commanding all creatures. On the other hand, Azure Dragon controlled vitality, reconciling the heavens and earth, and balancing the magic power of all planes.

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