Chapter 388

Sure enough, once Azure Dragon appeared, the magic power in Dayu was purified and became even purer than before!

This miracle that shook the entirety of Dayu lasted for 30 minutes. It wasn’t until Azure Dragon absorbed all of his power before turning into a burst of light and appearing in front of Lu Shiqian.

At this time, the sky was clear and bright, illuminating everything clearly, including the beautiful young man standing near Lu Shiqian at this moment!

His waist-length long hair was tied with a cyan ribbon. When the sun shone on him, he glittered with light. He had heroic yet gentle eyebrows, star-like eyes, three marks on his forehead, an aquiline nose, and pale red lips. He wore cyan robes, outlining his slender body, a long sword at his waist. His whole appearance seemed to come out of a dream, yet still seemed so real. His temperament was like that of an immortal, carrying compassion that could encompass the entire heaven while also retaining his natural tenacity. He would not be blinded by pity, and if he needed to kill, he could move forward unhesitantly. He did not have Bai’s heaven-shaking seductiveness or his domineeringness, instead having a more embracing and peaceful aura about him. At first sight, he appeared holy; at second sight, he appeared profound.

Were all four sacred beasts so perfect-looking? Bai represented one extreme while Azure Dragon represented the other extreme?

“Master!” Azure Dragon cupped his hands in respect.

Although she was vaccinated by Bai before, she still somewhat couldn’t find her bearings when bowed at by such a dazzling man!

How could Lu Shiqian be his master?

“If Master does not mind, please contract with me and allow me to follow Master!” Qinglong’s (Azure Dragon) voice carried a melodic tune, his words smooth like a poem. The sunlight fell on him, making him even more pure and beautiful.

“Uh…” Whether it was shock from a dragon morphing into a handsome young man or something else, Lu Shiqian asked a very stupid question: “How did you manage to squeeze such a large size into such a small body?” Actually, the other could not be considered ‘small’. His figure was sturdy and slender, the perfect model body! It was just that compared to his form that covered the entirety of Dayu, he was simply puny now.

Qinglong chuckled, like a clear spring rippling, “Did you also ask Bai this?”

Bai? She had never seen his true form yet! Besides, that guy always called her dumbo, bullying her at will. He simply never regarded her as his master!

Qinglong spoke again, “The four sacred beasts have thousands of forms. They can be as big as the universe or as small as a speck of dust.”

Lu Shiqian opened her mouth, “Oh, so it’s like that!”

She just didn’t know that although they could transform into many things, their body grew with their power. The size of magic beasts usually indicated their strength!

“Master, please contract with me!” Qinglong said once again. No wonder why he was one of the four sacred beasts. Even when he was requesting, his momentum was astonishing!

“I-I’ll think about it.” Lu Shiqian was a little pretentious.

“Dumbo, agree quickly. Even though Qinglong is said to have the best temper among us, he’s also the most stubborn one.” Bai’s voice came from far away.

Lu Shiqian nodded. Since Bai had spoken, then whatever, just contract! Who cares whether she had the ability or no ability, contract first!

She touched Qinglong’s smooth forehead and concluded the contract!

It suddenly occurred to her that Bai was the one to initiate the contract with her back then. At that time, she wasn’t completely sold on the idea yet… Sure enough, Bai was the representative of strong and domineering. He could even steal the initiative to contract.

A cyan halo rippled out, spreading across the entirety of Dayu. Another profound cyan magic beast space appeared in her body, forming a triangle with Bai’s crimson space and the Death God’s pitch-black space. Qinglong advanced and a peaceful yet majestic power poured into Lu Shiqian’s body.

The magic power rushed through her veins, wandering through her whole body. Lu Shiqian floated into the air with all the magic power, finding it difficult to accept so much at once no matter how abnormal she was. Her bones crackled and the magic power seemed about to rush out of her body!

Qinglong was startled and hurriedly placed his hand in front of Lu Shiqian’s chest, but another hand reacted even faster.

Qinglong glanced at the Death God solemnly but didn’t speak, switching his hand to her back, the two channeling the peaceful yet rich magic power in her body.

The pain slowly dissipated and the magic power orderly entered her magic seas, the remaining filling in an instant.

A purple advancement pattern mixed with gold flashed.

Lu Shiqian was now a Rank 9 mage!

The restrictions were broken and several lights burst out. Hong Jin, Yin, Wang Cai, and Shui Se all cuddled up to Lu Shiqian, expressing how much they missed her. Jun Zun plunged into Lu Shiqian’s arms with tears running while Jiu confronted the Thousand Year King with a smile that was not a smile.

At the same time, all the scattered beasties ushered in an advancement frenzy!

The first was the Death God, his black advancement pattern furtively penetrated into space, extending to who-knows-where, his current rank unknown.

The one who advanced at the same time as the Death God was Bai. You couldn’t finish counting the number of stars before, and now it was even more impossible.

Next was Qinglong, one of the four sacred beasts. The number of stars in his advancement pattern was as many as Bai’s, don’t dare to count… It may be unclear even after counting. His rank was unknown.

The portent was already the highest-level plane possible and could no longer advance, but he gained rights to add life to his plane.

The Devouring Pixiu Lan Yingyan was now 9,200 Stars. His rank in the top ferocious beasts ranking definitely rose. Feng Luan was 8,100 Stars; he could probably also rank within the top 20. The Thousand Year King was 7,600 Stars, his strength doubling again; the Nine-Tailed Snake grew to 5,500 Stars, his tails growing more attractive again.

The nine guardian beasts Bai brought away all grew on average 1,000 Stars. The 185,000 magic beasts ranging from 500 Stars to 2,000 Stars from this time’s adventure rose on average by 800 Stars. The Deceiving Sea’s magic beasts between 200 Stars and 1,500 Stars grew on average 400 Stars. The 240,000 dragons ranging from 600 Stars to 1,000 Stars grew by 300 Stars. The magic beasts from the Forest of Death ranging from 600 tars to 1,500 Stars grew on average 400 Stars. The more than 3 million 200 Stars or so magic beasts advanced around 100 Stars, and the earliest magic beasts around 40 Stars advanced around 5 Stars.

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