Chapter 389

Jun Zun was 1,000 Stars; the green kitty 890 Stars; the little gold dragon 500 Stars; the 77 in the Thorn Army staff advanced by 30 Stars on average.

Poluo was 30 Stars, Yin 38 Stars, Hong Jin 49 Stars, Shui Se 52 Stars, Wang Cai 57 Stars, the white-winged unicorn 60 Stars, and Lan Ruo became a first stage middle god.

The Elf King and Beastman King also grew a level, becoming even stronger!

Lu Shiqian still wasn’t aware how terrifying a force she controlled!

This advancement frenzy also rebounded and refilled 20 magic seas. Adding onto the Azure Dragon’s excess magic power, 40 magic seas were filled!

The restrictions were lifted and she could now summon her beasties. Lu Shiqian felt refreshed, that the world was free for her to roam!

The fire bead emitted a blazing light after Lu Shiqian advanced, actually shuddering and jumping into Lu Shiqian’s body, swimming towards Bai’s blood red magic beast space. It was Bai’s spirit bead and could naturally pass through the barrier, returning to its master’s side.

Inspired, Lu Shiqian brought out the wood spirit bead belonging to Azure Dragon. Back then, it was this bead that brought her to this world.

The wood spirit bead excitedly flew towards Qinglong. Where it passed, flora flourished and soon, the entire mountain was covered with plants.

The wood spirit bead revolved around Qinglong twice before joyfully burrowing into his body.

In an instant, Qinglong’s aura changed, becoming even more perfect and harmonious!

The trip this time had great rewards!

“Master, Brother Wei Mo, Uncle Li Jing, and that Qin Xingluo miss you very much. Let’s go to the capital to meet with them,” Jun Zun pulled Lu Shiqian’s hand and played coquettish.

“Okay, but we’re taking two people with us.” Lu Shiqian looked into the distance.

“I’m going too!” Zi Ji casually declared, placing his two hands behind his head.

The Death God came over and hugged Lu Shiqian, “Wherever Master goes, I’ll go.”

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

At this time, in PL 450° Double Cantilever Interstellar Zone A, Bai was currently ordering magic beasts to attack Plane C. Here, the distance from Dayu where Dumbo was n^n light years away, almost infinitely far away.

Because their distance was far, far away, he missed her like crazy!

Since he left her with the nine guardian beasts, he never stopped missing her. These feelings seeped into his heart, his lungs, circulating endlessly through his body.

Fortunately, there was a mental platform that allowed communication and eased his longing. Otherwise, he really would’ve gone crazy.

He was one of the four sacred beasts and the strongest one. As long as he raised an arm, all planes wouldn’t dare disobey. Now, he had returned, even stronger than in the past. Even though that person once defeated the God of Creation and took over all these planes, he was confident that he could take them back!

Such an existence had a still heart for hundreds of millions of years, never loving before nor knowing how to love. He had likes, but it was respect for his creator and comradery with his brothers. He did not have love between men and women! His status was high and appearance was handsome, so he had seen all kinds of temptations, but he had always only focused on the killing path.

Dumbo may still not know how bloodthirsty person he was. For hundreds of millions of years, since creating that universe, invasions were unavoidable. Or, those peaceful planes may have some disharmonious factors, and these all needed to be swept clean by him. The God of Creation gave him the strongest battle power, the wisest brain for strategy, so much so that after all these years of polishing, he had surpassed the God of Creation himself. It was also because of this that he was able to escape and preserve his strength 100,000 years ago.

Such a him would probably never love in his lifetime.

However, he didn’t hesitate to fall in love with his master, that dumbo.

Whether it was heaven’s will or a coincidence, his heart fell willingly.

Sometimes, he would wonder if he loved Dumbo because of the God of Creation. But no! It wasn’t like that! He loved her simply because she was his little dumbo. The God of Creation’s soul was wounded during that battle and his memories were emptied, only a strand of his soul remaining. That strand broke through space and traveled through the boundless universe. At that time, he was left with the Fire of Creation, “Million***”, and the Heavenly Swinging Sword. Did the God of Creation want him to assume everything? Ah, Dumbo probably still didn’t know, but he could long ago use the Fire of Creation, finished learning the Heavenly Swinging Sword, and contract with all things!

The him at that time no longer needed that sealed power because his strength had far surpassed it!

Did he want to be the master of the world? Actually, he wasn’t very happy about it. It was better to find the God of Creation and return it all to him.

Without much effort, he found the God of Creation and came to a small blue planet, finding him in a country called China. Never did he think that he (the God of Creation) would become her!

He looked amusedly at the six-year-old her, wariness in her eyes, biting her lips, looking like a little fool.

Thus, he used a little trick to successfully become the leader of a Chinese organization, logically taking her in, teaching her how to survive and various skills. However, the body of earthlings was too weak.

It’s okay, one step at a time. He had the time.

At first, he treated her as the God of Creation (Pei! Wasn’t he a little too disrespectful? Lu Shiqian didn’t endure just a little hardship in his hands.), but as she grew older, her character growing more distinct, he clearly understood that this stubborn woman wasn’t the God of Creation but a whole new individual. This recognition made him happy. This little girl was quite extraordinary, managing to merge with the little strand of the God of Creation’s soul completely in just over a decade, turning it into a part of her own soul. Was this the hidden power of earthlings? Just consider him a vulgar person, he couldn’t stop himself from growing interested in her even if she had a trace of his former master’s soul in her. As for his original master, he respected him like a father, but that person had passed away long ago, back in that giant war.

She was her own person!

She began taking on missions at 14, becoming the most outstanding member of the Dragon Group at 18. She had completed 54 difficult missions and received 73 medals of honor. The Lu Shiqian that he cultivated was dazzlingly bright, and the other Dragon Group members could only wonder why those missions that needed nine lives to complete and exhausted great manpower and resources only to fail could be accomplished so easily by her? The most tragic time, her sight only turned blurry from being bombed, but after a while, she was still alive and kicking. Dumbo would probably never know that she was never alone when undertaking a mission.

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