Chapter 390

He occupied most of her childhood and youth, acting as a father, teacher, and friend, gaining the most important position in her heart. In her most difficult times, he would be her support. In her most desperate times, he would pass through it with her. In her most confused times, he would advise her. During the ten or so years on Earth, he barely used any of his extraordinary power, protecting her simply as a man.

As the little girl grew up, he became more and more aware of how his emotions had changed.

The initial change came like this: one day, Dumbo called him in a panic before hanging up without saying anything. It was the first time Dumbo called him. He understood that something was wrong and hurried to her room, seeing her huddled in a corner, trembling.

“What’s wrong?” Even he didn’t know just how gentle his voice was back then.

“I… I’m going to die.” she spoke after a long while.

Only then did he smell the bloody scent in the air.

“Injured?” No, it smelled wrong.

He walked over and touched her, but she looked up at him with fear in her eyes: “I’m bleeding… going to die.”

Bai smiled and hugged her out of the shadows. He then saw that her thighs were wet—that was where the blood was coming from.

“I’m going to die…” she repeated.

Bai proceeded to check and discovered that blood was flowing from an unspeakable place. His expression sank and a rare trace of redness crossed his face.

Heavens, this was the first time he blushed in 100 million years!

He suddenly understood. Back when he first came to Earth, he spent a week supplementing his knowledge, and this biological matter could not stop him. He calmly comforted the little girl.

She didn’t believe him, pulling him and leaning against him, believing that he was the closest person to her, hoping that he would accompany her as she died.

The blood trickled down her legs from time to time, dirtying both her clothes and his clothes. At that moment, his heart seemed to skip a beat.

Later, he bought her sanitary supplies and a biology book, handsomely and devilishly parading around town. He didn’t care if he was stained with a few peach blossoms (blood), much less the suspicious gaze others cast him.

Even later, she read the book and realized that she wasn’t suffering from an incurable disease and was instead just having her menstrual period. Looking at the peach blossoms on her clothes, she blushed inexplicably. Since then, their relationship changed unknowingly.

He remembered everything they did together. Of course, compared to memories, the present her was much more important.

Every day, they would communicate through the mental platform to alleviate their lovesickness. He knew her current situation, what she was doing, whether she was happy or not, and only then was he able to go about his business.

This was PL 450° Double Cantilever Interstellar Zone A. Outside the reinforced windows was the vast starry universe. Meteorites collided against each other like fireworks. They stopped on a meteorite belt.

Bai’s flagship was as big as a sun. Looking around, the hundreds of millions of smaller ships littered the surroundings, surrounding Plane C… This was a fierce battle, now drawing into the final wave.

Bai was the ancestor of war, and his contract ability was thousands of times stronger than Lu Shiqian’s.

The nine guardian beasts he brought with him a few months ago had now progressed to a terrifying level!

Searching for his lost brothers was one of his missions; retaking and expanding lost territory was another.

The present-day him would not be defeated even when meeting old enemies.

He wouldn’t allow Dumbo to die. He didn’t want to lose her, so he must gain power to protect her. This was what a man should do. He would find his four brothers and gather strength!

Yes, a man, her man.

Thinking of this, Bai smiled slightly. That smile was as bright as the sun.

The Fire Qilin furtively glanced at Lord God. He was smiling, must mean he’s in a good mood. His courage inflated and he went to report: “Lord, Plane C refuses to surrender and reveal clues as to Lord Black Tortoise’s whereabouts.”

“Oh?” Bai’s long eyes narrowed, “Was I being too kind? Attack!”

After his order, the million warships all fired like ephemeral fireworks, beautiful and dazzling. However, it was the prelude to death!

At this time, his heart suddenly pained and his soul clenched. He guessed that dumbo must’ve met some life-threatening danger through the life contract. A green aura came from her earlier, so he guessed she must’ve encountered danger when she went to the portent. How he desired to run to her side and disregard everything. In any case, this was all prepared for her. If something happened to her, he would go with her.

The life contract—sharing life and death. If she died, he would die too!

How wonderful!

Or, did he leave too little power by her side? Was the Nine-Tailed Snake not by her side? At the very least, that person should be by her. That person with similar strength to him wouldn’t let him down, right?

He moved his spirit bead, and even if they were separated by mountains and seas, by countless light years, he would protect her!

His heart felt relieved again and he knew that she was fine. Did that person make it in the end?

Was he jealous? Of course, he was, but he was also thankful. Compared to his envy, he cared about her feelings more. He knew that person was in her heart, but as long as he occupied the most important position, he would be satisfied.

Since he wanted Dumbo to reach the pinnacle, then he definitely wouldn’t be the only man in her life. He deeply understood this, and after finding his three brothers, those three guys would definitely fall in love with her sooner or later.

How could he be afraid of other people’s challenges?!

Compared to those unnecessary jealous actions, he cared more about how to love her!

Yes, love, he would only love her in this life. This was confirmed before he sent her to the Devil Dance Continent.

The body in Devil Dance Continent was prepared by him long ago as the most suitable vessel for her soul and body. Even their appearances were the same.

Her growth also exceeded his expectations. Her cleverness and heart became clearer and clearer in her battles, and he fell for her even more. Compared to back on Earth, he loved her even more as his woman!

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