Chapter 391

That kind of feeling was great!

He still remembered her face at the time, so stunned and silly. For no reason, he wanted to hug her tightly and kiss her.

After kissing, he thought that it tasted even better than expected.

His little dumbo!

At that time, his power wasn’t completely stable yet. Heavens knew how much he desired to stay by her side, but he couldn’t. Thankfully, he could sense her every minute every second after contracting, though it was only the second-best option, he was satisfied. He already had power surpassing the God of Creation and also gained much magic power using the contract book in his travels. However, he had to endure. He couldn’t be so impulsive.

Later on, after entering the Forest of Death, he felt a natural shield covering the area, not allowing external forces in. Thus, it gave birth to thoughts of resisting the enemy with Dumbo. He didn’t want to be careless and was also reluctant to see her hurt, so he created a clone with a part of his soul to accompany her. Its strength was suppressed to the minimum. Afterwards, he determined that there was no danger in appearing with his true body and swapped, deciding to never again make a clone. He was jealous of even his own clone!

There, he had his first time with Dumbo.

What an exciting experience! He had a taste of a rare delicacy and also helped her complete her coming-of-age ceremony.

In the following year, he would enjoy the beauty of life every day, feeling that hugging her was akin to owning the entire world! That kind of satisfaction couldn’t be described using words!

She grew up more and more mesmerizing. In this time and space that belonged to her, she grew up very fast and was no longer that little dummy, but it made him even more tempted instead. He belonged to her both spiritually and physically.

What was even more unexpected was that Dumbo actually took back his power for him! That heart surrounded him in warmth, and he also wanted to do something for Dumbo. His entire heart belonged to her!

She may not know that he was fighting a battle of wits and force every day, but that was okay. He wanted to give everything to her! He would shield her from the wind and rain, and the power in his hands would be gifted to her as the greatest present!

Wait for him to come back! Wait for him to return in triumph, Dumbo!

“Bai, I have a contract with Qinglong, and we’re heading to Motian’s capital now.” her voice came through a special channel in the mental platform. There were only the two of them connected.

“Haha, that guy Qing has always been a bit pedantic.” Bai smiled.

“…I miss you. I miss you so much.”

Bai’s mouth tilted upwards.

“Me too, Dumbo.”

He believed that a beautiful future awaited them!

Sunrong Yingjian indeed played a few tricks and wanted to blackmail Lu Shiqian with Yan Hui. He didn’t care what his methods were like—only the final results mattered! It was a pity that Lu Shiqian saw this coming and had Yan Fei take Yan Hui to the guild to hide.

When Lu Shiqian returned with the portent and Qinglong, she saw Sunrong Yingjian blockading the outside.

At this time, she brought along the cute Jun Zun, ethereal beauty portent, Zi Ji with a silver tail and vertical pupils, and the majestic Qinglong. Lu Shiqian held a little red fox in her arms and was followed by a mysterious black-clad man, forming a beautiful scene as they walked by.

Though Dayu had many races and all kinds of characters, but the six people with Lu Shiqian—whether it was their temperament, appearance, or aura—all far exceeded the rest. Even though the portent and Qinglong greatly diminished their looks to the standard, they still seemed like one-in-a-million handsome guys.

At this moment, Sunrong Yingjian slightly realized that there may be a heaven-spanning bridge that he would never be able to cross between them. However, he still wasn’t willing to give up.

Leng Qiu’er standing next to him saw him staring obsessively at Lu Shiqian and grew more jealous. She was jealous that Lu Shiqian took away the little love Sunrong Yingjian had and hated her for taking away her beauty. Now, she seemed neither human nor ghoul. Yi Qing and Yi Jun avoided her, and Sunrong Yingjian’s gaze was also several times colder. She really hated Lu Shiqian, hated that she didn’t die that day! The uglier her heart, the uglier her ghost face.

Lu Shiqian was about to step into the guild.

“Wait!” Sunrong Yingjian finally couldn’t hold back. He vaguely felt that if he didn’t say something now, he would never be able to in the future: “I’m willing to take you as my wife. You’ll be the wife of the city lord in the future!”

As soon as these words fell, everyone sharply inhaled. The wife of the young master and the future wife of the city lord! This was more glorious than many other positions in other planes!

Leng Qiu’er stared at this man she loved deeply with wide eyes, in disbelief that he would say something like this in front of her. She thought that he was the sky and nothing in the world could enter his eyes, but right now, he was proposing to the woman she hated the most. How was she supposed to feel?

However, Lu Shiqian merely smiled slightly, walking into the guild without response.

Whether she was unwilling to answer, disdained to answer, or loosening the reins to grasp them better, one hundred people had one hundred different opinions. Only she knew that her fate with Sunrong Yingjian ended here.

Though Sunrong Yingjian was deep, he was too narrow-minded. His ambitions were also limited to West City. As for Leng Qiu’er, she could probably only spend the rest of her life wallowing in jealousy.

Sunrong Yingjian’s hands clenched a few times, his face growing more solemn, before finally flicking his sleeves and leaving, “Go!” He still had the pride and dignity as a young city lord!

Leng Qiu’er was overjoyed and followed.

When Lu Shiqian entered the guild, a small shadow flew over, plunging into Lu Shiqian’s arms: “Sister, you’re finally back!”

This little guy was Yan Hui.

Yan Fei, Lan Yingyan, and Feng Luan also walked over, but Meng Long was missing.

Yan Hui seemed to know Lu Shiqian’s question and explained, “Brother Meng Long said he had something to do and left. He told me to tell you not to worry.” This little guy was as sensitive as ever.

Lu Shiqian nodded forthrightly. Meng Long probably returned to the Assassin League; something big probably happened for him to leave so hurriedly. Hopefully, she would meet with that blue-haired man with no expression again.

Jun Zun saw Yan Hui rush into Lu Shiqian’s embrace and was dissatisfied. Only he was allowed to walk the cute route! Now that he saw another cute route actor, he immediately felt a sense of crisis. Immediately, his beautiful purple eyes glared as he pointed at Yan Hui, “You, get over here! If you’re a man, then let us have a fair battle!” First encounter!

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