Chapter 392

Yan Hui was too excited when he saw Lu Shiqian and didn’t notice who else was around. Suddenly, he noticed a purple-haired and purple-clothed cute little boy, his eyes widening: “What a cute little brother!”

Jun Zun had an 11 or 12-year-old, and Yan Hui also appeared 11 or 12. From their appearances, neither appeared older or younger. However, Jun Zun was 150,000 years old, so he naturally felt that it was a loss to be someone else’s “little” brother. The more he looked, the more he felt that this brat also had intentions towards Master, “What older brother, younger brother? You latecomer, you dare call me little brother?! No matter how you see it, I should be the older brother!” First come, first serve, understand?!

“Huh?” Yan Hui naturally didn’t understand. He was far behind this king of the Forest of Death in terms of scheming, but he could vaguely perceive the other’s hostility.

At this time, Xiu walked in and tossed an interspatial bag to Lu Shiqian, “This is the magic jade you should receive: a total of 20 million!” The VIP plan Lu Shiqian suggested made the mercenary guild quite a hefty profit!

Lu Shiqian didn’t stand on courtesy and attached the bag to her waist. The cost would probably be quite big once they were in the capital. She needed the money!

Xiu smiled amicably at Zi Ji, “Young Master, the eccentric and interesting person that I mentioned back then is her.” If the young master didn’t reveal his true identity, their relationship was like that of casual friends.

Zi Ji knew that no one could give him as many surprises as her. Besides her, who else could be so unpredictable? Look at the portent, the Death God, and Azure Dragon, which one of these characters wasn’t a king amongst kings? Now, they were all revolving around her. He looked forward to seeing what kind of charm she still had hidden and stories to be told!

It was better to state intentions clearly. Lu Shiqian smiled and said, “I’m going to the capital today. Yan Fei, Yan Hui, are you willing to come with me?”

Yan Fei knew that it wouldn’t be peaceful to stay in West City, and Sunrong Yingjian wasn’t easy to deal with. It was a good chance, he also wanted to go see the world.

Men had great ambition, and he believed that once they arrived in the capital, he could use his own ability to send his little brother to school!

Lan Yingyan and Feng Luan stepped forward, “Master, we aren’t used to crowded places, so I want to take Feng Luan back to my territory to gather troops for Master.” Master could advance through contracting, something all the beasties knew. They wanted to share some of the burden for her.

Lu Shiqian nodded, “Go.”

The two beasts received their orders and turned into flashes of light, flying away.

Qinglong saw that she handled matters orderly and looked at her with deeper eyes.

The Death God intimately held her hand. With Master, no matter where they went, he would follow. Now that they met again, he wouldn’t let go of Master even in death! The feelings of longing were too hard to endure.

It was unknown how far West City was from Motian’s capital. If they used the mode that could travel 100,000 miles a day, they would probably need a few hundred years to arrive. Lu Shiqian decided to use teleportation.

Even if every person was 1,000 magic jade, it still only amounted to 7,000 magic jade.

However, Zi Ji advised that it was better to experience Dayu’s size, and it would be very helpful for expanding one’s horizons.

Before Lu Shiqian could refuse, he went outside the guild and took out a mode.

When the mode came out, exclamations rose from the passerby.

How big was the mode? It was comparable to a large palace!

It rose high above West City, as if announcing the king’s arrival. It took up an area of hundreds of thousands of square meters, shadowing all the residential houses below!

Everyone’s eyes towards Zi Ji immediately filled with awe and admiration. A mode was like a luxury car on Earth; it represented their power, wealth, and status!

No wonder why Zi Ji was so dissatisfied with that little mode. Compared to this super mode, that little mode was really nothing. However, who could explain? No matter how you rattled your head, there were only nine people. What was he bringing out such a big thing for? He was immediately faced with disdainful glances.

Zi Ji didn’t care, frivolously revealing his two sharp canines, “Got used to it.”

In the end, they decided to still use the mode because Zi Ji guaranteed that this was made by a great master forger and could travel hundreds of millions of miles a day. They would be able to get to their destination within a month. The group of nine ascended into the mode under the envious gaze of everyone below. This mode was simply a limited-edition one-of-a-kind luxury car! If they didn’t take the opportunity to blatantly stare, they wouldn’t have the chance to in the future!

The outside was like a large palace, so the inside was even more extravagant. There was a chandelier made of high-end gemstones full of magic power, the chairs made of the most precious metals. It was extremely luxurious, and the carpet had soft fur up to your ankles as you walked in, the best works of art from Dayu artists covering all four sides. Each piece was extremely expensive, and the doors, windows, and other things were made, if not of this plane’s best and most beautiful things, were of top-tier materials from other planes. There were even some tablecloths that were manufactured from other planes… This all went to show that a certain someone wasn’t just rich—he was filthy rich!

When Lu Shiqian walked in, the first thing she said to Yan Hui was: “Xiao Hui, you must be lowkey. Don’t be arrogant or extravagant, or lose yourself in riches, turning into a lazy boor. Even though these things appear beautiful, it isn’t good for a person’s character in any way. Brave heroes should be forged in blood and battle, unlike some that don’t have the taste of men.”

Yan Hui nodded, “Mn, I know, Sister.”

Lu Shiqian was relieved and pointed at the expensive chandelier, “What is this?”

Yan Hui answered, “A stone that shines.”

Lu Shiqian again pointed to the carpet underneath them, “What is this?”

Yan Hui: “Magic beast skin.”

Lu Shiqian touched Yan Hui’s head, “Good, that’s good. No matter how beautiful it seems, its functions still stem from the basics. When Yan Hui grows up, you must remember to be diligent and thrifty.”

Yan Hui opened his big round eyes, nodding, “Yes!”

Zi Ji’s eyes twitched from the side. He was a most noble prince from the Plane of Darkness, wouldn’t people mock him to death if he didn’t head out with fanfare? Besides, how was he not like a man? He had been working hard to refine his body for the past millions of years, challenging the strongest expert in various planes, and was a cream of the crop master. He was the only twelve-winged powerhouse in the Plane of Darkness! Few in Dayu were a match for him, yet she actually claimed that he wasn’t manly enough?! Too aggravating!!

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