Chapter 393

Xiu chuckled. He had never seen his young master so aggrieved.

After the nine were seated, the mode started up. Traveling hundreds of millions of miles a day was no joke. In just a short while, West City was left far, far behind.

There were hundreds of rooms in this palace-like mode, each room luxurious to the extreme.

Once Lu Shiqian walked into a room, the Death God pressed over.

It’d been too long since he last kissed Master. He felt tight all over, and just thinking about it would electrocute him, trembling, throbbing, longing. Now that they entered this private room, his feelings were bursting out even more so. These feelings that wanted to sweep him into the sea was something he had never experienced before. He didn’t resist, sinking in even deeper, drowning in his desire for his master.

He took the initiative to take off his own cloak, and his beauty was exposed. Every time, it was still so amazing one could only sigh. Even if you were used to seeing beauty, you would feel different every time you saw him. Only the heavens were as perfect as him!

“Master…” he said in a pitiful tone, dragging out the ending. Even the iron-hearted would find it hard to refuse, much less Lu Shiqian who loved him.

Love was originally a matter of course.

She touched the Death God’s face, which was smooth as the finest silk, feeling great to the touch.

The Death God closed his eyes, his eyelashes trembling innocently.

Every time she saw him so pure, Lu Shiqian would want to tease him.

“Miss me, hm?” Her voice went up, adding a hint of evil charm.

The Death God shivered, saying excitedly, eagerly, embarrassedly: “En, en.”

Lu Shiqian stepped forward, pushing the Death God into the chair and straddling his lap, stroking his exquisite collarbone, “How much?”

Bursts of electricity spread all over his body from where Lu Shiqian touched him. His entire body was clamoring, ‘Really miss! Missed you so much my heart hurts!’ However, only one word came out of his mouth: “Miss…”

She directly sealed the Death God’s mouth, first carefully circling his lips before opening his teeth and sticking inside, chasing his tongue.

“Wu…” the Death God let out a whimper. Just a kiss made him endlessly excited.

She separated slightly, her slender fingers tracing his lips, “Take off your clothes?”

The Death God immediately blushed but unhesitantly tore off his cloak, straightforwardly cute.

Lu Shiqian originally sat on his lap, and after he removed his clothes, his burning desire touched her.

The Death God stared down and Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but laugh. This cute guy!


Her palm once again touched the Death God’s collarbone, following those strange and beautiful patterns, tracing them lovingly and seriously.

“M-Master…” How could the Death God who had been abstinent for so many days take such teasing? He twisted a few times and grabbed that lively hand. He suddenly opened his eyes and those originally pitch-black eyes had a flash of golden light, staring at Lu Shiqian closely. The light in his eyes seemed so far away.

Lu Shiqian’s heart tightened, hooking the Death God’s neck and sharing a lingering kiss.

The golden light had not faded and the Death God’s eyes were filled with Lu Shiqian, never shifting away again, “M-Master…”

“Hm?” Lu Shiqian softly hummed.

“I… I want to look at you.” He carried his heartfelt passion as he stared at the beautiful face in front of him.

Lu Shiqian stared into those golden eyes, “I allow it.”

Those beautiful golden eyes carefully stared at the woman in front of him. Her hair, eyes, skin, body… every inch of her, her beauty and charm. He could no longer resist and turned from passive to active, embracing her soft waist and kissing her red lips.

“Do you want to take off my clothes?” Lu Shiqian playfully asked.

The Death God was stunned, his face turning even redder. However, he stubbornly stared at her, shyly and bravely untying the clothes of his beloved.

The temperature in the room rose, the air filling with unspeakable smells. Two people found each other, touched each other, gazed at each other, kissed each other, and entangled together.

“M-Master… I want…”

The small chair could no longer bear their passion, so the Death God simply picked up Lu Shiqian and gently pressed her onto the bed.

They entwined together. Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night…

The mode flew past endless deserts and yellow sands. There were also green hills and forests, the desolation as the two suns set, the rapids of a waterfall, and the magnificence of towering mountains… Beautiful scenery one after another greatly lifted Lu Shiqian’s mood, making her becoming more broadminded and open.

The mode moved quickly, but Lu Shiqian could see the scenery outside the window now that she was a Saint. While she looked outside, the Death God sat next to her, staring only at her.

Ever since that day, he pestered her every night, appearing like a satisfied cat. He was so high he could reach the moon, hoping that these days would last for a long time.

For how expensive it was, the speed was fast and so was the safety. Anyone that wanted to rob them would see the luxurious mode one moment, and the next moment it would be thousands of miles away. Even a horde of magic beasts may not be able to break through its defenses.

In this way, a month later, they could see the huge capital city in the distance. Even though it was far away, they could still feel its grandness.

If West City was as big as ten Chinas, then the capital Shangguan was as big as 30 West Cities. It held a population of 5 billion, the center of politics, economics, and culture. Because the God of Forging Ling Tian was here, the capital also became the holy ground for master forgers.

Shangguan was divided into four areas, controlled by four major families. At the center of the city was the city lord and the Dongshu Educational Institute. Strangely enough, even though Mo Yi was the region master, he wasn’t the city lord. Compared to managing Motian, he liked traveling throughout Dayu with his wife more, challenging himself. Thus, all of Dayu’s affairs were pushed onto his subordinate cum city lord Qi Feng.

In addition to being big, Shangguan achieved a new record in being tall. With Ling Tian’s appeal, there were countless master forgers around him. During their leisure time, they contemplated some architecture: floating houses, hundred-storied buildings. It was filled with the power of magic, but also had the feel of technology, shocking people beyond words. This was definitely a highly advanced big city!

As the capital city, Shangguan was definitely a gathering place for crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Not speaking of anything else, just the four major families had masters like clouds, truly unfathomable.

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