Chapter 394

Lu Shiqian entered the capital as a member of Thorn. As soon as they entered, before they even had time to sigh at the grandness of the city, she was hugged by a pair of tight arms!

“A’Qian, A’Qian, that’s great, you’re fine!” It’s often the person who least knew how to express their emotions that revealed the most.

“Wei Mo, how long did you wait?” He had dark circles under his eyes. Was he waiting day and night for her?

“Not long, just a few days, really.” Wei Mo hurriedly explained.

“No way, who was the one that excitedly waited once they heard she was coming back a month ago?” Li Jing charmingly walked over, winking at Lu Shiqian, “You didn’t think of me, but I was thinking of you.”

Qin Xingluo also wanted to speak, but seeing her, he couldn’t utter a single word. He could only repeat over and over in his heart, ‘Good, good. As long as she came back, everything was fine.’

Yao Hong lowered his head, not daring to speak, but his heart was overjoyed. Fortunately, she was fine.

The four men each had their own thoughts and expressions, but they all wholeheartedly welcomed her back!

They were separated from Lu Shiqian as soon as they entered Dayu, so their joy at reuniting was naturally beyond words!

Li Jing looked at the portent, Zi Ji, and Qinglong behind Lu Shiqian, pursing his ruddy mouth in dissatisfaction. It had to be said that even if it was a childish move, he appeared very charming when doing so, “Damn, it’s not enough to have us, you had to go provoke a few more!”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. What kind of unhealthy things were floating inside this guy’s brain?!

However, she was also excited to see them again and ignored Li Jing’s remark.

Who would’ve thought that Qinglong, this normally reticent and righteous man, would insert a sentence: “Well said, correct, I’m Master’s man.”

This sentence had quite a shocking effect, like a bolt from the blue, directly zapping them gray and black!

Qinglong may have thought the effects weren’t satisfactory enough and added, “We four brothers all serve one master; we are all Master’s men.”

With these words, everyone stared at Lu Shiqian strangely.

Li Jing’s eyes were full of accusations, treating Lu Shiqian as a big carrot, provoking him, provoking his student, and now four new ones popped up. She was also highly ambiguous with the Death God—it was simply too suffocating!

Qin Xingluo was sad for a second. Why could she accept four or five, but not him?

Zi Ji was also surprised this woman had such charm. Looking at the four outstanding men in front of her with close relationships with her, the one in the most danger seemed to be himself…

Yao Hong lowered his head down and down. Every single one was better than him…

The portent looked at this and that in confusion, not comprehending what was going on.

Wei Mo smiled warmly at her. His her was naturally full of charm. It wouldn’t be surprising no matter how many people fell in love with her.

As for the Death God, he hugged Lu Shiqian’s waist, leaning on her affectionately. No matter what others said, it was enough as long as he could stay by her side.

Xiu was still the smartest. After smiling a little, he returned alone to the guild.

“Hmph, since you can accept four, then you can accept me too!” The next moment, Li Jing was smiling charmingly, “Great, great, I was a little sad since I had to fight with my student before, but now I can rest assured!”

“I won’t give up!” Qin Xingluo also declared.

Lu Shiqian stared speechlessly at the sky. Damn it! How did things turn out like this?

The portent naturally refused to lose out and shouted, “What are you fighting about? I want too!”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth was twitching like no tomorrow!

She secretly glanced at Qinglong, but who knew that he would return a gentle and determined gaze?

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but choke out, “Brother Dragon, you are handsome and carry great charisma. Beautiful women would scream and cry and throw themselves into your arms if you just stood there, so why me?”

Qinglong smiled like a celestial being, stunningly beautiful: “As heaven decrees!”

Lu Shiqian hated that his mouth wouldn’t explode! F*ck your heaven’s will! Qinglong was handsome and gentlemanly, but she, Lu Shiqian, didn’t love every person she met! They were only master-servant—no, master-beast—also wrong. AGHHH, she was going crazy!!!

Qinglong didn’t let her go, “Perhaps the other contracted beasts can be freer, but I am assuredly Master’s man.” Qinglong this guy returned kindness for kindness. Seeing Lu Shiqian’s distorted face, even though his heart hurt, he still had to persist. This was related to his happiness! Also, this was principle!

“Master, when you become a God, we can sign a life contract.” Qinglong dropped another bomb.

Qinglong, ah Qinglong, you usually don’t speak, but you sure shock everyone to death when you do!

“Life contract?” Lu Shiqian was somewhat confused, “Can’t you only contract that once?”

Qinglong didn’t explain, only saying one line: “Master, you’re different.”

A line of eleven handsome men with distinct characteristics revolved around a peerless beauty. This kind of scene was very eye-catching, especially when they were standing on a crowded road, quickly attracting a scene.

“Scram, who allowed you to block this young master’s way?!” A roar came from the crowd, followed quickly by the sound of a whip.

A passerby was struck ruthlessly, flying over!

The faces of the handsome men around Lu Shiqian also sank. Qinglong shot out, setting up a blue water wall, catching the person.

“A good dog doesn’t block the way, don’t you know?” A loud and arrogant voice spoke.

When everyone saw the emblem on their bodies, their faces paled and they quickly made way.

A tall young man with thin eyebrows walked out from the center. He could be considered good-looking, but it was a pity that his face was filled with arrogance, making it uglier.

Arrogance also needed class and technique. If one was arrogant beyond compare, but they also had strength to back them up, they would be called domineering. It would only make them seem more charismatic. The silver-haired Wei Mo was arrogant, but that pride was bone-deep and wasn’t annoying, instead cute. Even more so, the portent was arrogant because he had the ability to be.

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