Chapter 395

However, if a poor person became arrogant, others would only find them unsightly. Unfortunately, the person in question was unable to see it.

“Can you afford delaying this young master’s important business?” That person’s nostrils were so high they were pointed to the sky, and the person he was referring to was Lu Shiqian and the others.

It was true that he was wearing an exquisite blue robe paired with exquisite black pants. His family crest and the others’ reactions seemed to prove that he indeed had some background. Then, his mount, a 50 Star magic beast horse, was also considered high-tier. Behind him were 50 servants, all of them riding magic beast horses, between second stage and third stage lower gods. They weren’t very high, but a servant being at this level indicated the power of the other party.

To provoke or not provoke? If others didn’t provoke her, she would naturally be low-key, but if others provoked her, then sorry.

“I came from a small place and don’t understand anything. I used to think that young masters were handsome and gentlemanly, carefree and courageous characters, now…” Lu Shiqian’s big eyes turned, her aura blinding, shining the nearby men into confusion. However, listening to her tone, she was probably being sarcastic. With the attitude of watching a good show, “I see that young masters like you are inferior to pigs and dogs.”

Lu Shiqian spoke earnestly, completely seriously, repeatedly nodding her head at the person she was mocking.

“Pfft…” Li Jing was the first to laugh.

The people around also chuckled a little, but they were afraid of the other’s background and didn’t dare laugh openly, enduring until their faces turned red.

Zi Ji wanted to laugh and also curse. He was also called ‘Young Master’ by Xiu, so was he also inferior to pigs and dogs? He suddenly felt a bit depressed.

Lu Shiqian was thoughtful and walked over to Zi Ji, “If you can really be called a young master, then you must be a thousand times better than this pig brother here!”

Lu Shiqian’s hand was soft and tactile, her heat scorching his palm. He had never held a girl’s hand before and felt his heart sway.

When everyone saw Zi Ji, they saw an inexplicable nobleness in his silver vertical pupils. His silver tail was elegant and his silver hair fluttered behind him. He seemed ordinary at first glance, but there also seemed to be an unseen majestic aura! Sure enough, he was much better than this so-called ‘young master’. They then looked at the others around Lu Shiqian, who were all unique in their own rights. If any one of them said they were some family’s young master, they would believe them.

Had the young man ever been insulted so? Even if he wasn’t important in his family, but no one in Shangguan dared offend him. Just when he was about to open his mouth to insult back, Zi Ji said: “I’m only a thousand times stronger than him? You’re underestimating me too much. I’m at least a million times stronger!”

Yes, even if Zi Ji was speaking the truth, to others, he was just crazily arrogant!

How could the young man endure these words? “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and kill them for me!”

Everyone was infuriated at this cruelty. It was just a bit of mockery, yet they would retaliate by taking their lives. Big families were just like this—what a pity for those beautiful men and women!

They thought this way, but Lu Shiqian’s side wasn’t, especially the portent. When he heard that they were going to kill, his moon-like eyes lidded, waiting for the other to make a move.

“Here I was wondering who it was, so it turned out to be the Qiuhe family’s dogs. Ho, grew some fangs? Came here to bark?” A soft, slightly devilish voice sounded. The passerby parted to make way.

The newcomer arrived in a portent over 100 square meters large. The mode opened and a red-clothed person jumped out… a man.

The mode was very upscale, countless times better than the one Zi Ji stole from the robbers the first time. You could think of it as both a Mercedes-Benz and a Ferrari arriving together.

It showed off their wealth and power, but this youth was obviously a bit more exaggerated!

The newcomer was very white; he had apricot eyes, fine facial features, his long hair tied loosely. He wore red clothes and his body was long and slender—you may really mistake him as a woman!

When the young man saw the newcomer, his attention was immediately attracted: “Fengyun Lian, what do you mean?!”

Fengyun Lian didn’t speak, first glancing at Lu Shiqian and the others, feeling that these were all dragons and phoenixes amongst people. The only woman amongst them was—huh? A saint??!

“I won’t talk to dogs! These 12, I’m taking!” He didn’t look at others while speaking, reaching out a hand and rubbing a handsome higher male god’s butt.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, speechless.

Qiuhe’s tanned face was infuriated pale, but he didn’t dare act rashly. The Qiuhe family and Fengyun family were both part of the four major families in Shangguan. Though they had many conflicts, they wouldn’t really begin fighting. Besides, Qiuhe Tong was just from a side branch; his status was much lower than the true young masters of the Qiuhe family. However, that Fengyun Lian was the true Young Master of the Fengyun family! Even though the other was a pervert that lusted after guys!

His position was there, so he could only make way.

“These twelve blocked my way, so I can let them go, as long as they bow to me one by one.” He gave Fengyun Lian face, but he wouldn’t let go of Lu Shiqian and the others easily.

Lu Shiqian sneered, “What a joke. Pigs and dogs walk on animal roads; people walk on human roads. Only pigs would mistakenly walk on human roads, which human would walk on the animal road? You were the one insisting on taking this path, but you want us to apologize to you?” Lu Shiqian asked the Death God beside her, “Don’t you think so?”

Naturally, the Death God would always think everything Lu Shiqian said and did was right. Lu Shiqian asked, so he obediently answered: “Yes!”

When he said this, the Qiuhe family’s faces turned green. The passerby almost couldn’t hold back their laughs anymore.

Fengyun Lian had never seen such a bold woman, daring to insult the Qiuhe family on the streets, even cursing them as pigs and dogs. He grew a little interested in her.

Qiuhe Tong, no matter what, was still considered a small master, so he was a bit calmer than the rest: “Fengyun Lian, she humiliated me like this, so this matter can no longer be ended like that. I want to take her back for punishment!” He pointed at the men around her, “As her accomplices, they must also be brought back to be punished!”

It truly was a world that respected the strong. Life was nothing in their eyes, and who knew how many died because of these views.

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