Chapter 396

However, Lu Shiqian wasn’t afraid. She knew exactly what kind of power she held. Without including the Death God, Azure Dragon, or portent, she could probably flip Shangguan a couple times over.

It was just that she wasn’t hoping for that.

At present, she couldn’t be too flashy.

“Did you not understand what I said or what? I told you I’m taking these twelve in!” Fengyun Lian’s expression turned stern, his eyes exuding a sharp pressure. He raised his arm slightly, a ray of light smashing Qiuhe Tong over ten meters away, “Scram!”

Fengyun Lian was a second stage higher god, so it was naturally easy for him to give Qiuhe Tong a beatdown.

“Lian, it’s not wise to make enemies with the Qiuhe family so easily.” The handsome man next to Fengyun Lian spoke.

Fengyun Lian frivolously touched the other’s face, “It’s not like we just have a few disagreements with the Qiuhe family. One more is not much; one less is also not much.”

Qiuhe Tong bitterly glared at Fengyun Lian. Knowing that he was not his opponent, he then turned his glare towards Lu Shiqian, as if he wished to engrave the faces of these twelve into his memory.

“Let’s go!” He had no other option even if he was unwilling.

He would go back and report to the patriarch and instigate some discord. No one who provoked him would leave unscathed!

“Thank you, brother, for your help. Now, farewell!” Lu Shiqian briefly stated and turned to leave. She knew that Fengyun Lian wasn’t doing this for them, but because of their family conflicts. He was just looking for an excuse to provoke the other.

Fengyun Lian was amazed. The other left the moment they said they would, and from beginning to end, their eyes towards him didn’t change at all. It was very light, very unlike when others met the four major families, filled with either fanaticism, pandering, or fear. When Lu Shiqian and the others walked far away, Fengyun Lian ordered, “Get a few people to follow them. Find out where they live and where they came from.”

Wei Mo lived in the capital for some time, introducing to Lu Shiqian the four major families along the way.

The four major families were the forging Qiuhe family, mage Fengyun family, practitioner Mu family, and beast Zhu family. These four each controlled one side of Shangguan—its economy, strength, and various other aspects. They had a deep background, in charge for thousands of years. Over the past ten thousand years, they cultivated countless geniuses, but they were all in the same city, competing against each other for the honor of being the number one family in Shangguan. Thus, many big and small conflicts emerged, enmity and grievances a continuous cycle. However, the four-sided standoff formed a strange equilibrium, and competing each other also became training for their talents. It was precisely because of this that the geniuses from these four families would be higher quality in strength and character, and in turn, the four families’ strength rose higher and higher. The four each had their own characteristics. The Qiuhe family normally wore a blue top and black pants, the Fengyun family a red long robe, Mu family an open-sleeved martial artist outfit, and the Zhu family white.

The four families each had their own specialty. The Qiuhe family specialized in forging equipment, their weapons having a distinctive style, and made with manpower and machine. The members’ weapons were generally of very high quality, and their descendants had to be not only fighting experts but also forging masters. Qiuhe Ning was regarded the leader of the younger generation, a second stage higher god, but Qiuhe Lan was also pretty good, a first stage higher god.

The Fengyun family was a complete mage family. All members were mages and they inherited spells from the past as well as created new ones. They could fight alone, attack a group from a distance, experts in all tactics. In war, no one could fight back against their forbidden spell. Fengyun Lian was the strongest of the younger generation and had the most talent.

The Mu family was more low-key, but only within the four families. They respected practitioners, believing that the body was the highest existence in the world. They trained themselves physically, using the cruelest methods to reach terrifying heights. The young master of the Mu family was extremely mysterious, and he practically never showed himself, his strength unable to be judged.

The Zhu family was good at taming magic beasts. They were able to control magic beasts below 100 Stars as their servants through an ancient inherited method. Based on this alone, the Zhu family would be able to summon wind and rain in Shangguan, even extending to the entirety of Motian. The young master of the younger generation was Zhu Yaohua, a second stage higher god. Zhu Zhi was a first stage higher god.

Perhaps all geniuses had flaws, because all four young masters were somewhat weird. Let’s not talk about the others for now, but Fengyun Lian was gay. Good men filled the city, and his private life was said to be quite messy, often several men locked in the same room together… Even so, the other’s talent and power were right there. Though the other liked men, it wasn’t some big problem, and many admired him anyways.

They chatted as they walked, soon arriving home.

Li Jing had some ability, buying a mansion in Shangguan in such a short period of time. This was something an ordinary person couldn’t do in a lifetime!

Seeing that Lu Shiqian wanted to inquire, Li Jing merely gave a charming smile, saying ambiguously: “If you live here, you don’t need to pay, just call me to serve you every night.”

Little purple dragon Jun Zun glared at Li Jing, “Hmph!”

You cunning fox, don’t think he doesn’t know! He’ll carefully watch over Master!

Yan Hui opened his eyes wide, not understanding what Li Jing meant.

They pushed open the door, a line of servants greeting in unison, “Welcome, Eldest Young Miss, Master!”

Lu Shiqian glanced at Li Jing. This guy sure knew how to enjoy himself.

Yan Fei had never been treated like this before, somewhat awkward. He pulled Yan Hui, “I think we’d be better off living in the guild.”

Lu Shiqian frowned, “Aren’t you slapping me in the face? You took me in when I had no home. Now that our positions are reversed, you’re refusing to live in my place? Do you want me to appear as an ungrateful person?”

Li Jing muttered, “What your house? It’s obviously…” With a glare from Lu Shiqian, he was immediately all smiles, “Your house, your house.”

Yan Fei was still hesitating, but Wei Mo already gently took Yan Hui, “A’Qian is open-minded but stubborn, don’t refuse.” Saying that, he pulled Yan Hui in.

Yan Hui felt that this older brother was very warm-hearted and happily followed.

Yan Fei had nothing left to say.

“Pretty nice place!” Zi Ji didn’t stand on courtesy and swaggered in.

Lu Shiqian stretched. She was finally home.

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I’m not really happy that the author speaks of sexuality as a “problem”, and I hope no one gets offended or feels unhappy because some people say negative things about the LGBTQ community. Stay strong everyone!

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