Chapter 397

At this time, the suns were hanging diagonally in the sky. Their rooms were allocated, and after freshening up, it was time for dinner.

The twelve sat at a table, endlessly lively and warm. Lu Shiqian was liberated from cooking, and was extra relaxed when eating. She spoke of their experiences along the way and the faces of the men at the table changed accordingly. One second they were happy, then sad, then surprised.

Wei Mo was finally relieved. Sitting next to his loved one, even if they had no garnishes, he would think the rice tasted sweet. A few months ago, no matter how good the food was, it was tasteless to him. Everything brightened because of her!

Qin Xingluo was a mixture of feelings. He missed her, waited in expectation, but didn’t know she encountered so many dangers. If he was stronger, he would be able to protect her!

Qinglong glanced askance at Lu Shiqian. No matter where the Azure Dragon went, he was a shining treasure, peerlessly beautiful. When he looked at someone deeply, that person would sink into his eyes. However, right now, he felt that his master was the true treasure. Every tilt of her head and smile was charming without end. Look, everyone was attracted by her.

This little woman broke his seal and freed him. This little woman would be his master for the second half of his life. That was great.

The next day, Lu Shiqian went with Yan Fei to the nearest mercenary guild to report.

Though she was now carrying 20 million magic jade and had Li Jing taking care of her, nothing to really worry about, she still desired battle and challenges to grow stronger and stronger. This was her nature and responsibility. Sitting at home wasn’t her style; going out to make money was the queen way.

Hehe, women also needed a career!

Qinglong and the portent Tiancan both had things to do, while Jun Zun wasn’t allowed into the guild. Zi Ji was doing something mysterious and the others were each doing their own thing. Thus, the only ones that went into the guild was Yan Fei, Lu Shiqian, the Death God, 38 Star Yin, and 49 Star Hong Jin.

Technically, the Death God wasn’t allowed in, but the staff only blocked off Jun Zun and not him.

They put on their first rank Thorn badges and went to the mission hall to find that most of them were escort missions.

Go to XX to pick up XX and escort them to Shangguan, the payment would be by the same guidelines as deliveries. The safety of the person must be assured.

“Maybe Dongshu Educational Institute is about to open,” Yan Fei said.

The enrollment ceremony was a major event in Motian.

Every fifty years at the end of Month 12, the Dongshu Educational Institute would open its doors, enrolling new students based on strength. The registration fee was 5,000 magic jade and you could study in this prestigious school for 50 years, making use of the school’s abundant learning and material resources. Those who got in would all have their strength increased by a level. Thus, the enrollment ceremony was a major event!

Furthermore, the four big families would also send out their talents, meaning that this school attracted powerhouses too. In short, enrolling at Dongshu Educational Institute was of great importance—a big life event! For this, some smaller families would begin preparing a few years back. Of course, the quality of life in Shangguan was higher and so was the pressure. Most would choose to reside in Shangguan for a year first.

It was only the beginning of Month 12, no rush.

Dayu had 28 months a year. The first fourteen months were called small months and the next fourteen months big months. Every time Dayu transitioned from small months to big months, there would be a solar eclipse; there would be lunar eclipses transitioning from big months to small months. It had been this way for thousands of years. Dayu was too big and couldn’t be divided into four seasons. Some places were extremely hot while others were frigid.

Shangguan was a very suitable city for living.

However, there were evil beasts everywhere and ferocious species smuggled in from other planes. Those that mutated under Dayu’s suns and began to hurt people would need to be dealt with.

Naturally, Lu Shiqian wasn’t interested in this kind of escort mission, taking a few extermination missions and leaving.

Dayu’s forests and mountains were extremely vast, and you would probably have to pass through at least one mountain and forest to get to each city. These characteristics were extremely prominent at Shangguan. Because of Shangguan’s high level of architecture, from far away, it would look like there was a forest in the city, a city in the forest, existing interdependently. When cities were as large as Earth, some missions would be within the city, so it wasn’t surprising for a forest to suddenly pop out inside the city.

Lu Shiqian took the task and was currently walking through a forest.

However, although it was called a forest, it was more like a park. Otherwise, why would there be people and houses appearing from time to time?

Sure enough, this was still within the city!

Lu Shiqian needed to kill a furball-like thing. Though it sounded funny, it was actually an extremely dangerous mutant species. The mission Lu Shiqian took was considered a very dangerous task that required over 100 people to complete.

At some point, Shangguan’s forests were swarmed with these beasts, preying on lower gods and causing panic, threatening the lives of the citizens in the forests. Thus, there would often be missions offering rewards for killing these furballs.

The rewards were high, the difficulty was high, and it was a one star group mission. Besides Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei, others also took on this mission.

Except, just what was this furball creature?

The mission described it as having a green outside, spherical shape, would spray venom when attacking, and stretched out disgusting tentacles.

However, the thing forests least lacked was greenery.

While searching carefully, they suddenly heard a shrill cry from within the forest, “Help! Help!”

When Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei heard the cry, they immediately ran towards the sound.

As they neared, they saw a tragedy unfolding.

A team of around 50 people was left with only 20, blood dripping, appearing terrified, and all of them were injured. When Lu Shiqian arrived, a tusked beast was being swallowed. The team leader directed the battle while also telling the girl to keep calling for help.

Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei approached and the group looked towards them with hope. However, when they saw that one was only a saint while the other was a lower god, they despaired again.

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