Chapter 398

The young leader yelled, “You two, quickly run, else it’ll be too late!”

Lu Shiqian saw an emblem on their white stained clothes belonging to the Zhu family. The large families would often organize expeditions to train their younger generations, but their team was really unlucky. Because they left at a bad time, they stumbled directly into the furball beast’s nest!

They were finally able to see what exactly this furball beast was.

Seeing that the two of them weren’t leaving, the young leader grew anxious, “Hurry up and run!”

However, the furball beasts already noticed Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei, jumping over and attacking…

That furball was about the size of a tire, adept at jumping, and after a few bounds, arrived in front of Lu Shiqian and opened its green shell. Tentacles crawled out from its teeth-filled cavity. It appeared strange on the outside and disgusting on the inside. Most of the furballs were around 50 Stars. They weren’t particularly dangerous on their own, but it was a disaster when there were more.

At this moment, there were over tens of thousands of them. No wonder why this small team was about to be exterminated.

It was too easy for a couple of furballs to cooperate and bring down a god!

But take down Lu Shiqian? No way!

“Wang Cai, your turn!” Lu Shiqian stepped on the soil and coolly declared.

A palm-sized puppy jumped out of the magic beast space. With a few quick jumps, the sharp blades on its limbs easily sliced apart the furballs.

“Wang, wang (bark bark)!” The 57 Star Wang Cai originally wanted to show off his strength, but he only demonstrated his cuteness instead.

Sometimes, it wasn’t necessarily more effective to combat a lower star enemy with a higher star one. Choosing their Achilles’ heel was the best way!

Wang Cai was a magical mechanical beast, born unafraid of chopping and slicing, much less the furball’s tender bites. They only saw his small figure running through invincibly, dashing left and right, sharp blades extending out. Wherever he passed, furballs fell in defeat!

Yan Fei wasn’t idle either, dealing with three furballs. His sword rose and fell, his results also remarkable!

The desperate young team immediately revitalized and began resisting, miraculously repelling a wave of attacks!

The number of furballs was so enormous that technically, the team shouldn’t have lasted this long, wiping out before Lu Shiqian arrived. However, the young leader was not bad at commanding, having magic beasts in the front and people in the back to assist, rotating between skills. Furthermore, the young leader had a good grasp on the situation and could make decisions swiftly. Thus, despite the number of furballs, they still hadn’t fallen.

Lu Shiqian walked up leisurely, the two-tailed Hong Jin standing on her shoulder, a silver wolf following her. Wang Cai cleaned up all the furballs in the vicinity.

The scene was breathtaking, a scene those present would never forget.

Though Lu Shiqian was only a saint, her charisma remained strong!

“Thank you for saving our lives, I am Zhu Fang.” The young leader was tall and strong, but his face was sincere.

Lu Shiqian faced the furballs, “Not at that level, I’m just trying to complete my mission.”

The young leader was slightly embarrassed but still sincerely said, “Thank you.” He noticed the badge on Lu Shiqian’s arm, “You’re part of Thorn?”

“It’s stupid to divert your attention during a fight! Pay attention to your lower left corner. If you don’t quickly make a decision, your teammate is going to be eaten!” After saying so, Lu Shiqian leaped into the furball mesh, slashing with her sword in a gorgeous low-key fashion. It was simple yet also fascinating.

Zhu Fang wasn’t an idiot. Even though his talent was far inferior to that of his brother, he was still regarded as a genius in the family and seen some of the outside world. He was stronger than the average powerhouse and could naturally see the unusualness of that woman’s swordsmanship. With a swing, the sword’s power continued seamlessly. Furthermore, that woman didn’t seem to be using her whole strength, seemingly playfully shuttling between the furballs, killing them with ease.

What an unusual woman! A woman with such charisma may not be found even in his clan! She was just like the sun!

Although she seemed around 17 or 18 years old, she had infinite wisdom in her heart. That sword style was even more impressive than his patriarch’s, and though she was only a saint, her strength was on par with a team of 20—no, 50!

Such a woman would be a treasure in any of the four major families!

There was also that strange magic beast. If he didn’t guess wrong, it was a function type mechanical beast. Unexpectedly, this world had something like this! Function type magic beasts were desired but unable to be obtained. They were usually formed through special planes and superior!

That mechanical beast was so powerful it could break through even if a furball swallowed him whole! What a shocking existence!

The remaining twenty young men and women were stunned. In their eyes, Lu Shiqian’s moves were as graceful as dancing, but it also carried the chill of death.

Yan Fei was also outstanding. Though he was far less abnormal than Lu Shiqian, his reaction speed, adaptability, resilience, timing, and countermeasures were amongst the best in gods of the same level!

The task only required 500 furball beast cores, but Lu Shiqian and them already killed over a thousand.

Thus, her words that she helped only for the mission weren’t credible at all.

Like all mutated creatures, the furballs had low intelligence, dominated by instinct and appetite. At this moment, they only felt that everything was food, hopping over in droves.

“Wang Cai, transform!” Lu Shiqian ordered.

Wang Cai barked twice and slid the gears on his body, soon turning into a behemoth like a dinosaur (just where did they hide those extra parts?). With red eyes, he darted back and forth quickly.

BOOM, BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Its body was covered in thorns, rendering the furballs helpless.

The Zhu family’s eyes bulged out of their head. Heavens, what kind of scene was this? There was such a terrifying monster in this world?!

Don’t blame Wang Cai for scaring them, he was the best choice to deal with these furball beasts. The Zhu family had a long history of controlling magic beasts, but they had never seen such a unique method before!

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