Chapter 399

It didn’t take much time for the furballs to be reaped like wheat, all toppling over.

Lu Shiqian, this miser, sighed while picking up cores, “Ai, it’s not easy to make some money.”

Everyone couldn’t help but be speechless.

After Lu Shiqian finished picking up the cores, she quickly ran to the Death God’s side, “Go, hand in the mission!”

The Death God was stunned for a moment. Such an intimate tone and posture made him exuberant, “En.”

Seeing Lu Shiqian leaving, Zhu Fang hurriedly stopped her, “Benefactor, your surname? So we can repay our savior!”

Lu Shiqian casually waved her hand, “No, I’m just a part-timer, nothing to do with benefacting!”

Yan Fei’s mouth twitched, finding it funny, and followed.

“Not knowing what’s good for you. Others dream of getting into the Zhu family’s good graces, but you!” A young man stood out and declared.

Pa! Zhu Fang expressionlessly slapped the boy, “The one that doesn’t know what’s good for them is you. Were you in the Zhu family for too long and forgot yourself? Without her, would you still be standing here?”

The boy immediately lowered his head, not daring to speak.

Although Zhu Fang wasn’t the young master, his prestige amongst his generation of youths was high.

“Count the number of deaths. I have to report to the patriarch. Damn it! We were definitely schemed against! Hmph, don’t let me find you…” Gloominess appeared on Zhu Fang’s face.

The young lady beside him respectfully replied, “Yes!”

Even small families would have internal conflicts, much less the big families. Conflicts and intrigues were inevitable.

Especially in the Zhu family, though the young master was Zhu Yaohua, Zhu Hui’s talent was unmatched in the family, threatening the young master’s position. Zhu Fang was Zhu Hui’s blood-related younger brother. Although he wasn’t as talented as his older brother, he was still a talent that the family was cultivating. This was naturally a threat to some people!

Not mentioning the rest, but when Lu Shiqian went to turn in her mission, she met another familiar person.

Who could the familiar person be other than Lanky? The strange thing was that Lanky also turned a blind eye to the Death God.

Lanky spread his hands, excitedly and gloriously saying: “I was personally appointed by Master Xiu to take care of you.”

Lu Shiqian also spread her hands, “Is your salary high? Are the benefits good?”

Lanky chuckled, taking Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei’s thorn badges, scratching a few times. After seeing their mission, his eyes widened.

Seeing the amount of magic beast cores the two poured out, his expression warped strangely. Fortunately, he already went through several tribulations and quickly calmed himself. Truly, this little girl was too terrifying! However, why was he so excited?

He took out the 3,500 magic jade reward, recording 3,000 points each in their badges.

“You have accumulated enough points to rank up. Please go to the honor hall to advance!”

After two consecutive reminders, Lanky laughed, “Congratulations, your thorn badge can be upgraded! You two rose the fastest of all the Thorn members I’ve ever seen!

Thorns went to the honor hall to upgrade and could also use their points to exchange for various items.

The one that received them at the honor hall was still… Lanky.

He really was in charge of all of Lu Shiqian’s work!

A second rank Thorn badge was bronze and the pattern was more intricate, removing the embarrassment of being a newcomer. Even if others were saints or lower gods, they would show some respect to them.

After upgrading their badges, Lu Shiqian went to the exchange office to see if there was anything she wanted. 100 points could be exchanged for gold equipment; 1,000 points for a high-level magic beast egg; and 5,000 points for spirit equipment… Many things could be exchanged, but the most eye-catching thing inside was a god artifact, though it was a pity it costed 10 million points.

After looking around, there wasn’t anything she needed so she walked out with her new badge.

At this moment, there also happened to be a hundred-person team walking towards the guild.

They were all dressed neatly in blue tops and black bottoms. The man leading the team was handsome and cold-faced.

Lu Shiqian tossed the interspatial bag in her hand and was about to pass by them when she heard a sharp insult, “So it was you b*tch!”

With a light glance, Lu Shiqian said, “I was wondering who it was, so it turned out to be Mr. Piggy. Since you look like a dog today, I almost couldn’t recognize you!”

The Qiuhe family was a major family in Shangguan, their prestige much better than those small families in medium and small-sized cities. It was also true that ordinary citizens wouldn’t oppose these big families since even smaller prestigious families would be beaten or killed if they did so. The glory of the major families couldn’t be tarnished!

Thus, when Lu Shiqian insulted back, no matter who she was cursing, she would be punished, especially when there was a very important person in the group.

A middle-aged man shouted, “Who dares insult my Qiuhe family?”

This middle-aged man was a third stage higher god.

Lu Shiqian glanced at the group. Great, half of them were higher gods, 20 God Kings, and 3 of them were unfathomable. They were probably God Overlords. This Qiuhe family had some capital to be able to recruit so many talents!

Amongst these 100 people, only Qiuhe Tong and his few cronies were weak.

However, how could this frighten Lu Shiqian? She tilted her head up and replied back, “Whoever insults me, I’ll insult back. Why? Are you allowed to curse but I’m not allowed to curse back?” Her attitude was utterly arrogant.

She raised her head, those black eyes sinking, secretly ordering Tiancan, Xiaoyue, and Jiu to pay attention and protect Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, and Yao hong. She had to prepare for the worst in case she fell out with the Qiuhe family and they sought trouble with her.

When Lu Shiqian’s words landed, some members of the Qiuhe family’s faces sank, but more remained expressionless. To them, it was shameful to fight with a junior.

The handsome young leader glanced at Lu Shiqian and stated coldly, “Let’s go.”

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