Chapter 400

Those eyes were without regard, insouciant, and extremely sharp and cold!

A hint of interest rose in Lu Shiqian’s heart. This person wasn’t simple!

However, she pretended to be scared by these eyes, taking several steps back in fear, mouth open slightly.

Fire Fox Hong Jin and Yin looked at each other, disdaining their Master. She was acting up again!

Yan Fei saw Lu Shiqian’s unusual reaction and was taken aback slightly. After thinking about it, he understood, but in any case, her weak appearance made him want to take her into his arms and hold her. Actually, the Death God already acted on it.

“Wuwu, so scary, wuwu…” As if holding back tears, her small face wrinkled and her mouth pouted, a criminal appearance.

The Death God felt his lower half tighten, electricity coursing through his entire body. Even though he knew that Master was just pretending, he couldn’t help feeling tender and… angry! Tenderness was naturally towards Master while anger at…

Lu Shiqian inwardly yelled, she over-pretended! She forgot that there was an infatuated Death God next to her. What if he destroyed the city in a fit of rage? Quickly seal his lips and divert his attention!

The Qiuhe family was slightly stunned, but they were used to big scenes and quickly ignored the two kissing. Though they had a strange feeling in their guts, the young master’s orders were a priority.

“Young Master, that b*tch is simply seeking death! Not only did she get together with that shemale from the Fengyun family, she also openly kissed in front of our Qiuhe family! She simply doesn’t place us in her eyes at all!” Qiuhe Tong smiled wickedly, “Let me go teach her a lesson.”

Young Master Qiuhe Ning was the number one genius of the Qiuhe family. He glanced at Qiuhe Tong, his eyes chilling: “Fengyun Lian isn’t someone you can compare with. Don’t let me hear you insult my rival next time.”

Then, he didn’t spare another glance before walking into the mercenary guild. In his mind, Qiuhe Tong this family member was far less important than his rivals. He saw through Qiuhe Tong’s flowery words and knew that he wasn’t satisfied that he was the Young Master. Hmph, anyone that’s not convinced can challenge him, he looked forward to it. He didn’t put anyone without talent in his eyes. As for that woman, she was beautiful, but she was way too weak. There was no room for her to survive in Shangguan.

Qiuhe Tong wiped his cold sweat. Knowing that the Young Master had tacitly agreed, he took a few servants to find trouble with Lu Shiqian.

At this time, the Death God was addicted to kissing and his dissatisfaction had completely vanished. Master was so cute, mm, he wanted to kiss her…

“What a good pair of dogs! What, are you that thirsty, slut?” Qiuhe Tong continued taunting, “Why don’t this young master help you?”

Lu Shiqian’s eyes turned cold, a sneer appearing on her lips. She pulled the Death God’s head down and whispered, “Don’t get mad, don’t get mad. Be good, hm?”

The Death God was aggrieved, “Master…”

Lu Shiqian said, “If you listen, I’ll kiss you well tonight.”

BOOM! The Death God’s face flushed, but fortunately, no one could see it under his black cloak. His heart kept replaying ‘kiss me well, kiss me well’ and the tip of his nose grew hot, a drop of blood rolling down.

It was said that Qiuhe Tong was just a second stage lower god, inferior to even the family servants, but even so, he swaggered around like he owned the place. His mother had a good appearance and was well-maintained, so she could still have a few pillow talks. Thus, even if he had no talent, he was still pampered. Today, they were going to the guild to release a Three Star mission of great importance. The clan even sent out three elders to show their respect, and his mother spent great effort to get the patriarch to send him along.

Originally, she hoped that he would get familiar with the elders of the family, but those powerhouses didn’t glance at him at all, revolving around that Young Master instead. He was just brooding when he saw Lu Shiqian walk out of the guild.

This was the so-called enemies meeting on a narrow path. Last time, Lu Shiqian made him eat such a loss that even the patriarch scolded him. Now that he was angry, it could be called old grudges adding with the new ones.

He definitely had to catch her now and torture her to death!

“Your boy toys can’t save you now, can they?” Qiuhe Tong smugly said, “Kneel down and lick my shoes, maybe then I’ll let you go.”

Lu Shiqian sneered, “Did anyone tell you that you’re very vain?”

What else could she say to idiots? She may pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger in front of others, but there was no need to in front of this guy!

Qiuhe Tong’s nostrils flared, “B*tch, let this young master show you!”

He pulled out a moon-shaped scimitar, slashing at Lu Shiqian and the Death God viciously.

The Qiuhe family’s research of weapons could be said to be the pinnacle. They each had a unique set of weapon training guides. After they got a good weapon, they would use their blood to cultivate it, raising the abilities of themselves and the weapon. When used, human and weapon would integrate, achieving an extraordinarily high power.

Even trash like Qiuhe Tong was quite strong when holding his weapon. The scimitar was faintly spiritual.

It was just a pity that the weapon and technique was good, but the wielder was trash. Rubbish was rubbish, even if you were wearing gold on your body, you were still trash.

Lu Shiqian didn’t use any high-level techniques, throwing out a fireball. However, even though it was just a fireball, with Lu Shiqian’s abnormal magic power, this fireball wasn’t anything like the skill. It had a radius of five meters, smashing a flaming pit into the ground.

Qiuhe Tong underestimated Lu Shiqian, gloatingly dodging a fireball and not expecting a fireball to be coming from above, smashing all around him. He was thrown far away, his hair burnt to a crisp, his scalp shining in the air. Everyone couldn’t bear to look. This was really too shameful!

He climbed up from the ground, Qiuhe Tong’s face blue with anger. He smelt something burnt and rubbed his head, discovering that not a single strand was left! His face distorted even more.

“Bastard, I’m going to kill you!” He swept his weapon, sending out a Tyrannical Wind Blade.

This was a basic technique of the Qiuhe family, emphasizing speed and ruthlessness. Like its name, it required one to be domineering, but Qiuhe Tong was evidently a narrow-minded small person, so this technique couldn’t successfully show its tyrannicalness. Even so, it was enough to deal with the average lower god.

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