Chapter 401

A huge wind surged and three large blades swept over.

Lu Shiqian snorted, darting over fast as lightning, running in an unpredictable fashion. She dodged past the sharp blades and grabbed the scimitar with her bare hands.

Combining it with the Chinese martial arts grasping technique, Qiuhe Tong didn’t even know when his scimitar was snatched away.

“Good!” Someone suddenly praised from the crowd.

At this time, there were around 20 onlookers, but it was unknown who shouted the praise. Lu Shiqian also didn’t care.

Qiuhe Tong was still in a daze. As part of the Qiuhe family, having his weapon taken was definitely the ultimate shame!

“Return my weapon to me and kneel down and apologize to this Young Master! I’ll let you go if you do so!”

There was truly no sense of achievement beating this kind of guy.

Lu Shiqian flicked the scimitar: spirit weapon, five attributes. It made a light ding as she flicked it and she clamped the handle, “The weapon’s pretty good, but what a pity it met such a master. Your heart must be in pain.” She applied strength and there was a crisp sound as it broke into halves.

People were stunned at this scene. Breaking a spirit weapon with their bare hands? Qiuhe Tong was about to go mad with anger!

Yes, he always envied the fact that the Young Master had a superb spirit weapon, somewhat neglecting his own. However, the family rules clearly state: 1) the weapon remains, the master remains. The weapon dies, the master dies. Even if he could change his spirit weapon, he couldn’t lose his scimitar. Otherwise, he would definitely be severely punished!

Anger and fear made him desperate. His face twisted, ordering his servant like a lunatic, “Kill her! Kill this b*tch for me!”

The servants also understood the gravity of this matter and didn’t dare be sloppy. The five attacked one after another!

Five middle gods against one saint. Everyone despised the Qiuhe family for bullying the weak. Someone saw Lu Shiqian’s Thorn badge and ran into the guild to request for help, but more didn’t dare to help because of the Qiuhe family’s influence. They couldn’t help but sigh. A good girl with great prospects was pitifully doomed to die today.

At this moment, a thick fog surged on the battlefield. The fog was strange and hard to dispel, reducing their line of sight and their spiritual sense. When the fog dispersed, Lu Shiqian’s figure was gone!

Qiuhe Tong was angered into impatience, but he was also helpless. He could only take his servants back and prepare to throw a tantrum in front of his mother, hoping that the punishment would be lighter.

However, this hatred was sealed in stone!

At this time, Lu Shiqian was grasped by the wrist by an old master. They had already moved far away from the guild, darting through the dark alleys. He dragged Yan Fei on the right.

The Death God followed Lu Shiqian silently, bringing her into his arms once they stopped.

The old master’s gleaming eyes swept the Death God a couple times but couldn’t see anything unusual. The more he looked, the more surprised he grew. Only then did he look Lu Shiqian up and down, confirming that she was only a little Saint.

The old master had a childish face with a long beard, wearing tattered beggar clothes. There was a big gourd pinned to his waist. At first glance, he was no different from the beggars on the street. However, the more you looked, the more shocking it was. This old expert was actually quite strong, not under the three elders of the Qiuhe family! With such strength, he would be treated respectfully wherever he went, a guest of honor in all the major families. Why would he become a beggar? After thinking for a bit, it was also normal. Geniuses tend to be somewhat strange and have their own quirks.

This kind of hobby was understandable.

She immediately smiled, “Thank you for your help, Old Grandpa Master!”

The old master was over the moon from the title, stroking his beard happily: “This old man just found those little bunnies not pleasing to the eye, hoping they’d eat a loss!”

Lu Shiqian: “…If that’s the case, then I shall take my leave first!”

The old master didn’t expect Lu Shiqian to leave so soon, growing anxious, “Don’t go, girly! This old man still wants to accept you as a disciple!”

Lu Shiqian stated, “My favorite thing is to deceive teachers and enrage ancestors. Grandpa, you should just rest easy!”

The old master was taken aback. How many people begged him to be their master? Now, he made up his mind to take in a disciple yet slammed into a wall. However, this only made him more interested.

Lively and vigorous, he must have a relationship with this funny girly! “It’s okay to not worship me as Master, I’ll accept this doll!” He grabbed Yan Fei. Because Lu Shiqian was extremely talented, he didn’t notice Yan Fei earlier, but now he sighed in amazement at picking up two treasures in a day.

Who knew that Yan Fei also wouldn’t agree? He coldly replied, “I don’t want a master.”

He followed Lu Shiqian, turning left and right, and vanished in front of the old man.

The old master was so angry he pulled his beard but refused to give up. He decided to pursue this path to the end, vowing to take them in as his disciples! Even if he couldn’t have both of them, he must get one of them!

The old master’s dedication was terrifying. For an entire month, he guarded in front of Li Jing’s residence. Whenever he saw Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei, he would push his face forward, insisting on getting them to agree.

Speaking of it, it was quite strange. Qiuhe Tong was a person to return a tooth for a tooth, but this entire month, he didn’t find trouble with Lu Shiqian at all. Sometimes, he could be seen in the distance, but he would quickly avoid them. The Qiuhe family was greatly insulted yet didn’t retaliate, quite a strange occurrence.

Passing on this matter, at the end of Month 12, Shangguan grew even more lively. People came and went, heads bobbing up and down in the crowd, rushing vigorously in one direction.

Dongshu Educational Institute was now enrolling…!

How many years had Dongshu Educational Institute been established in Shangguan? It wasn’t that there were no other schools that were established and competed with them, but for all these years, it remained dominant at the top. In fact, they encouraged opening other academies, promoting the magic and cultural growth of Shangguan, becoming an undeniable sacred ground of learning!

Dongshu Educational Institute was located in the center of Shangguan, its connection with the four major families very subtle. Its role in keeping Shangguan under control with these giants contesting against each other was self-evident.

It occupied the central position of Shangguan, covering tens of thousands of acres. Its education system was divided into magic arts and martial arts, carefully separated into 50 subjects each, extremely systematic. Magic and martial arts were also separated into two sides, one in the east and one in the west. The architectural style on the martial arts side was sky blue, broad-minded and simple. At the gate was also a heroic figure atop a golden horse wearing armor, emphasizing heroism. On the magic arts side was a white and dreamy color-scape, every brick and pattern beautiful and intricate. Some were hollowed out, carved, embossed, the murals emphasizing ever-changing magic. At the gate was a mysterious white-robed mage.

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