Chapter 402

For the hundred subjects under the two arts, the four major families occupied the four major subjects, but there were also others like fire, water, ice, summoning, mechanical… so on and so forth. Each class was taught by a prestigious teacher, and each subject had an independent learning building!

The two major divisions arched high up, over a height of 100 meters, a miraculous combination of architecture and magic!

This was definitely an institute that would make your heart pound in eagerness. It gave people a powerful desire… They would definitely learn something here!

There were abundant resources, but it was up to the individual how much they would learn!

Dongshu Educational Institute was enrolling with no minimum number as long as the other was a moldable talent. They set up 10,000 admission points, enrolling only 30,000 students. The enrollment time was ten days!

Lu Shiqian glanced around. There were already 500,000 people here to apply on the first day, and there would definitely be even more the next nine days. The enrollment ratio was actually so crazy, almost one in a hundred! The people who came to sign up were already screened once in their families, so this ratio was probably even more terrifying when extended to all of Motian!

Yan Hui tightly grasped Lu Shiqian’s hand, pursing his lips. He put on a strong façade, but his heart was endlessly nervous. Yan Fei’s face was cold, but he was actually even more nervous than his little brother.

They got into a more distant line so there were slightly less people. However, the distance wasn’t the only reason for the smaller number of people. The other reason was due to an old master.

Yes, that was the old master that kept bugging Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei about becoming his disciples. Not many could stand his beggar-like smell.

The old man was still irritating, “Why don’t you two sign up too? Though this school isn’t really great, it’s still useful for learning magic and martial arts!” As he spoke, he smiled fiercely at Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei.

Sometimes, his persistence really made others admire him. He was determined to accept the two as disciples and mingled with them every day, not minding their indifference.

However, speaking honestly, Lu Shiqian had her own opinions about enrolling.

There was a family meeting last night. Li Jing charmingly said that enrolling would be good for them, especially Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, and Yao Hong. They got the God of Light’s power, but their foundations weren’t stable. He also particularly pointed at Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian naturally understood what he meant. She advanced to Saint Rank in just two short years, and although she had the ability to contest with God Kings and the power of her magic beasts were unbelievable, although she had the best sword style and magic spells, her foundation wasn’t strong. If she wasn’t the God of Creation and didn’t have the Heavenly Swinging Sword, “Million***”, and didn’t borrow her magic beasts’ power, how far could she go?

Thus, it was necessary for her to study!

When she could reach God King or higher using conventional measures, then coupled with her magic beasts, “Million***”, and Heavenly Swinging Sword, the formula definitely wouldn’t be as simple as 1+1=2. There would definitely be an exponential growth to the n power!

Furthermore, learning more was very beneficial for her Fire of Creation. Although she could use the Fire of Creation to create all kinds of machinery and weapons, obtained the God of Creation’s legacy, the secrets hidden in the Fire of Creation, and could even assemble Transformers, she knew very little about the basics. This limited the scope of her creations, rendering her unable to innovate something completely new. If a God of Creation could not create something new, then they were no “God of Creation”!

She was grateful for Li Jing. This guy who seemed to not take anything seriously, this seductive man indeed saw much farther than the others!

Thus, she decided to enroll!

However, she was originally going to sign up with Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, and Yao Hong, but they were mysteriously dragged away by Li Jing early in the morning.

The portent possessed high intelligence and unpredictable attack methods, but since he was contracted by Lu Shiqian, he let go of his temper and became curious about everything in the world. As he said before, he was a super high-level plane. In order to embellish his own plane, he had to study too. Thus, he also decided to enroll. In truth, he was just lonely for a long time and wanted to stay by Master’s side. Strange things always seemed to happen around Master, and the thing he would never admit was that he somewhat missed the warmth of Master’s hand.

His flowery hair, moon-like eyes, and tender face covered with a gorgeous mask created an alluring and fascinating look, attracting a lot of attention.

The Death God held Lu Shiqian’s right hand, his heart tickled and didn’t care about anything else.

From time to time, someone would scream “I passed!” or cry disappointedly. Those waiting were anxious, half expectant and half scared.

It was a bit noisy, but there was still order. No one wanted to leave a bad impression on the examiners.

The applicants generally looked between 11 and 30 years old, men and women, and there were also a few magic beasts.

There were three people in front of Lu Shiqian. One was a beautifully-dressed woman in her twenties with an arrogant expression full of confidence. At first glance, she looked to be a noble family’s young miss. The second was a silent young man, and the third a smiling young man appearing around 25. There were several affluent young men and ladies standing farther behind them. Perhaps because they couldn’t stand the old master’s smell, they stood far away, looking at Lu Shiqian and the others in disdain.

Indeed, a Saint, a Rank 9 mage, a first stage lower god, a man with low presence, another with no presence, and a stinky old man. They were a completely unqualified team!

“Woah, what shocking talent!” A sudden exclamation rose up from not far away. A crowd had already gathered around.

“Is that the Young Master of the Zhu family?” someone asked in surprise.

“As expected of the four major families, their talent is terrifying!” someone sighed.

“If I had one-tenth of his ability, I would be set for life!” someone lamented.

“What grandeur!” someone cried out.

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow. The Young Master of the Zhu family? Looks like the four major families also came. That sounded about right. This academy was a gathering place for talents, and it wasn’t a surprise for them to have a foothold here in order to recruit talents later on. Dongshu Educational Institute was bound to become an intense battlefield, even more so than the battle outside the academy. After all, this was a contest for wisdom and resources, a battle to occupy the higher spaces! Everything depended upon their own abilities!

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