Chapter 403

Lu Shiqian didn’t think much about it. She didn’t care about the four major families.

“Next!” the examiner called expressionlessly.

The beautifully-dressed woman ran away in tears—she didn’t pass.

The silent young man walked up, paying the 5,000 magic jade. Then, according to the examiner’s instructions, placed his hand on a white globe. After a while, he placed another hand onto a brown ball.

The examiner yelled a little excitedly, “Pass! Pass! Alright, we’ve recorded your information. Please report back after ten days!” He had been sitting here for a whole morning and finally met a qualified candidate! How could he not be happy? You must know that there were over 10,000 registration points but they only accepted 30,000 people. Some examiners wouldn’t meet a single qualified candidate even after ten days! He filled in the young man’s information: Mage – C, Practitioner – B.

The young man walked down in silence, seemingly not that happy. However, others stared at him in extreme envy.

“Next!” the examiner called again.

The smiling young man walked up, also doing the same thing. The examiner’s eyes opened widely and quickly marked down his information: Mage – A, Practitioner – B.

“Excellent, you’re great!” the examiner loudly said.

Dongshu Educational Institute paid more attention to potential than your current rank. C was a pass; as long as one of the two was a C or above, the candidate would pass. A was exceptional and S was genius, a super genius! Everyone below C was disqualified.

The young man had great results but didn’t rush to leave. Instead, he waited at the side, wanting to see the results of Lu Shiqian’s group.

While discussing, the examiner already called, “Next!”

Yan Hui puffed up his chest and was about to go up when Yan Fei said, “Let me go first. Little Brother’s talent is higher than mine. If I pass, Little Brother can definitely pass too.”

Yan Fei coolly walked up and put his hand on the ball.

Yesterday, under Lu Shiqian’s persuasion, he finally decided to enroll. However, he thought that his chances weren’t high.

After completing the instructions, he silently looked at the examiner.

The examiner didn’t care that the person was only a lower god, but when he saw the results, he stood up in surprise!

Generally speaking, if a person had slightly higher talent in magic, they would be slightly weaker in martial arts, vice-versa. If a person’s talent in magic and martial arts was both high, then they would definitely be considered an important person to cultivate by the academy! That person was bound to have a bright future!

The pudgy examiner’s eyes were gleaming as if staring at a beautiful gold Buddha statue!

He excitedly jotted down Yan Fei’s information: Magic – A, Practitioner – A!

“Young man, you’re really too exceptional!” The examiner shouted excitedly, “Congratulations, you pass!”

Instantly, several envious eyes fell on his body. The old master beggar stroked his beard in satisfaction, acting as if everything was within his expectations.

The examiner was excited for a long time. You must know that encountering a true genius was completely dependent upon luck! If this young man really became great in the future, he would also be proud as his examiner! Only then did he remember that there were quite a few examinees waiting for him, “Next!”

Yan Fei walked in front of Yan Hui, finally revealing a relieved smile, “If I can pass, you can too!”

He hoped that his younger brother could study at this school; it was his dream!

Yan Hui straightened his chest. He was really nervous because he didn’t want to let his brother down. He walked up.

“Is your brain good? Though there’s no restrictions on rank, but a Rank 9 mage is too ridiculous!” Some young master from behind Lu Shiqian yelled loudly.

Indeed, those who came to register were usually lower gods, sometimes even some middle gods and higher gods! A Rank 9 mage was too shameful!

“If he can pass, I’ll pay the 5,000 fee for him!” another young master brashly declared.

“Haha, that’s ridiculous! If he can really pass, I’ll give him 10,000 magic jade!” a young lady chuckled and interjected.

The pudgy examiner saw a little boy staring at him with wide eyes and smiled kindly without contempt. To him, youths were more malleable talents.

Yan Hui placed his hand on the white globe and then the brown globe.

The examiner smiled and glanced at the globes, ready to give the youth some encouragement. However, he couldn’t shift his eyes away once he saw the results. He rubbed his eyes, looked again, confirmed that the results stayed the same, and was dumbfounded.

Mage – S, Practitioner – A!


The examiner quickly chanted a spell and a few teachers in long robes quickly arrived, extremely carefully taking Yan Hui’s information. Anyone with S-level talent would be treated as a special student, enjoying privileges that others don’t have.

“Uncle, did I pass?” Yan Hui didn’t dare brashly confirm.

The examiner’s face was blooming with smiles, nodding repeatedly, “Passed, passed!”

That attitude was towards a future rising star!

After the examiner announced the results, the originally mocking youths all gaped, unable to believe it.

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Don’t know who offered magic jade just now?”

The faces of those young people flushed awkwardly. They were just a few young masters of small families. Taking out 5,000 magic jade to pay for the entrance exam was their limit. How could they take out more?

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly and didn’t force them, just a few small fries.

The smiling young man that didn’t leave cheerfully congratulated, “Haha, congratulations!” He sincerely said to Yan Hui, “You’re really great!”

Yan Hui embarrassedly replied, “Sister is better than me!”

The young man was noncommittal, thinking that the little guy blindly believed in his seniors.

The next moment, the examiner shouted, “Next! Hurry up!”

Lu Shiqian walked up and paid the entrance fee.

“Ridiculous, a Saint also came for the exam. Does she expect to be as lucky as that little genius?” the upset young lady in a neighboring line contemptuously commented.

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