Chapter 404

“Exactly! Don’t know where this peasant crawled out from, daring to compete with us!” another chick mocked.

Others’ curiosity was piqued from Yan Hui’s spectacular show, holding some slight expectations for Lu Shiqian.

Could she also create a miracle?

Lu Shiqian looked at the balls in front of her. The white one tested mage aptitude while the brown one tested practitioner aptitude. This thing was probably very sensitive to magic power flow, however… She placed her hand onto the globe and quickly understood its internal structure. Knowing the structure, she naturally understood how to hide the 100 magic seas in her body, revealing only a trace. She wanted to be just on the passing mark, and thinking this way, she did the same for the brown ball.

She thought this, but that didn’t mean everything would go according to plan. There would always be accidents and her overflowing power was caught by the globe unwittingly.

The pudgy examiner had experience from the previous two and looked at the results as soon as Lu Shiqian finished.

With this glance, his eyes were glued firmly onto the globes, his mouth so wide open a whole egg could be placed inside!

Seeing the examiner’s expression, the others eagerly anticipated the results!

The examiner first stared deadly at the globes, making sure that he wasn’t mistaken, and then broke out in wild laughter. He seemed to have gone mad.

“Heavens! Double S! Double S! I actually met such a genius in this lifetime!” The examiner waved wildly, wishing he could hop onto the table and loudly announce the results!

“Tch, unworldly!” the Thousand Year King was very disdainful.

He totally forgot just how shocked he first was at Lu Shiqian’s abnormalness, slowly adjusting after successive attacks to his psyche!

Others who learned to be calm included Yan Fei, Yan Hui, and Tiancan. As for the Death God, nothing apart from his master could elicit the slightest response from him!

The old master who always followed Lu Shiqian was also surprised but quickly calmed down. Sure enough, as expected of a student he was interested in! He withdrew into the crowd, flashing quickly, and soon disappeared, leaving no traces, as if he had never appeared.

After the examiner announced Lu Shiqian’s results, shouts erupted from the crowd!

“Double S! Heavens, that’s too frightening!”

“This is definitely the best potential of all the examines this year!”

“I need to tell my father! He’d definitely be shocked!”

“Even the Young Master of the Zhu family only had one S!”

The crowd’s eyes towards Lu Shiqian changed. There was no jealousy or envy, only worship!

With Lu Shiqian’s terrifying talent, even if she was only a Saint now, her future was unpredictable! They could only imagine how Dongshu Educational Institute would expend all their efforts to cultivate her; how the four major families would invite her as an honored guest… Now, quite a few wanted to befriend her!

Lu Shiqian raised her eyebrows slightly. She noticed a couple of people disappeared into the crowd after hearing her results. Those must be the eye of the four major families. However, even without them, her double S talent would definitely soon spread throughout the city.

Ai… she really wanted to be low profile!

The pudgy examiner was still jumping in excitement when he remembered another important thing he hadn’t done yet. He immediately chanted a spell and soon, ten God King teachers walked over. They took Lu Shiqian’s data and then compared it to the person again and again, carefully taking away the information. A middle-aged teacher walked over, saying sincerely, “Please come to Dongshu Educational Institute to study!” Such a talent was hard to come by even in a million years!

You must know that the ten regions all used Master Ling Tian’s talent testing ball, and though S was a rank, only a scant amount managed to get even one S grade, much less double S! They were more than clear on what this meant!

A peerless genius!

Such a genius, even the other nine major academies would fight with all their effort to get!

Lu Shiqian didn’t stand on pretenses, “I came to learn.”

The middle-aged teacher breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this. He took out a blue jade pendant, “Please accept this. I hope I may have the chance to teach you in the future.”

This jade pendant could help gather magic power—a peerless treasure!

Everyone was surprised again. What was this? Usually, it was the students giving gifts to the teacher, but now it was the opposite! The teachers actually had to win over the student! That jade pendant wasn’t ordinary at first glance!

Lu Shiqian took the pendant and hung it on Yan Hui’s neck.

This action once again shocked everyone.

The ten God Kings grew a little anxious, “You are…”

“I will definitely report back in ten days!’

The ten people collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

“Alright, alright, next!” the examiner laughed hard.

Tiancan casually stepped up. His mysterious beauty immediately attracted everyone’s attention, but most were still caught in the miracle Lu Shiqian created and hadn’t returned to their senses yet.

“Place your hands on the balls.” Because they accepted a peerless genius, the examiner’s attitude was friendly.

“Like this?” Tiancan placed his slender hand on the white globe.

The globe exuded white light crazily and with a snapping sound, cracked into halves!

“Huh…?” the examiner was stunned. What kind of situation was this?!

Everyone looked at each other, not understanding what happened.


Tiancan was a little dissatisfied, placing his hand on the brown ball. The same situation happened again.

Sure enough, it was broken!

The examiner wiped his sweat, a little stunned. Something like this had never happened before!

“This…” The examiner was speechless, “I’ll go bring two more over.”

Lu Shiqian was speechless. It must’ve been because Tiancan didn’t control his power well, exceeding the upper limit and breaking the balls!

“Master, I’ve already restrained myself!” Tiancan was very aggrieved.

The examiner brought two more globes over, glancing suspiciously at Tiancan. He stated, “No need to test, you’ve passed.”

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