Chapter 405

Hm? Lu Shiqian ruminated.


The Death God shook his scythe and walked up.

Dongshu Educational Institute only accepted two types of people: students and teachers. The Death God wanted to be with his master all the time and thus decided to take the exam to be a student.

Master also agreed last night, saying that she would teach him about students’ “puppy love”. He didn’t know what that was, but he anticipated it.

Must pass!

However, Lu Shiqian had cold sweat for him. The Death God’s strength was far beyond understanding and he didn’t use magic power at all. He once said that he used the power of chaos, darkness, and death. He didn’t hide anything from her, but could the testing ball… recognize this?

The examiner stared strangely at the Death God. He didn’t have an ounce of magic power on him and appeared like a harmless person with his entire body covered in a black cloak, very mysterious.

The examiner was knowledgeable and saw quite few people who pretended to be mysterious, but their strength wasn’t anything much. Thus, he didn’t take the Death God’s appearance to heart. Strength, as long as they had strength, they would be a dragon amongst people! Pretending to be mysterious was nothing!

The Death God placed his hand on the white globe.

No response!

He placed his hand on the brown globe.

No response!

The examiner was a little impatient. This kind of person that had undetectable power levels was definitely the most inferior D, E, and F levels! Not the slightest talent! However, because of the three geniuses in front of him, the examiner’s mood was high: “You can try again.”

However, at this moment…

The white globe suddenly emitted a crazy white light! Yes, ‘crazy’! Calling light from a ball ‘crazy’ was a bit silly, but the first word that crossed through everyone’s head was indeed ‘crazy’!

The white light flickered inside the ball, visibly clashing, as if it was struggling through a fierce battle!

Suddenly, it emitted a violent white light and cracked in half with an audible ‘pop!’, turning into ashes.

Everyone stared at each other while Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched fiercely.

Seems that he went overboard.

However, it wasn’t over yet. After the white ball finished going crazy, the brown ball also dove into madness. Then, with the resolution of sacrificing oneself for the greater good, followed in the footsteps of the white ball.

Just as Lu Shiqian sighed about having to reimburse these two testing balls, a scream sounded. Th entire venue went into a frenzy, with flashing lights and shrill cries, disrupting the original order.

Lu Shiqian cold sweated.

Needless to say, she knew that all of the testing balls were probably used up!

You could probably imagine. Many people just placed their hands on the balls and it suddenly exploded, their shock must not have been small.

Poor people!

Lu Shiqian walked over and took the Death God’s hand.

“Master, I didn’t mean to. I just used a bit of strength.” Because he wanted to be with Master, he revealed the teeniest bit of strength. How was he supposed to know that these testing balls were this fragile?!

“I know, don’t worry.” Lu Shiqian comforted.

Because of this accident, five thousand teachers were immediately dispatched to maintain order. Even the deputy principal personally set out.

Unexpectedly, the deputy principal appeared very young, around thirty. He looked very gentle and wore gold-rimmed glasses and gorgeous mage robes. However, he was a God Overlord powerhouse!

Seeing the chaotic crowd, his coercion immediately covered the venue: “Students, please quiet down.” There was a calming effect in his transmitted voice.

The crowd’s nervousness from the exploding incident lessened and they soon calmed down.

“Apologies, students, these testing balls had been used for 1,000 years and reached the end of its lifespan. This is the negligence of our staff. I hereby apologize for the inconvenience.” He beckoned and a group of staff members immediately carried out 20,000 brand-new testing balls: “We’ve brought out completely new products and guarantee no further incidents. Please continue with the assessment.”

Lu Shiqian raised her eyebrow. Hmm, deliberately hiding it?

Won’t happen again? Hmph, hmph, if the Death God went again, these testing balls would definitely be scrapped again!

However, she didn’t want him to go again as that would definitely attract suspicion.

She held the Death God’s hand and said in the mental platform, “I’ll do it later.”

She transferred her power through the Death God’s hand into the testing ball. Everything would be fine as long as the Death God didn’t expose himself.

“Alright, it was just an accident. Now, let’s do the retest.” The pudgy examiner pointed at the Death God, “You go first.”

The Death God placed his hand on the white ball and brown ball, Lu Shiqian’s power transferring through him into the balls. With the previous experience, it was much easier to control the flow of magic power. Sure enough, the examiner’s returned to normal and happily said, “Congratulations, you’ve passed. Mage – C, Practitioner – C.”

The five enrolling was set in stone. After finishing, Lu Shiqian left the testing venue.

At this moment, there was an internal meeting at Dongshu Educational Institute. Thousands of teachers sat around the round conference table and asked the deputy principal.

“Deputy Principal, those testing balls were obviously new ones changed just yesterday, how could they break?” one teacher was puzzled.

The deputy principal pushed up his glasses and reverse questioned, “Fei Ke, do you know where those testing balls came from?”

“Origin?” the teacher shook his head.

The other teachers also had doubts, “Weren’t they created by Master Ling Tian?”

The deputy principal lowered his head, his glasses reflecting a sharp light, “Those testing balls were indeed created by Master Ling Tian, but before then, his materials were from composite crystals that were extremely sensitive to magic power as well as… the hardest object on Dayu.” He slowly said, “Even a God Overlord like me can’t break it.”

“Huh…?” Everyone collectively gasped in the conference room.

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