Chapter 406

What followed after was a few seconds of silence.

The deputy principal stood up, leaning forward and putting his hands on the table, “Immediately carry out a large-scale investigation, focusing on reviewing the 500,000 examinees today.”

“Yes!” the teachers responded together.

However, amongst these thousands of teachers, only one raised their eyebrows and made no movements.

Looking closely, the first thought that came to mind was ‘charming’. He was in his twenties, his green eyes slightly narrowed, long and slender, carrying peach blossoms. His black hair scattered, tied only at the end. He didn’t wear mage robes and instead wore a crimson changpao with three-colored daffodils. The corners of his mouth hooked up, giving off an amorous feeling. Even so, he still gave others a strong masculine feeling. Although he was seductive, no one would mistake him for a woman.

Seeing others staring at him, he winked back frivolously, “Aiyah, this one is still new, don’t understand much.”

This guy was none other than Li Jing.

Dongshu Educational Institute needed talented students as well as prestigious teachers.

Don’t know which corner he got in through but he ended up as a teacher here.

Li Jing raised his slender fingers and blew a breath. He was looking forward to her surprised expression ten days later, hahahahahaha. At that time, he could use his status as a teacher to “discipline” her. He felt refreshed just thinking about it! As for the testing ball incident, he was too lazy to care. If he guessed right, it must’ve been her again.

Within ten days, Dongshu Educational Institute finished enrolling and accepted 30,000 students—no more and no less.

During these ten days, Shangguan was also caught in a delicate atmosphere. Everyone was discussing the enrollment, who got in and who failed, and even the mercenary guild was gossiping.

Sure enough, it was an information hub. Soon, the ranking for the enrolled students came out.

Unexpectedly, the first few ranks weren’t all from the four major families. In first place was Wei Mo: Mage – S, Practitioner – S. The Qiuhe family’s Qiuhe Ning was second place: Mage – S, Practitioner – S. Third place was Fengyun Lian: Mage – S, Practitioner – A. Number four was Qin Xingluo: Mage – A, Practitioner – S. Number five was Yan Hui: Mage – S, Practitioner – A. Number six was a tie between Zhu Yaohua and Yan Fei: Mage – A, Practitioner – A. Number seven was Zhu Hui, somewhat special case. His Mage potential was S but his Practitioner grade was E. Number eight Yao Hong was also quite special: Mage – S, yet Practitioner was F! Number nine was Kong Qi: Mage – B, Practitioner – B. Number ten was Qiuhe Lan: Mage – C, Practitioner – B… These unexpected rankings piqued people’s interest, and other than the first few days where the incident of the exploding testing balls were spread everywhere, no one mentioned it again. Of course, there was also a rumor going around about a double S genius, but for some reason, everything about that person was concealed.

However, no matter what, this was just a talent ranking. It only meant that they would benefit more in the same amount of time, though this didn’t hold true in every case. To become a true powerhouse, in addition to talent, they also needed to work hard, persevere, and have opportunities or meet certain conditions. Furthermore, background was also another type of strength, connections too. There was also basic existing strength. For example, Wei Mo was currently a second stage higher god, but Yan Fei was only a second stage lower god. If Wei Mo fought Yan Fei, Yan Fei would lose. You needed actual strength as well as talent!

In any case, most gossip was still on the four major families’ children.

Ten days flew by, and on the first day of the 13th month, Dongshu Educational Institute began the opening ceremony.

After entering through Dongshu Educational Institute’s doors, they became official students.

They took an oath underneath the statues of the Mage God and Fighting God, and walked towards the dorm afterwards.

Gender-mixed dorming was open to discussion, and each student had their own room to guarantee free space. Towards love, Dongshu Educational Institute was rather lax. As long as it didn’t delay their studies, they were free to do whatever they liked.

They didn’t limit fights and challenges between students, but they must be responsible for their own actions. There was still competition in the academy, perhaps even more so than outside.

In order to have a good “puppy love” “school romance” with Master, the Death God casually took over a bed in Lu Shiqian’s room.

In this regard, Lu Shiqian was also very conniving. She long accepted the Death God, but there still seemed to be some distance from ‘love’.

Oh, school romance! She was living life backwards!

Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, and Yao Hong also moved into the dorm next door so they could take care of her.

Qinglong often went out during the day and came back at night. Lu Shiqian never asked what he was doing. He would naturally speak when the time came. Zi Ji disappeared three days ago, but exchanges between friends was free and easy in the first place.

Thirty thousand students weren’t too much or too little. The dormitories were divided into four large areas, housing the four families’ children. After entering the academy, Lu Shiqian realized that in addition to the 30,000 students, the four families received an additional 100 places. Even with poor qualifications, they could still receive the best education. Sadly, privileged classes existed no matter where you were. Others worked hard for so long, yet it wasn’t as good as a high birth. However, this was a completely normal thing. Instead, taking shortcuts was the unrealistic path.

In previous years, the four families would divide the area once they entered, but the atmosphere this year was a bit strange.

First of all, the Young Master of the Mu family never showed up. Even though the rest of the Mu family members settled in, they were like a mob without a head, obviously falling behind. The second was Wei Mo from Lu Shiqian’s group, the genius that refused to join any of the four major families.

In order to gather 5,000 magic jade and afford to pay for housing, clothing, and other expenses, the first choice for these geniuses would be the four major families.

Common people geniuses that worked hard to earn magic jade would tend to have an arrogant mindset that refuses to relent to others. These people weren’t easy to get along with, but strength was always the key to winning respect.

The academy would teach all students together the first month. One month later, they would assign special lessons for those that displayed higher talent.

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