Chapter 407

There was a huge museum inside the academy that proclaimed itself to have gathered the most magic and martial arts. There were many basic resources and also top-level techniques as well as handwritten notes from seniors, memory crystals, so on so forth. This museum was also divided into levels. The ones with the highest talent had access to all levels while those with only average talent only had access to basic resources.

Early the second morning, the 30,000 new students were divided into 100 groups, each one with more than 300 people. Three hundred teachers would take them around and show them the various facilities. The learning period was one month and relatively free. The main purpose was to find each student’s characteristics and attributes to plan their future development.

Yan Fei and Yan Hui were in the same group. Yao Hong and Qin Xingluo were in another group.

Lu Shiqian, Wei Mo, the Death God, and Tiancan were together. They were familiar with each other, drawing the envy of others.

Lu Shiqian dressed neatly, refreshing and carefree, and all the men around her were outstanding in their own rights. Thus, she was extremely eye-catching amongst the group of three hundred.

“Tch, what’s the use of just looking pretty? You proud just because you have a few men around you?” There was a voice of disdain, glaringly sarcastic. The object of ridicule was definitely Lu Shiqian.

They saw the woman with a dirty mouth. She wore a leather jacket, her figure hot and se*y, dark-brown hair, dark-red skin, and a pair of beautiful eyes. She looked around 25 years old, a great beauty, just a pity that her expression was too prideful.

This beauty was named Kong Qi, the one that ranked tenth in the talent ranking, a third stage middle god. She was a combat master with strong instincts. The thing she looked down on the most were women that had no strength and glued themselves to men. Thus, she looked down on Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian ignored her.

“Hey, I’m talking to you, you empty vase!” Kong Qi saw Lu Shiqian ignore her and snorted fiercely before speaking again.

(TL: Empty vase is a term for people that only look pretty on the outside and have no substance.)

This shout was so loud that at least half of the people’s attention was attracted.

Wei Mo’s face flushed in anger, “Why are you so rude?” Even if he was angry, his temperament was still gentle. He was normally quite soft, so it was a nice change of pace.

Tiancan extremely contemptuously mocked, “Uncultured.”

Hong Jin and Yin also raised their heads high up, fully expressing their disdain.

The Thousand Year King was even more domineering, directly stretching out three tentacles and gave her a middle finger!

To speak of arrogance, the beasties’ arrogance was far higher than hers!

Kong Qi saw that she drew the aggro of two handsome men and three magic beasts and grew even more angry. She felt that this was a clear provocation to her, “Empty vase, I want to challenge you! Accept if you have the balls to!”

When conflict intensified, one party could initiate a challenge to the other, one vs. one or many against many. They could inflict serious injury but not take their lives!

Some looked dissatisfiedly at Kong Qi when she issued the challenge. Wasn’t it too much for a third stage middle god to challenge a saint?

However, she just blatantly wanted to bully people!

She walked step by step towards Lu Shiqian, cracking her knuckles loudly, like a haughty leopard on the hunt.

Lu Shiqian looked at her calmly, no ripples on her face. It was exactly this indifferent attitude that gave others an immense pressure. She lightly replied, “I’m a woman. I naturally have no balls.”

When others heard them, they were slightly stunned. Refusing a challenge was generally considered a cowardly action, but for some reason, it was extremely comedic when it came from this apathetic woman.

Perhaps she was too relaxed or too indifferent. When she refused, others didn’t think she was weak and instead developed a good impression of her.

Wei Mo blushed when he heard these words.

He stared blankly at his lover. She was always like this; every move and action would inspire others.

The Death God also loved his master’s cute and lovely appearance, wishing he could give her a big hug and kiss.

But these words were completely different in Kong Qi’s ears. She thought that Lu Shiqian was mocking her and vowed to show her some. Fighting was common in Dayu—any small quarrel, insult, or pointing could result in a fight. Personal strength was forever the best weapon, the best proof.

Kong Qi found a reason to refuse the refusal, “Good old empty vase! You actually look down on me, watch out!”

A saint was actually so wildly rude to a middle god? She looked at her magic beasts. One 38 Star magic beast, and even after considering the other one, it was still only a 49 Star magic beast. There was also that blue octopus that was barely a finger big. A mere 10 Star beast dared act so proud in front of her? Rubbish!

If she didn’t give them a good lesson, she wouldn’t be “Violent Kong Qi”!

She was about to step forward and punch Lu Shiqian when the other suddenly screamed, “Teacher, someone’s making trouble!”

At this time, Kong Qi couldn’t vent anywhere. It was like suddenly choking while eating, an extremely unpleasant experience. She finally managed to gather 5,000 magic jade to come to this school, and even if she hated Lu Shiqian, she couldn’t keep fighting. Dongshu Educational Institute didn’t ban fighting, but they were absolutely not allowed to disrespect teachers.

“Aiyoh, this ‘teacher’ call makes my heart tickle so!” They heard a very magnetic voice, and a charming man sashayed out, winking at Lu Shiqian.

Such an entrance completely shocked everyone, even Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but twitch her mouth.

Li Jing happily said, “This one missed you so much.” While speaking, his eyes looked straight at Lu Shiqian, water almost pouring out.

Lu Shiqian abruptly shuddered, “Why are you here? Also, didn’t we just separate this morning?” She had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, that guy said without any shame, “This one obviously came for you! Come, we are now in an intimate teacher-student relationship! Please teach me to your heart’s content!”

T-Teach?? Lu Shiqian’s face turned black!

They could forget it if he just messed around at home, but he actually dared speak such nonsense in front of others! Sure, she would definitely “teach” him well!

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