Chapter 408

Seeing Lu Shiqian’s anger rising up in a straight line, Li Jing smiled sweetly, flashing over. He took her fingers and sucked on them.

Everyone sucked in a deep breath!

This was molesting! Utter, blatant, molesting!

The Death God stared complicatedly at Master’s hand, his heart extremely tangled.

Lu Shiqian also had her doubts. Even though Li Jing messed around a lot, he still navigated bottom lines clearly, never going overboard. Today really made one scratch one’s head in confusion.

As if seeing her doubts, Li Jing’s eyes lit up, his red lips saying: “Today onwards, I will officially pursue you… as your teacher!”

Everyone was completely dumbfounded at this scene, and the teacher that invited Li Jing coughed incessantly.

Lu Shiqian shifted her palm, whipping out a dagger and stabbing straight at Li Jing.

Li Jing quickly retreated, standing atop the podium once more. He stated, “I will be your main teacher. The one next to me will be your assistant teacher. If you have any questions, you can ask him.”

Kong Qi stepped forward, “You’re our teacher? That sucks! What if I don’t want you to be our teacher?”

Li Jing smiled charmingly, “Actually, I don’t want to teach you either. I only want to teach my darling.”

Everyone’s head was about to explode.

The teachers that were assigned to Li Jing’s group felt especially embarrassed, but they couldn’t deny this fool’s shocking strength. He astounded everyone when he was taking the test to become a teacher, so even if he was out of line, even if he made various strange and rude requests, the academy agreed.

His first requirement was to have the right to choose which students he taught, teaching whoever he wanted.

“You…!” Kong Qi was speechless with anger.

“Students, come here first. Let’s start with the first lesson of the day, communicating with the five major elements in the body and find the most compatible element.” The assistant teacher Li Jing assigned had many years of experience. When he spoke, he drew everyone’s attention.

“Hmph, wait and see!” Kong Qi waved her fists at Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian sighed helplessly, not because of Kong Qi’s inexplicable hostility, but because of Li Jing. This guy had no integrity of a teacher at all, pushing all the tasks to the assistant teacher to run over and stare at her.

While sighing, her hand was caught by the Death God and brought to a cold and wet place. He sucked softly, one by one, until every finger was licked once.

“Master, I want to kiss you like this too.” The Death God’s voice was a little strange, “I still want to kiss.”

Lu Shiqian stared at the Death God, lifting his chin, asking uncertainly, “Are you jealous?”

He wanted to shake his head, but he also didn’t want to leave the warmth of Master’s fingers. The Death God murmured, “No.”

Lu Shiqian’s heart throbbed, the Death God was too cute! She caught his lips and kissed him, “I really like this kind of you.” He only showed his beauty, shyness, jealous to her. He only showed everything about him to her. How could she not like such a person?

The Death God’s heart was struck with thunder. Master said she liked, liked him? In order to hear this sentence, he would be willing to do anything! It was all worth it! Even taking his life or asking him to dig out his heart would only take a word from Master! The little unhappiness from before immediately flew far away, his heart overflowing with sweetness.

Was this what Master meant with ‘school romance’? It was an unexplainable feeling. No matter where they were, as long as Master was there, it would be the best place.

He couldn’t imagine what he would do if Master left him.

He would lose the sky, the earth, his everything…

Master was everything to him, his all… Thinking of this, he tightly held Lu Shiqian’s hand. He had never feared before, but ever since he met Master, he learned the feeling.

Wei Mo saw this scene and felt both bitter and sweet. He undoubtedly loved Lu Shiqian, and he also yearned for her, longed for her. Ever since they combined physically one year ago, he pined for her that way. He wasn’t a saint and had desire, though only for her. However, he also knew that she was just trying to save him… Even so, the scenes from that night kept replaying in his head, clamoring more and more loudly each time. But no matter what, he could still stay by her side. That was good enough. Even if he couldn’t be anything more, he was content.

“Hey, did you three hear what I said? Acting so greasy and sticky in class, hurry up and go do what I said!” the assistant teacher was dissatisfied.

Lu Shiqian squeezed the Death God’s hand. Seeing the hurt in Wei Mo’s eyes, she felt distressed and also held his hand. In fact, she knew that she let down this man. She received his love yet couldn’t return the same amount to him; it wasn’t not tragic.

She had the most perfect Bai, the most powerful Death God, and already felt that the heavens loved her lots. She couldn’t divide herself in two, so she could only divide her heart in two and give them her complete love. As for Wei Mo, she had feelings for him because the first person that loved her wholeheartedly when she came to this world was him. She once wanted to distance herself, but he buried the pain so deeply and supported her gently and firmly, causing her endless distress on his behalf. They should talk tonight. If he insists on persisting, she could give it a try.

What a terrible woman, loving Bai yet having a share of her heart taken by the Death God. Now, she also couldn’t let down Wei Mo.

Wei Mo’s heart throbbed from the heat of Lu Shiqian’s palm.

“Let’s study first!” Lu Shiqian stated, hiding her thoughts. She wouldn’t be ashamed at public displays of affection.

However, increasing her strength and becoming stronger in order to take down the looming mountain ahead was the top priority!

Wei Mo nodded. He would become stronger for her!

The Death God stared at Lu Shiqian. Master was adorable when she was serious.

Li Jing watched the interaction between the three and smiled charmingly.

Lu Shiqian quickly entered a meditative state. She had five attributes in her body, the amount of magic power she had shocking. However, she wouldn’t reveal this, being low-key was best! Thus, she would follow the teacher’s instructions at night and have Tiancan and Qinglong supplement her.

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