Chapter 409

Tiancan hm, he was currently building his plane. The Death God… who knew what terrifying things he was doing. Lu Shiqian gave him her wholehearted trust and didn’t ask him about many things. He had his own things to do, and with his ability, even if it looked like he was doing nothing, he could handle all kinds of matters!

In this way, within the 300 people, only these three were unruffled. The rest of them were either circled by a red ray of light, or a green ray of light, or a brown ray of light, etc. Wei Mo was the best, circled by a blue and red ray of light, covering almost his entire body.

The assistant teacher muttered in astonishment. No wonder why he was ranked first in the talent ranking, truly amazing!

Soon, everyone noticed Wei Mo and stared at him in amazement, as if he was an abnormal monster. You have to know that others could only gather a small halo, yet he made a two-colored wall! The difference could be imagined!

Kong Qi was one of the better ones, an arm thick light surrounding her. However, the fire elements revolving around her sensed Wei Mo’s power and went to him.

Everyone looked around and immediately made a ranking in their heads. Wei Mo was evidently the most talented and most promising one. Kong Qi was ranked second, also extremely talented, and at the opposite end of the spectrum… They glanced at Lu Shiqian, the Death God, and Tiancan.

Those that were able to get into Dongshu Educational Institute were all talented, able to communicate with the elements in a short period of time. The average person would take from a week to a whole month to complete this step! For geniuses, those like Wei Mo made others sigh and lament, not daring to look down on them!

The talented Kong Qi also gained some status in their hearts, even though she was rude and boorish.

This difference in strength would only become more and more stark as the days passed.

“Empty vases sure are empty vases. You can’t even communicate with the elements; I really can’t tell how you got in at all!” Kong Qi was still dissatisfied from earlier. Now that she had such a great chance, how could she pass it up?

Although the other students felt that Kong Qi was going overboard, they didn’t say anything. After all, no one wanted to offend an aggressive and unreasonable woman for a crane tail (last place).

Lu Shiqian slowly opened her eyes and glanced at Kong Qi, “You have a lot of free time.”

Kong Qi was slightly startled. That simple glance gave her immense pressure.

She returned to her senses but still couldn’t put down her anger. A measly saint dared fight back? She gathered energy to her fists and charged towards Lu Shiqian.

BOOM! Just when everyone thought Lu Shiqian was going to be severely injured, a white lotus suddenly bloomed in front of her. A petal slowly fell, ethereally and beautifully.

“If you want to make a move on A’Qian, you have to pass me first.” Wei Mo opened his peach blossom eyes, his eyes shimmering. There was a different feel about him than usual.

His gentleness was only for Lu Shiqian, born only for her. He was no longer that silly Rank 7 mage; there was someone he must protect in his heart now. He had matured. Perhaps his appearance was still gentle and innocent, but his heart had grown firm and unwavering!

Though he knew that blow wouldn’t hurt her and Lu Shiqian’s strength was beyond his own, for some reason, the first thought he had was to protect her!

Even though the Death God was beside her and he wouldn’t let her be harmed, the first thing that came to mind was still to shield her!

This was a man’s instinct to protect his beloved, whether or not they were strong!

“What do you mean by this?” Kong Qi was angered but didn’t dare fight Wei Mo. Wei Mo’s rank was a whole stage higher than hers, not to mention his talent. She knew her shortcomings.

“You’re not allowed to harm A’Qian.” Wei Mo walked over and guarded Lu Shiqian. This feeling made him full and happy.

The assistant teacher was going to scold them for causing a disturbance, but was blocked with a stare from Li Jing. Although it seemed unintentional and casual, there was a sharp warning contained within. If the assistant teacher didn’t listen, what kind of punishment would he receive? He couldn’t help but think of the man’s assessment and naturally didn’t dare to move rashly, secretly groaning in his heart.

“Tch, what an empty vase. Do you only know how to hide behind men?” Kong Qi used a radical method, but she unfortunately forgot that Lu Shiqian wasn’t one to follow the norm.

“A’Qian isn’t an empty vase! You can’t even compare to a single hair of hers!” Wei Mo shouted back. She was his goddess!

Wei Mo’s protection and argument made others misunderstand that she was a weak empty vase, making them even more convinced that she entered through special means such as through Li Jing. Suddenly, some people’s gazes became more contemptuous.

Lu Shiqian swept her eyes across lightly, their expressions in full view, but she didn’t care at all. She revealed a slight smile because of Wei Mo’s protection.

Sure enough, she didn’t judge him wrongly. He was worthy of being in her circle of trusted people. In fact, she accepted him long ago, didn’t she?

Kong Qi saw Lu Shiqian’s smile and grew even more angry. She was obviously weak, yet did she think she could use her beauty as a weapon to make others step on her? That smile was glaring to her eyes, as if she was looking down on her, memories of humiliation coming out one by one. She refused defeat!

Lu Shiqian noticed Kong Qi’s unwillingness and rage, grabbing Wei Mo’s hand and saying: “I accept your challenge, let’s go to the martial arts field.”

When these words came out, the audience burst out in surprise. A saint actually dared accept a middle god’s challenge? If this wasn’t being tired of living, what was it?!

Kong Qi was also surprised, not expecting Lu Shiqian to say this. She smiled coldly, “You chose this, you can’t blame me.”

Lu Shiqian lightly replied, “Let’s go.”

The martial arts field was the perfect place for students to solve disagreements and exchange pointers. There were defensive measures in place and generally wouldn’t damage the facilities.

Solving disputes with strength was the most effective method.

“I hope that insignificant people won’t come to watch our battle,” Lu Shiqian suddenly said. This Kong Qi should be a woman with a story. She didn’t want to embarrass this woman at first, but this was a matter of choice. If she was ill-intentioned and wanted to humiliate her, she would definitely gather everyone to go see, and the one that would be shamed in the end would be herself.

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