Chapter 410

The current her only needed one move to defeat Kong Qi!

“Hmph, you want to play tricks?” Kong Qi angrily raised her fists, “It’s no use, even if you call those two wimps along, it’s useless! If you’re afraid of losing face, then don’t hide yourself behind men!” However, she didn’t call anyone else along in the end.

Lu Shiqian understood that this woman wasn’t finding trouble because of boredom or some other trivial reason, but because she looked down on her. Very well!

However, calling Tiancan and the Death God wimps was very wrong!

Thankfully, Tiancan’s full attention was on observing the world and building his own plane, so he didn’t pay attention to what she said. Otherwise, with his bad temper, Kong Qi would probably die a thousand times over.

As for the Death God, his attention was always on his master.

Wei Mo held Lu Shiqian’s hand, extremely sweetly, his face slightly flushed.

The martial arts field was huge with 100 rooms, each room the size of a basketball court. No wonder why this place was popular with the students. They met quite a few teams glaring at each other as they went in to fight.

She entered a room casually, jumping into the rink, making an inviting gesture.

“Hmph!” Kong Qi snorted coldly and also jumped in, showing off her moves with her smoking figure.

Yin crouched and also jumped into the rink.

The glossy silver fur and mighty posture, coupled with the Wind-Lightning Beast’s core, he naturally had an imposing momentum. The lightning marks on his forehead grew clearer and his blue eyes were full of fighting spirit, his sharp claws could cleave through steel.

“A 38 Star magic beast?” Kong Qi disdainfully laughed, “You don’t have to be in such a hurry to seek death!”

Lu Shiqian wasn’t flustered at all, “I advise you not to underestimate your opponent!” She extended her hand and Yin armor merged into a pair of silver gloves.

Kong Qi unleashed her fire domain, her whole body seemed to be wrapped in flames, a flaming giant looming behind her.

“I never show mercy to people I dislike!” Kong Qi loudly declared.

Lu Shiqian stretched out her hands, “Perfect then, my heart is at ease. Keep your eyes open, I’m going to attack you with lightning.”

“What do you mean by this? Underestimating me?! What kind of attack can a mere saint make?” Kong Qi was angered.

However, before she finished speaking, Lu Shiqian appeared with a spinning lightning ball in her palm. Immediately afterwards, the whole room was enveloped with thick lightning.

Kong Qi was stunned. Such power, such short preparation time, such a quick reaction, this definitely wasn’t something a normal saint could do! Even a higher god wouldn’t have such a powerful skill!

“Going into a daze in front of the enemy, are you seeking death?” Lu Shiqian pointed and a bolt of lightning struck Kong Qi, smashing through her domain and sending her flying out.

One move to determine the winner!

“No, impossible. Impossible! How could a saint have such power?” Kong Qi was still in disbelief.

Lu Shiqian walked closer and said in a low voice, “No, this isn’t my power. This is the power of my magic beast. I just increased it slightly.”

While speaking, Yin unmerged and stood proudly on the ground, raising his head up high and giving Kong Qi a contemptuous glance.

Kong Qi couldn’t accept such an absurd truth. This was way too shocking! This woman in front of her was a monster! An abnormality!

“I don’t know why you’re so hostile to me, but if you think I’m someone easy to bully, then you’re wrong! I didn’t accept your challenge because I don’t have that kind of free time!” Lu Shiqian stated to Kong Qi.

“Then why did you accept my challenge in the end? You could’ve totally killed me for insulting you.” Kong Qi slowly said, her fiery face gloomy from loss.

“You’re not a bad person yet.” Lu Shiqian answered.

Kong Qi was shocked before bursting into tears, “No! I am a bad person!” She lifted her head, face twisted from pain, many years of deeply buried secrets pouring out: “I’m a person that shouldn’t have existed. I was an imbecile born because that man r*ped my mother while drunk, my mother’s humiliation! That man had wives and concubines, but he still lusted after my mother, and I had to endure that vicious woman’s beating, as well as his daughter’s bullying. That evil empty vase… she had everything, yet she still had to seduce my beloved, the only warmth in my life! I abhor it all!” No matter how hard she worked, her mother wouldn’t smile at her. No matter how hard she tried, her lover would still fall before that empty vase’s skirt. How hateful! So hateful!

“You really should hate!” Lu Shiqian said, “But you shouldn’t target innocent people. You should be hating your little sister, that father of yours, and yourself most of all!”

“Me? Why?!” Kong Qi hoarsely shouted, “WHY?”

“Because you don’t have good eyes, entrusting your heart to a piece of trash. Because you can’t tell the difference, thinking that all beautiful women are empty vases!” Lu Shiqian raised her head, looking down at her from above, a devilish smile appearing: “If you truly hate, then I suggest you go back and kill the man that r*ped your mother, seduce your sister’s man, bully back the ones that harmed you, and play with the one that cheated your feelings! What do you think of this?”

Kong Qi was stunned for a moment, not daring to believe the woman in front of her. She was a devil! However, this proposal moved her heart so!

“Alright, think about it yourself. I’m leaving first,” Lu Shiqian wiped her hands and walked out, leaving the space inside for a stupefied person.

“Master, you’re so bad!” Hong Jin waved his tails and rubbed against her face.

“Yes, bad!” Tiancan also said, “But I like it!”

“I knew she wasn’t a good person since long ago!” the Thousand Year King acted like a wise man, shaking his tentacles.

Lu Shiqian was depressed and asked the Death God, “Am I bad?”

The Death God pursed his lips and gave her a kiss.

Lu Shiqian rolled her eyes and asked Wei Mo, “Am I bad?”

Wei Mo merely smiled.

Just when they were about to walk out of the martial arts field, a door ahead opened and a group of men in red came out. The one in the lead wore an exquisite red robe revealing a large patch of his chest. His hair hung loosely, seductive apricot eyes, and red lips. There was a man with messy clothes beside him, blushing and panting heavily. The man was putting his hands into the other man’s clothes and touching the cherries on his chest. This scene was extremely ambiguous.

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