Chapter 411

Uh, were these people treating the martial arts field as a different kind of “fighting” field?

When the man saw Lu Shiqian, he squinted his eyes and waved, “Yo, beauty, we meet again!”

Lu Shiqian didn’t want anything to do with the four big families and grabbed the Death God to go.

Unexpectedly, Fengyun Lian waved his hand and a group of red-robed men surrounded them.

Fengyun Lian squeezed the man’s cherries. The man exclaimed and Fengyun Lian was satisfied, “Beauty, you have such personality! I like to make friends with such people!”

Fengyun Lian liked men and disliked women, frivolous and casual, the Young Master of the Fengyun family, ranked third on the talent ranking… various information was sorted out in Lu Shiqian’s head. She secretly prevented Tiancan from committing a campus massacre and turned a step, pushing Fengyun Lian against the wall. She reached out a hand and pulled his clothes further down, slightly blowing on those red cherries. Her expression was absolutely wretched.

Wei Mo and the Death God blushed at the sight, especially the Death God, his heart beating like a drum. If it wasn’t for Lu Shiqian’s refusal, he would’ve liked to be the one being pushed against the wall…

The Fengyun family’s mouths all formed a big ‘O’ shape. Their Young Master was lofty and noble, no one dared treat him so disrespectfully. Moreover, he hated women, yet he was now pushed against the wall by a woman. Their brains short-circuited. They didn’t have the capacity to wonder how a saint was able to restrain a higher god. After returning to their senses, they saw their Young Master make a gesture telling them to not move.

Fengyun Lian’s eyes flashed with surprise, amazement, and disgust, all concealed by interest in the end: “What are you trying to do?”

Lu Shiqian smiled wickedly, patting Fengyun Lian’s face, saying frivolously: “I love beautiful men the most, especially cultured young masters with tender skin. Next time you block my way, maybe my wolfish instincts would act up and…” Saying this, she touched Fengyun Lian’s chest and looked at the disgust in his eyes with satisfaction. She felt his skin tremble beneath her palm and fiercely pinched his red cherries.

“Mm…” Fengyun Lian let out a low grunt, but his body couldn’t move. This woman had terrifying strength!

However, the Fengyun family that saw this gaped so widely you could shove an egg down their throats. The genius of their family, the Young Master that hated woman was being… molested.

Lu Shiqian saw that she achieved the effect she desired and pulled up Fengyun Lian’s clothes and let go of him, taking the Death God’s hand and leaving. That’s right, she didn’t like to make trouble. However, if trouble came to her, how could she face herself if she didn’t teach it a thing or two?!

Fengyun Lian’s eyes burned with heaven-towering rage as he bore into Lu Shiqian’s back, but the next second, he was smiling again, “How bold, tasteful!” His eyes then narrowed, “Provoking me, Fengyun Lian, even if you’re a woman, I won’t let you go.” He flicked his sleeves, “Send all of her information to my room!” Where was there the slightest hint of frivolousness on his face now?

Night, the moons hanging high above. However, because there were three bright moons, the night was quite clear but it wasn’t as hot as it was during the day. The night brought with it a hazy beauty, moonlight streaming down, illuminating all of the buildings in the academy. Though it was nighttime, there were still people training diligently, bursts of splendid light shining from time to time.

At this time, there were two sitting on the beams of the dormitory. One had a slender figure, completely bathed in the moonlight, eyes extremely deep; the other was sturdy with peach blossom eyes, a slight flush on his face. His heart was pounding from being so close to his beloved.

“This night is really interesting.” The slender and beautiful woman looked up at the starry night sky. Even with the three bright moons, the stars were still dazzling, sparing no effort to exude their brilliance.

“En, yes.” Because she was by his side, everything was good.

The woman suddenly stared into the man’s eyes, “You know that staying by my side is dangerous.”

“…A’Qian, I knew this long ago.” Perhaps the night sky was too beautiful it relaxed people’s nerves, saying things they normally wouldn’t say: “Because I know it’s dangerous, I prefer to stay by A’Qian’s side. Even though I know A’Qian is really powerful, but I… I’m still reluctant to leave.” He spoke the words in his heart and his face uncontrollably reddened. If you looked closely, his neck also seemed to turn red. Fortunately, it wasn’t so obvious under the moonlight.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t afraid, it wasn’t that he didn’t regret, but it was enough to just guard by her side. Now that he spoke his mind, though he felt a bit relieved, he felt even more panicked. What if A’Qian got angry?

Furthermore, if you analyzed seriously, was he really the one protecting A’Qian? He was too hasty; he was the one that was soaking up A’Qian’s warmth! Because this woman was so strong and dazzling, driving away the loneliness and darkness in his heart.

Actually, just staying by her side was good enough. Why was he so greedy and wanted more?

He suddenly began to hate himself.

But before disgust was his panic and fear. If A’Qian stayed away from him because of these words, what should he do? The blush on his face faded, leaving only paleness.

“I’m sorry.” The woman sighed.

No, don’t say sorry, don’t!

“Wei Mo, you’re a good person…” she wasn’t quite sure how to phrase herself.

He grew anxious. No, he wasn’t a good person! He was a despicable, bad guy that longed for her. He grew more and more scared. If A’Qian said the words he feared, how should he face it? He picked at the beam and couldn’t say anything. Yes, there were two amazing people by her side, and now there was the elegant Qinglong. She didn’t lack outstanding men!

Just staying by her side was enough, but what if he couldn’t do even that?

He knew that he shouldn’t be so selfish. With her beauty, character, and strength, she was fully qualified to be loved and chased by all respectable men. He didn’t dare clip her wings, but whenever he thought that she was going to leave him, why did his heart hurt so? Like a knife was cutting through him.

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