Chapter 412

Just his feelings were so intense, if she actually spoke it aloud…

“Wei Mo, there are some things I must say clearly, or I cannot rest at ease. Wei Mo…” she seemed a little hesitant and uneasy.

His heart pained, the long-restrained feelings unbearable. Perhaps the moon was too sensational or he was too afraid, he begged, “A’Qian, don’t leave me! I know I’m not strong enough. I know I can’t protect you. I know that I’m not even half as powerful as you, b-but I really want to stay by your side! Don’t throw me away!”

A hot tear fell from his eyes, like the most precious pearl, reflecting the colors of the rainbow.

Lu Shiqian was stunned for a moment. She had never seen such an emotional Wei Mo. The tear that fell on her hand was burning hot, and she felt even more guilty.

At this time, Wei Mo was like an abandoned puppy, cowering in the dark.

There was a sharp pain in her heart, but there was also relief. Whatever, just take it as her being the bad guy. She was never some good person anyways.

She held Wei Mo’s hand and gently pushed his hair behind his ears, “I say, you misunderstood what I meant. I never said that I was chasing you away.”

Misunderstood? Wei Mo lifted his head, tears hanging in his eyes like morning dew.

“You underestimate yourself too much, but it’s also my fault for making you feel so inferior. I’m sorry, Wei Mo. I feel that I’m too selfish. I love Bai the most, but I also love the Death God, and my heart seems completely occupied. I’m afraid to face you because I don’t have the confidence to give you the same amount of love. I ran away. I’m a coward.” Lu Shiqian slowly said.

Wei Mo’s beautiful eyes widened. W-What did she say?

“I’m sorry, I almost forgot that you’re also human and have your own feelings as well as the right to love and be loved. I’m too headstrong, but I will try to love and cherish you, even if it’s difficult. I’m a bad person… Wei Mo, can you forgive me?” Lu Shiqian wasn’t an idiot, neither was she an ignorant person. How could she not know Wei Mo’s feelings?

Wei Mo could hardly believe his ears. His blood was boiling, his mind dizzy. He wanted to laugh, but his tears kept falling.

Lu Shiqian pulled him into her arms and kissed him to prove her determination.

Wei Mo’s face turned red uncontrollably. There were tears in his eyes, but his face was also filled with happiness. It was quite distressing.

Huge joy overwhelmed him. A’Qian had never kissed him like this before! Last time was chaotic and was meant to help him, but this time was completely different. Ah, so kissing was such a blissful thing! They exchanged their fluids, lips against each other, numbingly and intoxicatingly.

“You must be prepared to get injured or die by my side,” Lu Shiqian told him.

“I know. I always knew.” A’Qian, did you know? I was prepared to lay down my life since a long time ago, even more so now!

“Don’t think about nonsense.”

“Mm, I won’t ever again!”

The two were discussing love when someone climbed up the beam without warning, “Hey, hey, you two, can you go get a room?!” The impatient voice was Kong Qi. Seeing Lu Shiqian’s strange gaze, she grew even more annoyed, “Don’t get complacent! I will surpass you one day!” There was a certain kind of bravado in her tone.

“Ai, students discussing love under the bright moon! This one is so jealous!” Li Jing sashayed up, his clothes a light color. Under the moonlight, his green eyes glowed faintly, his wink carrying a slightly different feeling than during the day.

Quite obviously, Wei Mo and Lu Shiqian’s conversation was overheard.

“Master, I also want a kiss.” The Death God’s black clothes melded into the night, fluttering without wind. The scythe he carried appeared mightier under the moonlight. Though his figure couldn’t be seen, there was a sense of mystery when looking at his body. Mysterious like the night sky, like the boundless universe, like an existence that shan’t be defied. Yet, he conversed with Lu Shiqian. Suddenly, his voice changed, “I also want Master to say sweet words to me.” If he could hug Master and hear her say these beautiful words over and over again, he could die happily (he really forgot that he was the God of Death and unable to die).

“Enough, all of you! Too disgusting! Can you please only say such sickening things under your bed covers?!” Kong Qi rebuked and ran away.

Seriously, such embarrassing words. Even a Casanova wouldn’t be able to say them!

Lu Shiqian was still confused, unable to keep up with Kong Qi’s change in attitude.

But it was a good thing, right?

Li Jing was wrapped in his moon-like robe, running over and pouting, “This one also wants a kiss.”

Lu Shiqian gave him a big eye roll and went downstairs, the Death God following behind.

Li Jing slumped over, “Ahhhh, you’re so heartless!” He jumped down and chased after them, crying pitifully.

Wei Mo smiled brightly, touched his lips and also went down.

The moon continued to shroud the world. Time passed slowly until it was 6 o’clock, the positions of the suns and moons exchanging.

It was a new day!

When she came to the martial arts field, she saw Kong Qi again, but Kong Qi didn’t make things difficult for her and just gave her a proud “hmph”.

The rest watched on in confusion. No one knew the outcome between their battle yesterday, but Kong Qi must’ve won. Though they felt that Kong Qi’s attitude was strange, they thought that it might be because she already taught Lu Shiqian a lesson.

Lu Shiqian’s position as last place was once again reaffirmed.

But the strange thing was that the number one on the talent ranking was willing to stick with the crane tail (last place) every day, which was really hard not to think about.

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