Chapter 413

In this way, the combination of first place and last place made Lu Shiqian’s position in class quite abstruse.

But then again, there seemed to be three crane tails on Lu Shiqian’s side. Ai, they were all rich and beautiful people, but why were there grades anything but such? Truly difficult to understand.

Dongshu Educational Institute paid attention to all-round development and then taught according to each student’s specialty.

During the first month, in addition to magic, you must also learn martial arts.

Naturally, they learned magic according to their affinity, each element containing an endless number of spells. Dongshu Educational Institute was worthy of its reputation. Although they were only novice students, their exposure was a lot better than before. However, those three crane tails weren’t like that at all. Let’s not talk about how that black-clothed student didn’t learn any spells at all, but even that beautiful and treacherous young man and peerless beauty dared to learn all of the spells regardless of their failing aptitude! Whether they learned it or not, just looking at their performance was enough to make others annoyed.

For example, under the assistant teacher’s satisfied gaze, the students would shoot out fire or water, crisscrossing their attacks. On the other hand, those three were like wooden poles, not practicing at all. When they were forced into a dead end, only then would the woman release a tiny fireball or thunderbolt. Alright, even if having multiple affinities was rare, could you really hurt someone with that puny spell?

Then there were martial arts. Those two once again looked at it all and learned everything, the third not doing anything other than stare at the young woman, not learning anything at all.

When they were sparring, the three would always disappear in a timely fashion. Sure enough, they must’ve run away like the cowards they were.

Could it be that the phrase “you can’t judge a person by their appearance” was true?!

“Seems like my magic power control really is worse than yours. That fireball could’ve been smaller,” Lu Shiqian was a little disappointed.

“Master, I’m a whole plane, you can’t compare with me.” Tiancan pointed at himself, then looked at the Death God with a little fear and dobut, “It’s even more farfetched to compare with him!”

“Ai, I know.” Lu Shiqian sighed.

“A’Qian already worked very hard.” Wei Mo leaned over and rubbed Lu Shiqian’s shoulders.

“Speaking of which, Dongshu Educational Institute has a lot of resources. Some of their insights are incredible.” Lu Shiqian was pinched lazy, “Although it’s good for magic power to be infinite, making use of it is a completely different matter.” While speaking, Lu Shiqian created a thumb-sized fireball. The fireball was the same size as that of a Rank 1 mage, but the color differed greatly, turning from red into purple: “After compressing it, it would turn into this. Though the size remains the same…” She threw the fireball into the ground and immediately created a large hole for defense facilities to fix. “If everything was controlled tightly, then power will increase exponentially!”

Wei Mo remained silent, thinking of something.

Mr. Octopus hung on Lu Shiqian like it was going to faint. What kind of terrifying perception did his master have? Utter abnormality!

Lu Shiqian suddenly thought of something and tugged at the Death God, “Can you not use magic power at all?”

The Death God stared back, “No, Master, I can.”

“Ah?!” She never saw him use it before! Although she didn’t know what kind of power he used, his body didn’t contain a trace of magic power! Now that he said he could use it so calmly, it was truly a shock.

“It’s just that Master didn’t tell me to use it, and I’m not very used to it either.” The Death God gazed at Lu Shiqian. Everything was according to Master.

“Then let me see,” Lu Shiqian somewhat weakly said.

Sure enough, the most abnormal one was the Death God!!

The Death God nodded. Whatever Master wanted, he would give to her. Since she wanted to see him use magic power, what was wrong with that?

Hearing that the Death God was going to use magic power, Wei Mo, Tiancan, Yin, and Hong Jin, as well as the hovering Li Jing all grew curious.

What would happen when the Death God used magic power?

But then, the Death God only stretched out a jade-like finger, pointing into the distance, and suddenly, they felt magic power gathering crazily, pressure increasing by several times. The magic power floated into the sky, turning into a tornado that blotted out the sun and sky. The magic power was so strong it rubbed against each other, creating flashes of lightning, the eye of the storm over Shangguan and the tail end at Dongshu Educational Institute!

This was definitely not something they could imagine. Don’t know how many people were flabbergasted; they probably never saw something so terrifying. For a moment, people were amazed, even if Shangguan was turned to ashes the next second, they were believers for a moment!

The four major families came out in full force, Dongshu Educational Institute also readying themselves, the teachers about to run out to help!

The merchants, citizens, and magic beasts in the city jumped and flailed about, as if it was the herald of the end, the start of a disaster!

In the face of such power, who would dare not bow down?!

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched and a thousand ellipses ran by her head. Before more trouble was caused, she grabbed the troublemaking finger.

The finger was wrapped in a gentle and warm hand, accompanied by a pounding heart, as if the source of the world was being enveloped. The terrifying tornado quickly dispersed and the blue sky appeared once again, clouds drifting carefreely.

Everyone felt the pressure lessen and looked at the sky confusedly. They suddenly felt extremely unsafe living in Dayu!

The tornado that appeared for no reason; the tornado that disappeared for no reason. It was simply so strange they forgot to even scratch their heads. When did Dayu’s weather become so unpredictable?

No one would be able to imagine that this was all caused from a certain master asking the Death God to give a demonstration and a random finger point!

Lu Shiqian rolled her eyes repeatedly. Sure enough, the Death God was the most invincible one, but how were others supposed to live ahhhhh?!!

They originally thought he couldn’t use magic power. Unexpectedly, him using magic power was so shocking! T-This was too much of a blow to their self-confidence!!

Lu Shiqian maintained some of her composure before asking, “When did you learn to use magic power?” He actually hid this from her for so long!

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