Chapter 414

The Death God felt that Master looked particularly cute and wanted to take a bite or kiss for a bit, “Want to use, then use.” What he said contained a magical power, a little bit unfamiliar.

–BUT BUT! No matter what, it was undeniable that the Death God was strong, mighty. No, only abnormal can truly express him. Though she knew his strength since long ago, he would surprise her time and time again! No one knew clearly exactly how strong he was!

Ai, compared to the Death God, she was really weak! This was Lu Shiqian’s true thoughts.

The Death God had a heart-to-heart with Lu Shiqian and hugged her, “I’m here.” His meaning was, he would not let her meet any harm with him here!

Lu Shiqian stroked his face gently, “I know, but I still want to work hard.”

Everyone was working hard, so why should she be lazy?

She had to study hard too!

A thought passed through her mind. There seemed to be a huge vault in Dongshu Educational Institute. That’s right, there!

“Alright, enough rest, let’s head to the martial arts field. There will be a top student selection contest one month later, students that want to make a good showing must work hard!” the assistant teacher’s voice was transmitted through an amplifier.

Lu Shiqian’s heart wasn’t on the training and walked towards the museum.

The Death God followed naturally, and Tiancan also felt that the trainings weren’t of much use. However, Wei Mo was extremely serious and trained hard. Though they exchanged feelings, he still hoped to stand by her side as a strong man.

At this time, 300,000 students were practicing hard at the martial arts field. There wasn’t a single person idling about.

Dongshu Educational Institute’s museum was an important place and heavily guarded. Any random document from inside would fetch a sky-high price outside. Thousands of years of accumulation, a large number of talents, all the materials in Dongshu Educational Institute were treasures. Lu Shiqian, who wanted to go inside, was naturally stopped.

“Sorry, student, the museum is temporarily closed!” the museum guards politely and firmly blocked Lu Shiqian and the other two.

“Huh? I’m an official student of the academy.” Lu Shiqian responded.

The guard couldn’t help but be speechless. Of course he knew that she was a student, but the museum was temporarily closed. Besides, other than super-talented geniuses, even when the museum opened in Month 1, they wouldn’t find anything useful in the museum. Unexpectedly, the academy accepted such a weak saint! Want to take a look inside? Dream on! His attitude became colder, “Sorry, student, you can’t go in.”

“Why not? Aren’t the materials inside for all to see?” Lu Shiqian asked.

The man sneered, “Yes, it’s for people to see, but not for you!”

Lu Shiqian’s eyes turned cold, “Is that so?”

Magic power condensed in her palm and turned into ice. If he continued to block her, she would have to break through!

“Student, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you training?” a gentle voice came from not far away. The newcomer wore an intricate robe and wore glasses, two crystal chains wrapping behind the ears. He appeared extremely elegant. This person was naturally the assistant principal of Dongshu Educational Institute. He was accompanied by several teachers. Seeing Lu Shiqian, they naturally exchanged greetings.

That day, they all saw this peerless double S genius!

When the guard saw the assistant principal, he quickly bowed respectfully, “Sir, they want to go inside.”

The assistant principal saw Lu Shiqian’s movements long ago and knew that if he didn’t let her in, she would definitely break through. He couldn’t help but glance a few more times at Lu Shiqian, “You can’t go in now.”

“I know.” Lu Shiqian said, “But the museum is supposed to provide conveniences for the students and prevent us from taking wayward paths. I have many questions and hope to find answers in the books.”

“Haha, aren’t you afraid of delaying your training and coming in last next month?” the assistant principal asked curiously. The woman in front of him gave him a powerful feeling, even though she was currently only a saint.

“It doesn’t matter. I will win first place next month anyways!” Lu Shiqian said lightly.

“Oh, what shocking words. If I’m not wrong, you are only a…”

At this time, the teacher next to the assistant principal whispered something to him. Though he was normally elegant and composed, he was still surprised hearing Lu Shiqian’s talent. He looked carefully at Lu Shiqian and nodded. Looks like geniuses would always have something special about them.

“Well said, you can go in.” the assistant principal carefreely said.

“Sir, this is against the rules!” the guard exclaimed. Such a thing had never happened before. Students that hadn’t passed the assessment were very likely spies from other regions.

The assistant principal pushed his glasses and stated, “Rules are meant to be broken. She can borrow all books within a month.” He said to Lu Shiqian, “I look forward to the day you win!”

The guard never expected the assistant principal to not only agree to let this woman borrow books, but also for an entire month! He couldn’t help but be greatly surprised. That saint also proudly said, “What are you doing? Hurry up and open the door!”

The guard wanted to choke to death, but he had to obey the assistant principal’s orders, thus opening the door reluctantly.

Lu Shiqian happily waved to the assistant principal, made a gesture of thanks, and hopped into the museum.

The assistant principal smiled and led the teachers away.

The museum was quite large, but not much was on the first floor. The second floor, third floor, and fourth floor were packed with materials, densely arranged.

Sure enough, no matter where, it was difficult for average people to admire. They could totally imagine how the ordinary students would yearn for the second, third, and fourth floors while reading on the first floor!

During this month, there was not a single person here. It felt really good thinking that she owned the whole building.

Without any hesitation, Lu Shiqian walked upstairs and read fast and methodically. She divided the books into different categories and raised her sleeves, reading ten lines at a glance, beginning her life of study. She was going to study here for a month!

From the books, she understood the basics of magic, an overview of magic power, as well as the uses of magic power… Sure enough, the books elaborated on many concepts she didn’t think of before, allowing her to deepen her understanding of magic power.

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