Chapter 415

Magic power pervaded the universe, divided into five natural elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Legend said that magic power was created by the God of Creation, but Lu Shiqian disagreed because the God of Creation was already dead, yet magic power continued to circulate. Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth mutually restrained each other, able to change thousands of times. With nutrients (gold) in the earth, the soil would eventually produce wood (plant flourishing into a tree), wood would be burned by fire, gold produced by fire, and water extinguished the flames, repeating endlessly, transforming into all things. The thickness of the soil, vitality of the wood, madness of fire, softness of water, and tenacity of gold, all had different personalities. Lu Shiqian read and practiced at the same time. One minute the scene was filled with greenery, the next flames were roaring, then suddenly there was the sound of water… ice, lightning, purple thunder all appeared one after another. If the Death God’s barrier wasn’t strong enough, the museum would’ve been demolished.

Time flew by when studying hard and the moons soon hung high up in the sky.

In addition to learning the basics, Lu Shiqian also had to learn “Million***” and the Heavenly Swinging Sword, so she left the museum and walked back to her dormitory.

It had to be said that while Dongshu Educational Institute wasn’t smile, it also wasn’t too big. Sometimes, the probability of a so-called “chance encounter” was quite large.

The three of them were walking, but there was also another group strolling under the moonlight. The coincidence was so simple they were tongue-tied.

“It’s you again, you b*tch!” a gnashing voice came from the other party.

Lu Shiqian picked her ears, “Oh, it’s you, Mr. Pig.”

There were twenty people in the party, the leader being Qiuhe Ning, his face coolly arrogant. By his side was a slender young lady with big eyes and a proud demeanor. Qiuhe Tong was the one that spoke. Unexpectedly, his three-legged martial arts actually got him into the school. He was probably part of the 100 slots allotted to the major families. This time, there weren’t any family experts guarding them, but there was a presence that couldn’t be ignored in the crowd. Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow, an entourage of twenty truly was a little bit small for the Young Master of a major family.

No need to pretend!

“Little Brother Tong, was she the one that broke your natal weapon?” the girl aggressively asked.

Qiuhe Tong bitterly replied, “It was this b*tch!”

Slap! A loud smack sounded but Qiuhe Lan’s hands didn’t seem to move, “You were actually defeated by a saint? Shameful!”

Qiuhe Tong didn’t dare refute and could only glower at Lu Shiqian more hatefully. Qiuhe Lan was a higher god, a genius in the family that was second only to Qiuhe Ning. Their statuses differed greatly, so he dared not get angry. However, now that he met this btch, he definitely won’t let her get off easy! Qiuhe Lan was proud of the Qiuhe family, even if it wasn’t for him, because Lu Shiqian broke the weapon of one of her family members, it was enough to arouse her desire to kill! This btch was doomed to die!

However, Lu Shiqian was evidently not interested in watching the Qiuhe family discipline their members and turned to leave.

Qiuhe Lan snorted coldly, stopping Lu Shiqian: “Want to leave after touching my Qiuhe family?”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, “What do you want?”

Qiuhe Lan announced, “Leave an arm and kowtow to my Qiuhe family for forgiveness!”

Lu Shiqian rolled her eyes, “Actually, I sometimes really think that your Qiuhe family are like flies. Bzz, bzz, bzz, so annoying!”

When had Qiuhe Lan ever received such an insult? Though she didn’t know what a fly was, it definitely wasn’t anything good. She sneered, “Seeking death!”

Lu Shiqian chuckled, coupled with her aura, those eyes seemed like a deep pool.

“A little higher god dares swagger about?” Lu Shiqian’s aura suddenly changed, making people shiver inexplicably.

Qiuhe Ning’s eyes that were always lofty and indifferent abruptly widened, staring fixedly at Lu Shiqian’s face, like a leopard that had locked onto its prey.

Just a pity that Lu Shiqian may not be the prey but the hunter that killed the leopard!

Qiuhe Lan was stunned by Lu Shiqian’s pressure and shamed angry. She was a higher god, but she was actually shocked by a saint! How humiliating!

Killing intent flashed through her eyes. She would kill whoever made her lose face in front of her brother!

“Master,” Tiancan elegantly said, “leave this insignificant character to me.”

Really, people kept calling Master a b*tch or slut with every sentence, making him very upset, okay? He was the portent, a high-level plane! His master should be as noble as him, yet these puny figures actually dared curse and scold her. They really didn’t put him in their eyes at all (they never took him seriously in the first place).

Tiancan’s right eye was covered by a beautiful silver mask, shining brightly in the moonlight. His left eye was bright like the moon—no, even brighter than the moon. There was a tear mole under his eye, embellishing his charm. This young man was beautiful like a fairy, but also seductive like a devil!

Qiuhe Lan was stunned by his looks for a moment but quickly recovered. Her heart had been set on one person, so even if this young man was beautiful as a flower, because of that b*tch, she would kill him!

“Take it easy, don’t end up killing them.” Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but remind him.

Tiancan smiled eerily and returned to his usual alluring charm. He showed a cruel smile, “Don’t worry, Master, I will handle it gently.”

At this moment, Qiuhe Lan couldn’t endure listening any longer and pulled out a snake-shaped blade that radiated a faint light. It seemed to carry some kind of poison. Unexpectedly, this woman’s weapon was like this. The Qiuhe family used heavy spiritual weapons which took after its master. Was it because this woman’s heart was vicious as a snake or scorpion that her weapon was shaped like this?

“Today, it is a blessing for you to die beneath my blade!” Qiuhe Lan declared.

She was a known genius of the Qiuhe family and definitely not on the same level as the grass bag Qiuhe Tong! This snake-shaped blade was also quite extraordinary. It was originally a god artifact that carried poison in its attacks and could double the power of an attack. It fed on blood all year round and human and weapon long connected together. Where the heart led the blade pointed—it was extremely powerful!

Qiuhe Lan jumped forward like a swallow, flying across the road, slashing horizontally with her blade. There seemed to be the hiss of a snake as her blade stretched towards Tiancan.

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