Chapter 416

Tiancan’s demeanor was carefree and steady. His eyes didn’t even twitch at the attack.

The snake shadow landed squarely on Tiancan’s body!

Qiuhe Lan was overjoyed. Unexpectedly, the other party was hit so easily. She couldn’t help but despise them more. They really dared to bring out their petty moves.

She raised her blade once more and a giant python held its head up high, opening its mouth and attacking Tiancan, its sharp teeth about to sink into his trapped body!

Qiuhe Lan’s move was quite peculiar. The giant python was a phantom but had true attack power. If the earlier move missed, the next would definitely take their lives!

However, her movements were superfluous because whether it was the snake shadow or the giant python, they both hit Tiancan. Rationally speaking, he was now poisoned!

Qiuhe Lan couldn’t help but sneer, “Still dare to challenge this young miss with only that? I’ll be kind and personally send your servant to the heavens!” She slashed diagonally, aiming at the head.

“Really disappointing!” A translucent hand stretched out from inside the snake shadow, and with a slight squeeze, the phantoms were crushed into fragments. He gracefully raised his foot and kicked Qiuhe Lan’s stomach, sending her flying twenty meters away: “What kind of thing are you?” Tiancan disdainfully said back. Where was he poisoned or injured at all?

The Qiuhe family’s eyes widened, and Qiuhe Ning’s eyes grew more serious.

Lu Shiqian was extremely helpless, “I told you to be gentler. Look, what a good noble young miss that got kicked away by you.”

Tiancan was aggrieved, “I’m already very restrained!”

Lu Shiqian felt that Tiancan was very cute like this and rubbed his head, “Be good.”

Her fate with the Qiuhe family was probably totally tangled up, but they were currently in the academy, so she wasn’t scared of them making trouble. As long as the collective Qiuhe family didn’t retaliate, she could still live happily. Besides, those experts may not be able to enter Dongshu Educational Institute. Truthfully, she was just scared of trouble!

Qiuhe Ning looked at Lu Shiqian with bright eyes, “Unexpectedly, the young lady’s skills are hidden deeply. Last time I completely missed it!”

Lu Shiqian naturally knew that Qiuhe Ning was much more difficult to deal with compared to Qiuhe Tong and Qiuhe Lan. With a toss of her hair, she arrogantly replied, “Ho, I don’t dare. I’m just such a coward!” You must talk shrewdness with a shrewd person.

Sure enough, Qiuhe Ning really didn’t know how to respond.

On the contrary, Lu Shiqian continued, “Strongman, this little girl’s eyes are about to close from sleepiness. Can you please make way?”

The corners of Qiuhe Ning’s mouth twitched. He had been the Young Master of the Qiuhe family, but no one had ever called him a “strong man”. However, he really couldn’t think of any reason to make her stay, “Young lady, please!” He made way and even gave a slight smile. It had to be said that he really had the noble and elegant demeanor of an aristocratic family.

“Big Brother, you can’t let her go!” Qiuhe Tong didn’t expect this ending at all.

Qiuhe Ning glared coldly at Qiuhe Tong, the coercion making him unable to speak more.

Lu Shiqian swaggered away with the Death God and Tiancan.

When the three figures disappeared, Qiuhe Ning’s face contained a chilling coldness, the look in his eyes even more frigid: “My identity is the Young Master of the Qiuhe family, not your big brother. Go slap yourself 300 times on the left side of your face for offending such a talent and making me lose the opportunity to recruit them. Then, slap yourself 500 times on the right side of your face.” An indifferent voice came from his mouth, “The slaps must be loud and clear. If you don’t finish them, then don’t follow me anymore.” He glanced in Qiuhe Lan’s direction, “If you’re not dead, then get the hell up!”

Qiuhe Tong didn’t dare reveal his hate. Even if he had monstrous anger, a single word from the Young Master could take his life. He didn’t dare joke with his life, but he could turn all of this hatred towards Lu Shiqian!

“Pa pa pa pa pa!” (slapping sounds). One slap after another, particularly clearing in the crisp night. Accompanied by the sound of slaps, a young girl crawled up ashamedly, incomparable humiliation and resentment in her eyes like a venomous snake.

Lu Shiqian ran into the museum to study frantically every day, absorbing all kinds of knowledge like a sponge. One day, two days, three days… In the state of not paying attention to the days outside the window, a month quickly flew by. After a month of training, Dongshu Educational Institute ushered in the competition day of the students. On this day, students would show their full strength and climb to the top after multiple selections, establishing themselves in the academy!

Challenge others or accept challenges. Win glory and honor, as well as prestige!

This was the academy’s “challenge of 10,000”—of vital importance!

The four major families definitely wouldn’t let go of this opportunity, and the other students were also full of energy!

Even if they weren’t chasing victory, facing the challenges of various students was a great learning opportunity!

Fireworks burst in the sky and the academy’s “challenge of 10,000” was finally here!

Different from normal, Dongshu Educational Institute opened its doors and specially invited famous powerhouses in Shangguan to oversee. Showing off in this competition was really important for future prospects!

Paying attention to strength and human resources had become a tradition in Dayu!

Dayu was heavy on martial arts, and there were strict rules at these competitions.

On the first day, there were 500 competition stages or arenas, an average of 300 battles per arena. On the second day, there were 300 stages, an average of 250 battles per stage. There were 50 stages on the third day with an average of 75 battles per stage… so on so forth until the top ten on the final seventh day!

This was the best stage to test students. It tested not only strength but also luck!

The victor would undoubtedly establish a firm foothold in the academy and could also gain the affirmation of the major forces. This was undoubtedly beneficial for their futures!

This was also one of the major reasons why students came to study at the academy.

However, for the sake of fairness, the academy would try its best to separate high-level students from low-level students. Talented students would battle with talented students. For example, there was almost no chance for the young masters of the four major families to meet on the 500 different stages, and higher gods also wouldn’t enter the same stage as a lower god. Lower gods would verse lower gods, middle gods vs. middle gods, and higher gods vs. higher gods. Two highly talented students also wouldn’t face each other. This way, students with a high rank and talent ranking would rise to the next battle, making the competition more exciting. Thus, the fights on the final day would be between the most talented and highest ranked students!

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