Chapter 417

This was definitely a day that made people hotheaded. If you didn’t experience it yourself, you would never know how enthusiastic Dayu’s people were. Whether it was improving themselves, broadening their horizons, or simply their excitement at watching a top-class battle, they were all excellent opportunities. Soon, the venue was filled. The elders of the four major families were invited as special guests, and thousand of smaller families were designated seats. Shangguan’s City Lord Qi Feng sat in the highest position with his wife, along with the assistant principal and ten senior teachers acting as judges. This showed the importance of this competition.

The ten judges were all solemn—uh, wait a second, one of the judges was actually wearing a water lotus changpao, his eyes half-lidded, seeming like he’d much rather be sleeping. He was too languid, but the other judges all turned a blind eye.

“Haa…” the guy yawned.

Looking again, wasn’t this guy Li Jing? Unexpectedly, he was so powerful he could worm his way into being a judge! What was his purpose?

“Ahhh, I’m going to see you again soon. Don’t know if I can have the opportunity to shake your little hand when you win.” This guy was nothing like a teacher.

He was as frivolous as his clothes were colorful. With a lazy expression, charming demeanor, everything he did appeared rather seductive. Even if he was thinking of unspeakable things, he was still striking.

“Look, look, that judge is so beautiful!” a girl said to her companions with red cheeks.

“Yeah, yeah…” another girl was already mesmerized.

At this time, all the creatures that were too close were in a state of confusion. This guy’s charm really wasn’t ordinary.

If you looked farther away, you would be able to feel the immense magnitude of Dongshu Educational Institute. The scene of one million seated in the audience section was hard to imagine. It was truly mountains and seas of people! Additionally, Dayu’s development as a magic society was really high. Not mentioning the levitating battle stages, just the huge screen that broadcasted highlights and could be manipulated by the audience was self-evident. This wasn’t anything much. Those skilled enough could see that the battle stages and audience seats all had magic arrays or strong defenses engraved in them. At the critical moment, it could stop the battle and prevent the two sides from suffering harm. There were also anti-magic devices in the audience seats to prevent malicious disturbances.

In the competition venue, the 30,000 students were ready in their competition uniforms, warming up and ready to go up.

They were all young and hot-blooded, their enthusiasm and fighting spirit high!

“Sister, Sister!” Yan Hui ran over with his brother’s hand. After not seeing him for a month, the little guy’s eyes were even brighter.

Qin Xingluo and Yao Hong also walked over. Qin Xingluo’s eyes were firmer than before.

Handsome men gathered like stars around a beautiful woman. Lu Shiqian’s side was particularly eye-catching.

Lu Shiqian was wearing a neat black martial artist outfit highlighting her slender waist and legs. She was slim and valiant, her dark hair tied up with a soft black cloth by Qinglong. Her big eyes were bright, lips red, and face pale. However, compared to her appearance, she had an indescribable temperament that made others unable to move their eyes away.

The Death God had no aura, his black clothes covering his entire body. His right hand held a gorgeous scythe that crackled with black lightning. He was invisible in everyone’s eyes because he didn’t care about them; he only needed to show himself clearly to Master. If anyone wanted to spy his true appearance, as long as they looked at the hand that was exposed outside of the black robe, they would be deeply fascinated! With such a hand, his face must be beautiful beyond imagination, heaven’s impeccable creation! At this moment, he was staring at Master. He never seemed to have enough of staring at her. He could look at her for a thousand years, a million years, a lifetime.

Tiancan had long hair made from plants and flowers, almost like a forest fairy. He had a pair of moonlike eyes, both passionate and merciless, a perfect and bewitching face, and a perfect body—a masterpiece of nature. At this moment, he was leaning over and resting his head on Lu Shiqian’s lap. He had no interest in the competition or whatever at all. If he was allowed to take all of these people’s abilities and instakill them, he may have a slight bit of interest.

There was a soft smile in Wei Mo’s peach blossom eyes. His two souls were like spring and summer, one gentle and one flamboyant. Currently, he stood silently like the clear surface of a lake, making people calm down.

Qin Xingluo leaned against the wall, his exquisite martial artist outfit making him appear noble and energetic. His eyes chased after Lu Shiqian. Yan Fei stood opposite him with Yao Hong standing below.

This was a gathering of a group of men with various temperaments and auras. Any one of them would attract the gaze of the crowd, and now that they were all gathered in the same spot, their attraction was strong!

Right now, 10,000 meters above the arena, Qinglong stood quietly, looking down. His azure hair fluttered lightly, star-like eyes calm and unwavering. He seemed to be both abstract and concrete, but anyone that saw him would be left with a deep impression. Even if he retracted his coercion, he still had a majestic aura. That aura was like the awe when facing the miracles of nature.

He stood there quietly, but not a single person below noticed.

“Your Excellency, why don’t you go down and see?” an old man knelt respectfully. Behind the old man was countless experts, each one of them outstanding!

“Heh,” Qinglong lightly replied, “You don’t understand.”

“Indeed.” The old man respectfully answered. He naturally didn’t understand His Excellency’s thoughts.

“Follow the plan, I’ll take a look here.”


A light breeze drifted the clouds across, a cyan figure seemed to stand aloof from the world.

“Everyone, work hard to win the championship!” Lu Shiqian clenched her fist and announced. It was time to see the results of training!

‘Master, you can be more arbitrary…’ Qinglong whispered her by her ear this morning whilst combing her hair.

“Hmph, tramp, I won’t be merciful!” Qin Xingluo said coldly and arrogantly.

Lu Shiqian walked over and patted his shoulder, “No problem, good luck!”

Qin Xingluo turned his head to the side, “Hmph!” but his face was red.

“I’m definitely going to lose.” Yan Hui twisted his hands. Though his talent was high, he was only a Rank 9 mage, completely not on the same level as Lu Shiqian that abnormality.

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