Chapter 418

“It’s okay.” Lu Shiqian rubbed Yan Hui’s head, “It doesn’t matter if you lose a battle or two, what we are winning is the future! Xiao Hui’s definitely going to be really powerful in the future!”

The little guy’s eyes brightened, “En!”

Don’t know if the little guy’s eyes were too bright or Lu Shiqian’s group too eye-catching, a sneer came from the crowd: “A bunch of embroidered pillows (empty vases/useless).”

It was a first stage higher god with several companions that proactively spoke out.

Lu Shiqian glanced at Qiuhe Tong who was shrinking into the crowd, her eyes growing cold.

“Comrade, whether someone is weak or strong, you will soon find out on the field. I don’t quite understand what you’re yelling here for.” Another group of people walked out, the speaker a mild-mannered young man. It was the person from the entrance exam that day, a second stage higher god. Several first stage higher gods followed behind him.

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Such a high-level team was rarely seen in Dongshu Educational Institute. The one that mocked Lu Shiqian’s group snorted but didn’t dare say anything else.

The young man turned his head towards Lu Shiqian, smiled slightly, and led the seven away.

Lu Shiqian frowned slightly, a strange feeling arising in her heart.

Bam! Bam! Two cannon shots were fired and the host’s enthusiastic voice came out through the amplifier, “Dongshu Educational Institute’s 50th internal student competition is about to start! Please pay attention to the numbers in your hands and go in sequential order!”

500 doors opened, each one to a different stage.

The wall above the door held a large screen that showed what was happening inside.

Lu Shiqian looked at her number: Stage 50, third round.

Yan Fei and Tiancan were both in the first round, Yan Fei Stage 35 and Tiancan Stage 32.

Yan Fei’s opponent was also a lower god. Though the two’s strength was comparable, Yan Fei was evidently more agile. He released his magic beast Puleida that spat out icicles that blocked the other’s way and also set quite a few traps that made the other unable to use any of his special moves. This style of fighting was quite devious, and the other was defeated in just a few minutes!

A complete victory!

On the portent’s side, he was facing a second stage lower god. Lu Shiqian held her forehead, communicating through the mental platform, “Take it easy, don’t end up mutilating them.”

Ai, sometimes accepting a strong subordinate was a very headache-inducing thing!

Tiancan replied with a dazzling smile, “Hehe, he’s so weak I’m not even interested in taking his abilities.”

Saying that, he stomped his foot onto the stage.

The lower god was still quite happy. From looking at his opponent’s face, he could tell that the other was slow-witted and careless, certainly a good thing for him. The other party was just a pretty face. He summoned a 45 Star rhinoceros-like magic beast, a triumphant smile appearing on his lips. The two sides attacked! With the size of his magic beast, the other side would definitely lose!

He already made plans to slam Tiancan off the stage, thinking that he really won the lottery!

He didn’t notice Tiancan’s movements at all… that little stamp.

The attack was already unleashed and he didn’t notice anything until strange water ripples caught his foot, swinging him twice and throwing him off the stage.

Neither the audience nor he understood what happened!

They only knew that he lost, lost for no reason, utterly defeated!

The audience stand fell silent for a moment before breaking into a frenzy. Everyone pressed the rewind button, trying to figure out what happened. However, all they could see was the pitiful lower god getting thrown off the stage inexplicably.

People couldn’t help but cheer, their shouts like a tidal wave.

Tiancan didn’t pay any attention to them at all, walking down coolly.

However, his attitude only made the audience scream more—especially girls.

“The level of these students is sure high.” Qi Feng was an important man, and since he was able to become the city lord, he definitely had a few tricks up his sleeve. A pair of eagle-like eyes stared at Tiancan’s back. He was a powerhouse at the peak of God King, but even he couldn’t see through this move.

The assistant principal pushed his glasses, “There are indeed a few unbelievably talented geniuses, but that person isn’t one of them.”

“No way, who is able to escape the talent ranking examination?” Qi Feng asked in surprise.

“This person was personally guaranteed by the principal. What do you say, City Lord?” the assistant principal kicked the ball back.

“Principal… I see. That person always does things beyond the norm…” Qi Feng nodded. Since the principal personally admitted him, it wasn’t unexpected for him to have such strength.

The assistant principal smiled slightly, his eyes sparkling, “Actually, the principal guaranteed three people at that time.”

Qi Feng gaped. What kind of genius was personally recommended by the principal? As for why only one quota was filled and who the other two were flew around in his mind. However, he looked at the sly man next to him. This man would always hook his appetite and leave him hanging.

Seeing how hard he was enduring, he teased: “Did you grow smarter?”

Qi Feng responded with a disdainful snort.

The assistant principal didn’t take it seriously, “Not to mention, amongst these 30,000 students, one of the students might’ve shattered 20,000 testing balls.”

Qi Feng’s eyes widened, his mouth so wide an ostrich egg could be shoved in. That ridiculous appearance had no semblance of the majesty of a city lord at all. It was a bit funny, “S-Shattered… my god, that thing… you’re kidding, right?” the city lord who was unable to wrap his mind around this glared at the assistant principal.

The assistant principal leaned back gracefully, “I also wish I was wrong.”

Qi Feng almost roared, “But you reported that the testing balls were defective!”

The assistant principal disagreed, “Only you would believe that explanation.” Or perhaps, subconsciously, everyone believed this because they would never imagine that someone could break such a tough testing ball, let alone… Even he himself was disbelieving, but the truth was placed in front of him.

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