Chapter 419

Qi Feng tugged the assistant principal’s exquisite robes, “Who is it?”

Heavens, such a terrifying person, such a terrifying existence, just thinking of it gave him shudders! If that person decided to go on a killing spree, at least he would have time to evacuate the crowd. Sh*t! He probably wouldn’t even have time to do that! …A big drop of sweat rolled down.

The assistant principal raised his eyebrow, “Don’t worry, if he wanted to massacre everyone, he long would’ve. Besides, I also don’t know who that person is.”

Qi Feng let go of the assistant principal and slumped onto his chair, sweating profusely. He stared at the stage with wide eyes, “Is that person really amongst these 30,000 students?”

The assistant principal’s eyes sank, “Not sure. They may be there, they may not. They may also be part of the 500,000 that signed up on the first day, or just someone passing by and already left Shangguan…”

“Hopefully they’ve left…” Qi Feng sunk into the chair and muttered to himself.

“I’m afraid that Dayu’s going to change… Do you still remember the Azure Dragon incident last time?” The assistant principal asked, “Do you think he exists in this world? Or, can this small plane hold him?” His eyes were piercing!

Qi Feng’s eyes seemed to be clouded. How could he not remember? Probably everyone in Dayu would remember. That talent, coercion… the urge to worship…

“Is it him?” Qi Feng couldn’t work his brain.

“What do you say?” the assistant principal once again kicked the ball back.

Don’t dare think, don’t dare guess…

The two sat ahigh, conversing secretly. There was soundproofing measures in place so the contents of their conversation couldn’t get out, but others were confused. Why was the city lord that was just in high spirits suddenly so uneasy, looking so frightened and depressed? Really strange! In just the short time they were speaking, the second round of the competition ended and the third round started.

Lu Shiqian stood on Stage 50 expressionlessly, the breeze waving her hair, inexplicably causing hearts to throb.

As soon as she came onto the stage, Li Jing amorously stood up, shouting without hesitation: “Good luck, good luck! Lil’ Qian, good luck!” He twisted his waist and threw a wink at her.

The judges around Li Jing were petrified and furtively moved away from him.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, feeling that it was really shameful to know this guy.

When she came out, the other side’s third stage lower god laughed out loud, “A Saint? Did you get it wrong? My luck today is so good!” He then looked at the Thousand Year King on Lu Shiqian’s waist, amused again: “A 10 Star magic beast? Can you be any funnier?”

Honestly, amongst the 30,000 students, there were few lower gods, much less saints. Thus, the other side’s luck truly was good since he happened to meet the 1 in 30,000 chance.

Lower god vs. Saint—definite win!

The other competitors were also envious of his good luck. Someone in the audience even shouted, “No way, Dongshu Educational Institute actually has a Saint?! This is unacceptable, unacceptable! This great one is a middle god and didn’t get in!”

Some people also shouted, “Not worth watching! A saint vs. a lower god, even an idiot would know the results!”

Some turned their attention to other stages.

There was a lot of noise, but Lu Shiqian didn’t move.

She was like a steady mountain, taking root on the ground. She was like the wind, though she was standing on the stage, she was ready to take off into the sky.

However, other than those that loved her, who else would pay attention to her inner beauty and grace? The outsiders were only envious of that lower god facing her.

What great luck!

Lu Shiqian chuckled, arrogantly saying, “You can attack now!”

The Thousand Year King hated the other’s ridicule and used three tentacles to make a middle finger.

The young master was so enraged he didn’t even summon his magic beast before attacking. His movements were rather agile and he wasn’t completely stupid, he even attacked with a clone.

Lu Shiqian only made one movement: backing up and raising her fists, smoothly striking out. That person hadn’t figured out how she managed to see through his clone and his actions… Moreover, he didn’t understand how a saint could have such power. He flew off like a broken kite, collapsing into the audience stands!

One punch to determine the outcome! A single moment to determine victory!

The results were completely unexpected, and everyone was stunned!

A Saint actually defeated a third stage lower god! Incredible!

A cross-rank challenge would definitely result in defeat, and even the same rank challenging a higher stage would be won by the one with the higher stage.

However, Lu Shiqian broke through this rule and sent the third stage lower god flying! This was completely unimaginable!

Thus, the first reaction everyone had was: ‘F*ck, that guy is throwing!’

But a person soon stood out and said that they didn’t throw and depended on strength. There were other masters in the crowd that vouched for Lu Shiqian. Her control of power, angle, and terrifyingly precise calculations were explained.

Immediately, everyone’s eyes towards Lu Shiqian changed. A saint winning against a third stage lower god would undoubtedly be recorded in their hearts. They looked forward to the exciting battles Lu Shiqian would bring them!

Don’t say that everyone’s attitudes changed too quickly. Dayu paid attention to strength! The weak people despised; the strong people lauded!

“Awesome, awesome! Give me a kiss!” Li Jing twisted his waist and flew onto the stage, pushing aside the referee and holding Lu Shiqian’s small hand, “You’re my goddess.”

While everyone was still reminiscing about the match, this shout completely broke their concentration.

Lu Shiqian saw his terrifyingly bright eyes and couldn’t help but twitch. Did anyone ever referee this way?

Draw close, twist, and stomp hard on their leg.

“Oof…” Li Jing’s long and narrow eyes trembled, “Little Qian, you’re so enthusiastic!”

Lu Shiqian coolly walked off the stage, leaving Li Jing a view of her back.

“This year’s students are truly eye-opening!” Qi Feng recovered and exclaimed in surprise.

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