Chapter 420

The assistant principal pushed his glasses, noncommittal.

The four patriarchs of the major families also noticed Lu Shiqian’s out-of-the-ordinary performance. They were very solemn and instructed their subordinates the same thing, “Instruct the young masters to recruit that talent at any cost!”

Talents must be competed for, and a super genius even more so. Being able to become the family head meant that they weren’t short-sighted and could think of how a genius would have high achievements in the future, and how much benefits they would bring to the family in the future!

They thought well, but they didn’t know that Lu Shiqian’s true strength and trump card was far beyond their imaginations!

In the competition room, the students looked at her very differently now. The higher god that provoked her on Qiuhe Tong’s order long ran away.

“Hmph, congratulations!” Kong Qi hemmed and hawed, but even a third stage middle god like her couldn’t withstand her abnormal strength, so defeat was inevitable for that lower god.

“See you in the finals!” Lu Shiqian waved her hand. She knew that Kong Qi wanted to grow stronger, and this was the best way to motivate her.

“I will definitely defeat you next time!” Kong Qi roared loudly. Damn it, this person was always so calm!

“I’ll look forward to it!”

Kong Qi angrily pushed aside a few people and left. So maddening!

Wei Mo smiled gently, staring lovingly at the dazzling woman in front of him. She was always like this, understanding others and able to give them the warmth they needed most.

He knew that although it looked like they were protecting her sometimes, in fact, they were being protected by her.

Their hearts were no longer lonely, no longer afraid, because they had her, they were warm and content, their hearts beating fiercely! Rather than say that she couldn’t leave them, it was more like they couldn’t leave her. No matter how powerful they were, they just wanted to protect her… Bai was like this, the Death God was like this… and he too. Although he wasn’t strong right now, he had the determination to be!

Heh, this woman that always had an indifferent face was actually the warmest person.

There was a soft feeling from his hand. She had reached out and held his hand.

Wei Mo smiled tenderly.

The battles were still going on, and Wei Mo was scheduled for the 16th round, the Death God the 20th round, Yao Hong 35th round, and Qin Xingluo the last round.

Yan Hui lost without surprise while Yan Fei entered the next day’s competition!

When Wei Mo went onto the stage, people were captured by his aura. A slender and tall figure, fairy-like temperament, and a charming appearance. He gave people the feeling that there were no impurities about him, and such a strange combination gave him a strange charm! When he stood alone on the stage, the brilliance that belonged to him was dazzling!

Such an appearance was outrageously hot. The other side was a higher god, but he was beaten down in seconds!

The fight between a higher god and higher god was a true battle, not the strange occurrences of Tiancan and Lu Shiqian’s battle. Unexpectedly, Wei Mo was very popular and pushed into first place of “Most Likely Champion” in a short period of time, becoming the dream lover of most young girls.

The 20th round, the Death God came out and faced a 900 Star magic beast.

Over 2/5 of the enrolled students were magic beasts.

Magic beasts above 500 Stars can transform and have higher combat abilities as well as intelligence. It wasn’t unusual for them to pass the exam! The status of high-level magic beasts in Dayu also wasn’t low. In Houshi, Gongling, Shenlan, Songjiang, and Kongjun (regions) under the control of a magic beast region master, the status of magic beasts was higher than that of humans!

People were looking forward to the wonderful battle brought by a high-level magic beast. However, the process was extremely simple, and the ending was even more unexpected!

The Crocodile King magic beast that had an extremely fierce-looking face only glanced once at the Death God and actually trembled, pleaded, and fell to his knees!

Magic beasts had a sixth sense for danger. At that time, boundless fear enveloped the Crocodile King, and surrender was the only option!

Huh, what?

The Death God didn’t even look at the kneeling magic beast and turned and left.

He missed Master!

The audience was dead silent behind him!

Lu Shiqian held her forehead. The Death God was too OP!

The Death God embraced Lu Shiqian. Though he only left her for a while, he missed her so much. Sure enough, he couldn’t leave Master.

While waiting for Yao Hong and Qin Xingluo’s matches to end, Lu Shiqian surveyed the other battles. Even if her level wasn’t high enough currently, she could still benefit from it.

Unlike Lu Shiqian’s abnormal group, the rest fought hard and diligently, using all their strength. Those flashes of light, domains, techniques, spells, sword moves… ah, youth!

Amongst these contestants, the disciples of the four major families were especially outstanding. In particular, Qiuhe Ning, Qiuhe Lan, Fengyun Lian, and Zhu Yaohua. However, they didn’t see the Young Master of the Mu family. Although the Mu family had a few talents, they were just a little stronger than ordinary people, but were far from the other three major families!

The one that really caught Lu Shiqian’s attention was the second young master of the Zhu family Zhu Hui. This person’s state was extremely strange! She also got a strange feeling from that young man that spoke up for her earlier. It wasn’t that they had malice towards her, just a woman’s sixth sense. Let’s first talk about Zhu Hui. He was a first stage higher god and fought mediocrely without magic beasts. However, it was this mediocrity that made her feel weird. Think about it, the Zhu family’s number two genius wouldn’t have nothing special about him, right? As for the young man, that inexplicable feeling was even stronger. Though he didn’t act out of the ordinary, she still took note of him.

Fifty rounds of competitions that lasted from 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon. The final round was finally over and Yao Hong and Qin Xingluo emerged victorious. Other than a few people that didn’t show up for various reasons, the first day of the competition was over. A total of 15,000 qualified to enter the second day’s competition.

The next day, Lu Shiqian drew the same number as the Death God. The Death God hugged her and admitted defeat. All she did was walk up and walk back down.

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