Chapter 421

The third day, Lu Shiqian drew the same number as Tiancan. Tiancan pouted and surrendered, and she once again advanced.

Unlike the impact of the first day, Lu Shiqian’s victories leaned more towards luck, quickly being forgotten by the audience. The battles grew fiercer by the day and captured the audience’s attention. She was almost completely forgotten.

No problem, no problem. She picked up the drink made by Lan Ruo and watched the matches under the envious gazes of everyone. There were plenty of handsome men surrounding her, massaging her shoulders and acting as cushions, making her the envy of everyone.

The fourth day, her luck continued: she grabbed an empty number and automatically advanced.

On the fifth day, her opponent tried too hard during their last match and was absent, so she advanced.

The sixth day, she faced Kong Qi who cursed her luck and surrendered. Lu Shiqian advanced.

It had to be said, that to outsiders, her luck was so outrageous they wanted to point at her. Apart from the first day where she showed slight skill, she didn’t stay on stage for more than a minute!

So far, the ones that made it into the finals were Qiuhe Ning, Qiuhe Lan, Zhu Yaohua, Zhu Hui, Fengyun Lian, Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, Yao Hong, Lu Shiqian, and the young man named Mi Caiwen.

Tomorrow was the finals.

However, there were people that weren’t happy with her easy wins!

When she walked out from the museum, some people surreptitiously surrounded her.

Hmm, 600 middle gods and higher gods? Wasn’t it… a bit too little?

The moons hung above the trees, silently watching over the plane. Lu Shiqian, the Death God, and Tiancan exuded an unexplainable pressure, quite different from how they were during the day.

These three seemed to completely dissolve in the darkness.

“Hey, I found you all! Hurry up and come out!” Lu Shiqian stood in place.

There were rustling sounds as the 600 people surrounded her.

Some of these 600 belonged to the Qiuhe family while others didn’t.

“Mr. Pig, it’s you again!” Lu Shiqian’s voice seemed to sound from far away, “You really have a short-lived memory!”

“Hei hei, btch, you’re still so arrogant at this time?” Qiuhe Tong walked out, “Your btch luck is so good, actually making it to the finals! However, your luck ends here! It isn’t strange for a person or two to die in Shangguan, or Dongshu Educational Institute…”

“Is that so? The moon hangs high in the sky, the earth shrouded in darkness. It’s a great time to commit murder and arson.” Lu Shiqian sighed, “Actually, my temper can’t be considered good.”

Qiuhe Tong wished he could dismember the other since long ago. Some of these 600 were servants of the Qiuhe family while others were from the Qiuhe family’s student network that found Lu Shiqian’s good luck irritating. With a little temptation and various benefits, those students didn’t mind killing people inside the academy.

“K-Kill her! Kill this b*tch!” Qiuhe Tong shouted loudly.

The 600 students all opened their domains, their target: Lu Shiqian!

“Acting like I don’t exist?!” Tiancan flipped his long hair and was about to make a move.

Lu Shiqian grabbed his hand, “Allow me.”

The scorching heat seared directly to Tiancan’s heart. He threw away Lu Shiqian’s hand and turned his head, “Mn.”

She didn’t think much of Tiancan’s strange behavior and opened her hands, lightly saying: “Entwined Wood.”

One of the spells from “Million***”! She would let them have a taste!

Green light flashed, illusory like a dream. A green flower bloomed on the ground, layer after layer, and slowly, a woman grew from the flower like a flower goddess!

Such an incredible scene made everyone’s eyes bulge.

“My temper isn’t that good, really!” Lu Shiqian pointed at the crowd, “Go!”

Green vines shrouded the sky and earth!

The vines had the ability to absorb magic power, so whether the other party was using a strong spell or powerful martial arts, as long as you touched it, it would all be sucked away and captured by the vines. Like its name, wherever the vines passed, middle gods and higher gods were entwined into a ball. Compared to when she used this spell as a Rank 9 mage, the flower seemed more beautiful as a Saint. The flower goddess seemed more beautiful, and even the plum-like decoration on her head seemed slightly more vibrant (sweatdrop). With the change in its outer appearance, its ability also rose!

Look, the swiftness of its attacks, the elegance as it wrapped around people, the domineeringness that left no loopholes in its net! Those that were entwined were like deflated balls. The more they resisted, the faster they were drained!

The situation instantly reversed. Just before, they thought that Lu Shiqian was a fat sheep on the cutting board, but in the blink of an eye, she became a T-Rex, tearing apart a pack of wolves. This transformation made was despairing!

These 600 people didn’t even have the time to react!

Even if some wanted to escape, under the vines, not a single one succeeded. The screams sounded endlessly.

“Damn it, it sounds like someone’s forcing you!” Lu Shiqian had a rare streak of dry humor.

This dry humor was like cold wind blowing by, even more people screamed and hugged their chests. Wherever Lu Shiqian’s gaze swept over, the people there would shiver and stare at her like she was a pimp.

A Saint was actually able to capture 600 middle gods and higher gods! Their imagination of Lu Shiqian’s strength had reached an unbelievable level, and her dry humor only furthered their fears. If someone said that she could force 600 men a night, they would believe it!

It could be seen that they had taken a hit from a higher strength. They who were entangled by vines and losing their magic power felt that they were very likely about to be forced by her!

Someone hugged their chest and shouted, “I’m still a virgin! You have to be gentler!”

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help rolling her eyes. Please, what were these people thinking? She had no idea that these people were terrified by her methods!

Of everyone, only Qiuhe Tong was mobile. With frightened eyes, he watched as Lu Shiqian drew closer. Everyone around him was entangled and green vines were slowly crawling around him. Whenever they saw him move, he would get slapped!

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