Chapter 422

At this moment, Lu Shiqian was a great devil in Qiuhe Tong’s eyes. Ahhhh, look! The one carrying a scythe on her left was the God of Death! Ahhhh, the one on her right was the Ghost General, so scary… (This boy had already fallen into his own delusions, but one of them was blindly guessed right by him.)

Now, he finally understood just how large the gap was between the them! It was a world of difference!

His knife was destroyed in her hands—not shameful at all!

His face was ashen.

“You insulted me again and again, finding trouble with me. What do you think I should do with you now?” Lu Shiqian asked lightly.

“You… can kill me…” Qiuhe Tong said with great difficulty, suddenly going all out, “You insulted me, so I will definitely kill you! No matter what, I will get rid of you!”

“Oh?” Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow. Unexpectedly, he had a little backbone to him.

Qiuhe Tong fought with all his power, “I-I hate you! You’re obviously worth nothing, just a tiny Saint, for what reason are you carefully held in the palm of others’ hands and others at your beck and call?”

Lu Shiqian smiled coldly, “Ridiculous. You don’t think about how to control your own life and instead place your cowardice and hopelessness onto others! How terribly weak! It’s stupid to not work hard to make up for one’s weaknesses and foolish to not turn anger into driving force! Stupid!”

Qiuhe Tong was stunned for a moment. He never really thought about it before. He was proud of the Qiuhe family and knew that he himself had no talent, so he gave up on himself. Yes, everything she said was correct!

Lu Shiqian stepped on Qiuhe Tong’s hand, making cracking sounds. Her voice was like that of a devil, “Listen carefully, this competition, the winner will be me. Your Qiuhe family will be trampled beneath my feet.”

When these words came out, the 600 people couldn’t help but shudder. Too scary, too scary!

“You…” Qiuhe Tong’s face warped from anger.

Sure enough, bullying others was the best! You had to bully their flesh and soul!

Sensing strangers approaching, Lu Shiqian revealed an eerie smile and grabbed Qiuhe Tong’s jaw, “Alright, you discovered my secret, so you can go die now!”

“Stop!” A young man walked out, his exquisite blue shirt and black trousers revealing his identity. A young girl followed beside him, “Let go of him!”

Lu Shiqian laughed out loud, “You’re telling me to let go so I should let go? Isn’t that too shameless of me?”

The young man was extremely cold, “What do you want?”

Lu Shiqian chuckled darkly, “Honestly, shouldn’t you be the type of cold-blooded person that doesn’t save others as they died in front of your eyes?”

The young man was still cold, “My Qiuhe family will not watch their own people die in front of them. I am also helpless.”

Lu Shiqian threw Qiuhe Tong away like trash, “I can let him go, but if you lose in the contest tomorrow, you’ll have to lick my feet! You know, I’m also distressed from being harassed by flies all the time.”

L-Lick her feet? The trapped people couldn’t help but sharply inhale. So evil and arrogant! Lick her feet—she actually told the Young Master of the Qiuhe family to lick her feet! You must know that he was from the four major families!

“B*tch, what did you say?!” Qiuhe Lan was enraged. She dared blaspheme her elder brother?!

Lu Shiqian sighed deeply, “Does no one in your Qiuhe family understand human?”

“You…” Qiuhe Lan was about to follow up when Qiuhe Ning cut her off.

“Alright!” Qiuhe Ning coldly declared.

“Then it’s settled.” Lu Shiqian yawned, “So tired, I’m going to sleep.” She spread her hands and the vines turned into green lights and disappeared.

Six hundred people plopped on the ground!

“Hm, does anyone want to go to bed?” Lu Shiqian’s eyes slightly narrowed bewitchingly.

The 600 all struggled to back up a few steps.

“Master, I want to go to bed.” The Death God finally couldn’t take it anymore. Such a master really made him want to fall at her feet and worship her!

“For some reason, I suddenly think that she’s really beautiful. Even being… forced… doesn’t seem so bad,” someone muttered.

“I also kind of want it…” another said.

“But isn’t it kind of weird for a woman to force a man? …Though I also want it…”

Qiuhe Tong crawled up, “You shameless bunch, scram! SCRAM!” Looking at that woman’s back, he suddenly found it not so hateful.

Qiuhe Ning gave him a cold glare, “Qiuhe Tong, slap yourself 500 times. Now. Immediately!” He was very, very angry. Don’t ask him why, everyone knew.

Qiuhe Tong didn’t dare resist and slapped himself again and again. However, strangely, his heart grew firmer with each painful slap.

Accompanied by slapping sounds, this night was truly a good one!

Early the next morning, the academy was already lively.

The top ten finalists would compete to be the winner today!

In order to ensure the audience’s safety and fairness on the stage, only one huge stage was set up!

Qiuhe Lan was up against Zhu Yaohua, Zhu Hui vs. Yao Hong, Wei Mo vs. Qiuhe Ning, Lu Shiqian vs. Mi Cai, and Fengyun Lian vs. Qin Xingluo!

It was going to be a battle of true strength!

The contest hadn’t start yet, but the audience’s enthusiasm almost overturned the arena.

The first match was Lu Shiqian vs. Mi Cai.

The stage had a 50 meters radius, barely able to allow her to show some true strength.

Lu Shiqian stood at the north side of the stage; expression indifferent as usual.

Her eyes pierced straight at the person on the opposite side.

Mi Cai was dressed in neat hemp clothes, his expression light, eyes looking towards Lu Shiqian yet also like he was staring at the distance beyond her.

Yes, she must have missed something. Something must have been neglected. This person named Mi Cai was not simple!

Second stage higher god? Probably not only that!

Every battle seemed to be around the same level, but he would always reverse the situation at the last moment and win. He did a great job, but he always had energy to spare!

She had been watching him for six days!

And the feeling he gave her was more and more strange!

While she was studying Mi Cai, Mi Cai was also studying her.

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