Chapter 423

This woman was like a ball of light, like a sun, radiating endless heat.

Really wanted to clip her wings and extinguish her light.

The two studied each other, estimating each other’s strength and power!

However, the audience couldn’t wait. Lu Shiqian only actually fought once during these six days, so they naturally didn’t know her strength. The audience wasn’t sold on her. Besides, the feat of defeating a third stage lower god was only seen by a few people. In the vast sea of people, it was just a drop in the ocean.

“Hey, are you going to fight or not?”

“Yeah! Wasting people’s time!”


However, the two were unmoved, standing firmly on the stage, sound passing by them, leaving no trace!

“You don’t seem to trust me!” Mi Cai lightly smiled, his ordinary face containing an extraordinary charm at this moment!

“I don’t know you, so there’s no point talking about trust or whatever.” Lu Shiqian replied.

Mi Cai didn’t care, “Did you know? I’ve been looking forward to fighting you! A hot-blooded battle! This life is too boring, if I don’t fight, I’ll get moldy!”

Lu Shiqian said, “I didn’t expect you to be a battle maniac!”

Mi Cai smiled lightly, “Let’s start.”

His shadow flickered and his hair fluttered. Though he was obviously standing on the other end, he appeared in front of her eyes the next second.

What speed!

Lu Shiqian knew this person was extraordinary long ago, but she never expected his strength to far exceed that of a higher god!

Mi Cai only showed this hand, but the audience stopped their jeering. This move was truly brilliant!


Lu Shiqian felt her blood boil.

She leaned her body forward slightly, using her arms as support as she kicked out! Fists and feet collided, creating a fierce shockwave on the field!

The audience’s eyes widened as they saw their extraordinary exchange.

“You’re taking this quite seriously!” Mi Cai smiled lightly, but his hands didn’t stop, squeezing his fingers together and punching!

Lu Shiqian jumped up, movements like lightning. Their fists met each other as a smile hung on the corner of her lips. There was a trace of coldness that carried a raging fighting spirit!

With the Fire of Creation and thousands of contracted magic beasts, she could fully feel the strength of this person in front of her, and that feeling made her want to let loose for once!

When the two fists met, shockwaves rippled out, causing the surrounding defensive mechanisms to squeak without end. You could see the power of these attacks!

The judge Li Jing’s eyes darkened, thoughtful as he stared at Mi Cai.

Tiancan’s eyes also sank. This man was strange!

But on this 100-meter platform, no one else was allowed to break in, and the only option was to keep fighting.

The Death God stared at the stage, the color of his eyes the same color as the universe. No one knew what he was thinking… However, in the end, those deep depths turned into rich love as he gazed at the woman on the stage, his eternal love.

However, the battle raged on fiercely. Lu Shiqian and Mi Cai exchanged back and forth, fighting enthusiastically!

Both of them didn’t hide anything and didn’t play any tricks.

Mi Cai wasn’t like his usual cautious state as he fought against other higher gods. His moves were much braver and firmer, yet they carried a trace of strangeness!

He was using his true power! Perfect, so was she!

“I really want to see through your secrets and see what your abilities truly are!” his voice was magnetic, causing people’s hearts to thump. This Mi Cai was definitely a master!

Lu Shiqian knew that he was testing her, just like she was probing him. However, it was a pity because he would never know what her limits were!

If he wanted to see, she didn’t mind playing along, or rather, giving the world an act!

She revealed an evil smile.

“Then don’t let me down. You have to surprise me!”

He took out a spirit weapon from his interspatial bag, and drew a blue arc with a wave of his sleeve. The five elements superimposed, a high-grade product amongst spirit weapons!

“Really expectant,” Mi Cai said slowly, his fighting spirit soaring. He waved his hand and a pitch-black monster jumped out. This beast was extremely dark, but you could see through its body to the other side!

This was actually supernatural magic beast—a Mirage Beast!

The so-called mirage referred to its shadow-like properties. It had no vitals and knew no pain, but had a high attack power, making it a rare high-level magic beast. It may have other abilities, but they were unknown at this time!

Don’t know why the two were fighting so hard. In her subconscious, there seemed to be a voice saying ‘Fight him. Beat him.’

It wasn’t an enemy, but she was obsessed with defeating the other. As for why, she didn’t understand herself.

Perhaps it was because they were on this stage and there was no reason to hold back.

Lu Shiqian shook her wrist and her sword drew a beautiful arc. Immediately afterwards, lights and shadows intermingled. It was the first style of the Heavenly Swinging Sword: Wind Blows and Water Rises!

This was the first time Lu Shiqian used this move in front of everyone. This sword art was indeed worthy of its name ‘Heavenly’.

The sword shadow was like a rainbow, starting from one point and spreading out like a dam bursting. Where it passed, sword marks would be made, making the stage ground look like a marked ravine!

The audience was stunned. They had never seen such a brilliant and domineering sword attack before. This attack didn’t seem to belong to the mortal world. No one could imagine who could teach such a move, or who could learn it all. They deeply understood the difference between themselves the moment they saw this move!

Qi Feng was stunned long ago. He was a practitioner and naturally understood what this meant.

“Miracle, it’s a miracle…” The next moment, he once again despaired: “Such a genius also belongs to your academy!”

He obviously lost his temper and forgot that Dongshu Educational Institute belonged to Shangguan, getting jealous for no reason.

The assistant principal pushed his glasses and ignored him.

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