Chapter 424

However, he also never thought that a saint would have such great ability and could emit such great power!

He didn’t think of it, so others were even less likely to think of it.

Only the beasties that paid attention to Lu Shiqian understood that their master’s abnormalness wasn’t just this.

However, today, right now, Lu Shiqian wanted to give the world a display, a real illusion!

The illusion that she wasn’t weak, yet also not too strong!

People wouldn’t know that she could contract infinitely, but they will know that she has a 1,000 Star magic beast. They wouldn’t know that her trump cards were Bai, Qinglong, and the Death God, but they would know that she had a few cards up her sleeve. They wouldn’t know she had the Fire of Creation, but they would know she had talent for forging. They wouldn’t know that she could use all five elements, but they would know that she was a genius!

This was bait to hook in the various forces. It was possible the entire Dayu would be moved.

That was a pretty good deal, wasn’t it?

Mi Cai also didn’t disappoint; he was indeed extraordinary. The phantoms wrapped around him, forming a cocoon with silk hanging on all four corners of the stage. The phantoms slowly gathered together, condensing behind Mi Cai’s back like a pair of butterfly wings.

“You’ve pretty good, forcing me to use this skill.” Mi Cai’s aura also changed with the metamorphosis, no longer using magic power and instead filled with an aura of destruction. The aura scraped against her, scratching the entire stage into broken pieces.

It turned out that Mi Cai wasn’t from Dayu at all!

He didn’t use magic power, perhaps…

Qi Feng stood up from his chair, unable to retain his calm.

Not only him, the audience was also shocked, the stadium growing chaotic.

This was beyond all of their imaginations!

Mi Cai was actually not from this universe!

This was unbelievable!

Legend had it that this universe was created by the God of Creation. All creatures including the God of Creation used magic power, and magic power was the power the kept the universe going. However… all the planes experienced the unprecedented large-scale arrival of powers from a different universe 100,000 years ago. They didn’t use magic power, but they were very powerful. But for some reason, these people didn’t stay in this universe for long, their existences like a blooming and fastly-fading firework.

Despite this, the shock they brought was firmly engraved in their hearts, because those people could easily take over them!

Heavens, they never thought that they would see a person from a different universe. This… how could they not be surprised?

This kind of shock was like seeing aliens shopping on the streets in broad daylight!

However, Lu Shiqian wasn’t moved. She knew long ago that this person was strange.

“Aiyah, I got exposed!” Though he said so, his expression didn’t have the slightest regret at all. He seemed to be casually chatting about what to eat, and with his identity revealed, the gentle aura around him also began turning evil and charming.

Sure enough, it was a race from a different universe.

However, why was this casual tone so unpleasant to listen to?

“No wonder why I don’t have a good impression of you. Your true nature isn’t gentle at all,” Lu Shiqian suddenly realized what the strange feeling in her heart was.

But no matter who or what the opponent was, they would have to fight!

Lu Shiqian raised her sword and launched an attack: Gale Winds and Pounding Rain!

The people on the stage were burning with fighting spirit, but the audience was restless. They didn’t want to die here! Even the protective shield was smashed into pieces! Were they supposed to not run in the face of such ability?!

Panic, running, shouting, the scene became a mess.

Wei Mo and Qin Xingluo watched Lu Shiqian’s fight nervously, fearing that she would be in danger. Tiancan and the Thousand Year King rolled up their sleeves and were ready to jump in.

“Whoever dares to disturb my family’s eldest brother’s game, don’t blame us for being rude.” Seven teenagers flew into the sky. They were the ones that followed behind Mi Cai that day.

However, who would care about a few teenagers at this time? Those that were running were still running; those that were shouting were still shouting.

The teenager was annoyed and threw down a ball of light. Where the ball touched, a flower grew, exuding a snow-like elegance. The people turned into its fertilizer!

What a terrifying hand!

“Sit back obediently. Big Brother rarely enjoys a good fight, so it’s not polite to not give him face.” The teenager stated expressionlessly.

After all, it was a martial arts world so people’s ability to accept things was very strong. They also understood that this wasn’t the time to make a ruckus, and they also didn’t know what other terrifying methods those youths had up their sleeves. Though they didn’t dare sit back, they also didn’t dare run around because compared to those monsters that killed without blinking an eye, they were just ordinary civilians. Ordinary. Civilians!!!

However, no one expected a good old fighting competition to turn out like this.

The faces of the assistant principal, Qi Feng, and the heads of the four major families all sank. This was a major slap to their faces, but they didn’t dare act carelessly.

They all turned their attention towards the stage.

They found that the fight on the stage wasn’t affected at all and couldn’t help but start to admire the woman fighting on the stage.

Lu Shiqian found that simple sword moves couldn’t damage Mi Cai, and Mi Cai was already beginning to see through them.

The illusory thing they thought was a Mirage Beast earlier was not a magic beast at all! Now, it seemed like a part of Mi Cai’s body. The defense was frighteningly high, and it could also twist into various attacks.

The two butterfly wings behind Mi Cai constantly changed shapes into different weapons to attack Lu Shiqian.

Though it was a phantom, every attack would make a large hole in the ground. If it landed on someone’s body, the damage could be imagined.

Everyone couldn’t help but cold sweat for her.

However, Lu Shiqian was also very powerful. Even under these storm-like attacks, she could still dodge and evade with ease, not making any extra movements, each action done with fine precision.

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