Chapter 425

“Oh?” Mi Cai snorted coldly, stepping forward and intercepting Lu Shiqian’s path, lifting a leg and kicking.

This kick was not light, and Lu Shiqian smashed down like a meteor.

The Death God and Wei Mo couldn’t hold back anymore and ran towards Lu Shiqian. Tiancan and the Thousand Year King were eager to climb onto the stage, and the beasties were all howling in the mental platform.

“Hei, hei, hei, motherf*cker, that hurt!” Lu Shiqian took out a bottle of medicine. She hadn’t gotten hurt for a long time and really missed the feeling.

Badump. The beasties screamed inwardly—their master was about to enter a berserk state. Her reaction speed would greatly increase, power doubling, like a small universe erupting!

Usually, few could take on Master in this state (those crazy days of fighting against Shang aren’t counted). Once she erupted, her potential was limitless. She would only give up after achieving victory!

This was when their master was most terrifying!

“Xiaoyue, soul merge!” Lu Shiqian secretly ordered.

Silver hair with hints of blue fluttered in the wind, a pair of bright blue and silver eyes gleaming. She had a different image every merging, and this time she was like a soul-sucking enchantress.

Mi Cai had never seen this kind of woman before, or rather, this kind of creature. In his universe, there would never be one like her. This woman was one-of-a-kind!

She was so enthusiastic and full of vitality, different from everyone else!

No matter how many times he knocked her down, she would crawl back up tenaciously.

He really wanted to see if his gut feeling was right.

“Release, Life Extinguisher!” Mi Cai excitedly shouted. Few opponents would give him a rush like this.

Layers of phantoms unfurled beneath Lu Shiqian, and the entire stage swayed unsteadily. The defenses on the stage could no longer withstand the pressure and shattered. Phantom flowers bloomed on the stage like a dream of murder, an illusion of death!

This otherworldly attack was a beautiful killing weapon!

Sure enough, the more beautiful things were, the more poison hidden within them!

The audience was fascinated by this phantom and went into a daze, forgetting all their fears.

“Really, you’re just dealing with an ordinary person, did you need to use this attack?” a teenager that followed Mi Cai grumbled.

“Ordinary person? Not quite, look.” Another teenager pointed at the woman on the stage.

The woman’s eyes were clear, not confused by the illusions at all.

“Hmph, even so, Big Brother’s attack isn’t just for decoration.” The teenager sneered.

Their world’s people could use a wide range of power. This was all credited to their almighty God of Creation. The power they use was drawn from their own bodies, liberating that power to reach the pinnacle. Pre-liberation and post-liberation were two completely different states.

Mi Cai’s move was a release of power. Those phantom flowers would slowly envelop the enemy and inject toxins into them, eventually turning the opponent into a part of the illusion.

This move was extremely powerful, failure was… In any case, Big Brother had never missed a single time while using this attack.

How would Lu Shiqian respond? Really exciting!

“Look!” a youth pointed at Lu Shiqian, his voice trembling from either excitement or disbelief.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian was surrounded by a ring of fire. This fire was different from the norm. It was a purple color, and the temperature was so high the surrounding soil and rocks were all melted.

A huge flame dragon leaned down; its eyes seemed filled with spirituality. A flame tongue licked up, as if it was being playful with Lu Shiqian.

It wasn’t just the flames. A nine-headed fire dragon stared fiercely at Mi Cai. Those phantom flowers were unable to get any closer under the pressure of the flames.

“The shadows retreat in the face of light. I don’t have a shadow now, so how are you going to catch me? Compared to the real Master of Darkness, your ability is insignificant.” Lu Shiqian mercilessly berated him.

She didn’t know how beautiful she looked at this moment in the eyes of the Death God!

That carefree and casual appearance, that sly smile, all of it scratched lightly at his heart.

The sky was shrouded in red as the flames blazed high. It looked really delicious.

His heart beat like a small drum. Badump, badump, badump. Loudly.

He really wanted to go by her side, really wanted to! That person, hurry up and get lost!

“Pei…” Mi Cai was slammed by the terrifying coercion and took a serious hit, spitting out two mouthfuls of blood.

This abrupt reversal left everyone confused. What happened?

The seven teenagers flew down and supported Mi Cai. They didn’t understand what happened.

Mi Cai glanced around and had no idea where the attack came from, how it came, and his face changed: “Go!”

The seven decisively held the seriously injured Mi Cai and disappeared without a trace.

Not to mention others, even Lu Shiqian had no idea what happened. However, she was certain that Mi Cai wasn’t injured by her.

While she was still confused, her body fell into the arms of a black-clothed man, her lips kissed by a pair of eager lips.

“…” The audience felt their brains crash. With so many successive events, their brains were overloaded.

Fortunately, the Death God just couldn’t help himself temporarily. He didn’t want to let everyone see. After a kiss, he held Lu Shiqian and flashed out of the stage.

He wanted to seem more of Master’s beauty, but he didn’t want others to see.

He really wanted to find a quiet place and get on top of Master.

With Lu Shiqian’s departure, Dongshu Educational Institute began to repair the stage while the city soldiers counted the casualties. The heads of the four major families sent people to maintain order and calm the audience down.

No one expected the competition to turn out this way. Dongshu Educational Institute decided to pause the competition for a day, but Lu Shiqian’s victory was recorded.

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