Chapter 426

Lu Shiqian, who had left the stage, didn’t know how many people were discussing her match and how many powers wanted to recruit her.

At heart of the topic was currently in the Death God’s arms, flashing to a clear spring suitable for bathing.

The breeze was light, spring water gurgling, the grass green and soft. It really was suitable for… wait, wait. She pushed aside the Death God’s head.

“Master, we haven’t for a long time…” the Death God looked at her innocently, blinking his eyes rapidly. Though he was wearing a cloak, from a certain point onwards, she could tell his expression behind his cloak.

Long time? Lu Shiqian tapped her chest, “It’s only been a day, okay? One. Day.”

The Death God happily grabbed her hand, “Master, do you want to too?”

Lu Shiqian was speechless. Where did this genius logic come from?

Also, why was the Death God suddenly in heat?

Lu Shiqian’s face twitched, “It’s not night right now!”

The Death God’s face reddened suspiciously, “I… I want to all the time… every minute and second.”

Lu Shiqian turned her face away, ‘Death God ah, you can be a little more restrained.’

Her neck was licked by a wet tongue, little by little, carrying a numbing feeling.

“We’ll be seen!” It way daytime! In the wild!

“There’s… a barrier…” the Death God’s words were vague and his tongue worked harder.

Lu Shiqian was still very speechless. She was clearly passionately fighting a moment ago, so why were they XXOOing here now?

Alright, even if she liked it.

The flames of passion were turning into a different kind of passion.

Lu Shiqian pushed the Death God slightly, her original intention to push him into the pool behind him.

But the Death God was solid as a mountain, not budging an inch.

Her attempt failed and she was dissatisfied, “I pushed you, so you should fall backwards. Now, go jump into the pool.”

The Death God stared at Lu Shiqian, not understanding. They were feeling pretty good here, so why did she suddenly want him to jump into the spring?

Those innocent eyes and gleaming face all made Lu Shiqian feel that she wasn’t some good person. She decided to simply smile unscrupulously, seducing, “If you want to kiss, then you have to be obedient.”

The Death God bit his lips, leaned back, and fell directly into the spring.

Lu Shiqian never expected him to be so dumb and started laughing. This foolish Death God was really stupidly cute, making others want to bully him.

After laughing for a while, she really wanted to see the image of a handsome man emerging from the water. However, not a trace came from the water.

Even she couldn’t help but panic a little. She was used to his presence and never thought about life without him.

She was already used to his strength and never considered whether he could swim or not.

What if he can’t swim?

“W-Where are you?” Her voice unexpectedly trembled.

However, there was no answer.

Was he really unable to swim?

She didn’t dare think and jumped into the water.

The water was deep and cold, icy cold!

After searching for a while, she couldn’t find his shadow. Fear suddenly gripped her heart. Could it be…


She plunged into the water, but couldn’t find a trace anywhere. Tears slipped out, merging into the water. No, no, impossible!

But what if…

“Master, what’s wrong?” Suddenly, a broad embrace enveloped her and brought her to shore.

The Death God stared blankly at the person in front of him, taking in the panicked expression she never had before. He was terribly distressed, his heart extremely tangled.

He fumbled about, trying to comfort her, and licked her tears away: “Master, Master…”

“Where did you go?” At this moment, Lu Shiqian realized that she really loved him.

“I saw this underwater… and thought that Master may like it.” The Death God squeezed a brilliant diamond in his hand. He lowered his head and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Whatever the reason, he thought that since Master was hurt and sad, it was all his fault. It was he that made Master cry, such a precious and hot thing, such sadness made his heart hurt and even make him hate himself. He would never forgive anyone that hurt Master; anyone that made Master uncomfortable, he wouldn’t let go of. But this time, the one that made Master cry… was him. It was him!

Master’s tears made his heart hurt!

He licked Master’s tears, apologizing in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Like the most pious man in the world, humbling himself in front of his beloved.

Ah, the Death God was this kind of unique man. He wasn’t someone else, just a man that would be happy because of her, sad because of her, and blame himself because of her sadness. He was not a God of Death… and for her, he could lower himself to the ground.

That’s why, identity and whatever couldn’t become an obstacle!

The only thing that would kill him was if Lu Shiqian no longer wanted him or abandoned him!

Lu Shiqian stopped her tears and gave him a weak smile, “I’m very worried… when you’re not here. Stupid, what should I do? I fell in love with you.”

At this moment, she truly realized she was in love with him.

Different from her admiration, longing, intricate, and persisting love for Bai, this was a type of fresh love, brought about by numerous trivialities. Perhaps even earlier on, back when they first formed a contract, or when they made a life and death contract, she already… loved him.

The Death God was stunned silly, a huge wave of joy almost drowning him. Before, Master only said that she liked him. He asked Hong Jin what ‘like’ was, what ‘love’ was? Hong Jin told him that like was less strong than love, and meant that she didn’t dislike him. However, love was all-encompassing, something that couldn’t truly be put into words.

He asked this question in the World of Death: what was like? What was love? The answer he received was even more confusing. He asked even more people… but none of them made him understand what love was more than this moment.

That kind of throbbing seemed to extend to his every cell, his very existence. He wanted to hug Master and scream madly; he wanted to fly around Dayu wildly; he wanted to… His heart was like an erupting volcano, various types of thoughts flashing around—but in the end, there was only happiness as he buried his head into his master’s neck: “Master, I’m sorry…”

Yes, he was unable to forgive himself for making Master sad. Her crying face endlessly distressed him. He never wanted this to happen again. Because Master loved him, he would never allow himself to hurt her.

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